Why are you on Veeky Forums on valentines day?

why are you on Veeky Forums on valentines day?

where else would i be

because right now my long futures are up 13K

fuck off normie

not even worth a brap, just a sage

because i was hoping today might be a normie free day

I just realized at age 28 I never spent Valentine's Day with someone. It's over, sucks that money can't buy love, only genetics can.

Going out with the girlfriend this weekend cause I have work/school during the week.


love is a meme perpetrated by (((them))). you're fine, user

>no gf
>mad gainz

>implying we're not gonna leveraging up the swings after this god given pump rn

Trying to get enough coin to get a piece like your pic.

>go to visit hometown for 2 weeks
>quickly get several nice Tinder matches (obviously valentines day traffic)
>shitpost on Veeky Forums instead of writing to them

I'm here becuz too fat old ugly and poor. Ready to die


Exactly a year ago I hopped on like 4 dating apps/sites with the intention of having a gf for next Valentine's. I failed.

Because I have a date tomorrow. Going out on valentine's day is for people who want everything to be crowded.
>inb4 get out normie
I've been here since 2008

man those fucking real dolls just keep getting more and more realistic


Because I have never had a girlfriend or sexual encounter these 24 years on earth

>sucks that money can't buy love
28 years and you still haven't learned.

>tfw MGTOW

Why should i be anywhere else?

gf doesnt like the whole shite valentines bs idea

cause i'd like to show up at my frat's valentine's day project with some extra money in my pocket

also I go to a giant state school so its not like pussy's hard to come by

she's pretty ugly in the rest of her pics

That is not an ugly face.

lol you mean involuntary celibate. thats all mgtow is bunch of bitter faggots

because I can't buy a house with chocolates and overpriced flowers

already showed my gf my LTC and WTC gains today. Hope her lady boner doesn't take out an eye.

>husband has crypto
>I have my own crypto
>he hodls
>I trade
>have more gains
>thats ok we both share with eachother
>feels gud
The family that trades together, stays together. Happy valentines, Veeky Forums.




Just fucked a tinder slut 2 weeks ago

You're coping. Women can feel real love to you but only if you have male model tier looks. They'd be utterly devoted to you then.

You consider this ugly?
Man you have some pretty high standards.

because money is my valentine

how big is your penis?


goes both ways dude

That's very attractive.

nice larp faggot, guys who get ass on a consistent basis dont call themselves 'mgtow' reason i know this is because i actually do and saying you are a 'man going his own way' is cringey as fuck and 'beta' (also faggy language) as fuck

Not at all, men have much lower standards.

Absolutely a perfect body

That's not ugly, you retard

for sex, not for devotion

Lol getting pussy isn't hard gramps i literally rather wank it to my nice collection of sex tapes these sluts get horny to make and who knows maybe I can blackmail them later down the road

That's what /r9k/ is notorious for.

that would be because "guys who get ass" are faggots user

relationships are the reason I turned from normie to mgtow

i didn't say it was hard, i said you're a larping faggot which you are. you clearly don't get any on anything resembling a consistent basis. i'm sure you prefer jerking off due to your shitty internal reverse psychology.
>"I like not having sex with women, I much prefer jerking myself off!"

please learn to write like something that at least resembles a human

>he's never berried his tongue deep in a good brapper

>relationships are the reason I turned from normie to mgtow
>lack of sex is the reason you turned from normie to mgtow
although lets be honest, you were never a normie, just a pathetic virgin

Kek desu

She's basically a perfect European specimen for Chad Thundercock to enjoy exclusively.

>please learn to write like something that at least resembles a human
think about this sentence, think real hard about how stupid it is
>something that at least resembles a human
like a monkey?
so are you saying i should learn to write like a monkey? are you fucking retarded?

get out normie

I can get pussy whenever I want for free but women are annoying and clingy so i just fuck on the weekends

Its my birthday bros. Can u guys wish me a happy birthday? No friends or gf

>I've been here since 2008
>proud of being chanology cancer

>knowing that today is Valentines day

right bro, right

That is perfect you utter retard

dude are you okay? lmao

Didn't knew it was valentine's day until saw it written on Veeky Forums.
Same with christmas and basically everything.
The only reason i know what day it is is become of the post dates.

Honestly i pay no attention whatsoever about the now, i'm just focused on getting money and honing my skills for my plans of tomorrow.
Ten more months and i should be ready for phase 1, insh'Me.

>so are you saying i should learn to write like a monkey?

not ideal, but that would be an improvement

Maybe but in my experience for both

olga katysheva

Happy birthday breh, keep hodlin on

Happy birthday, bruv

c h a n o l o g y

>calling that cock dock ugly
>not wanting to jam your peen in her more than life itself
I think you're gay user

My birthday also. So happy birthday to you and me!

>Valentines birthdays makes us pussies.

>women care about looks

typical beta coping mechanism