CHAINLINK = CULT (for real)

so this is how cults are formed

I could never understand how people fall for cultist ideology, but after browsing this board since September my eyes have been opened

All you need is a few convincing LARPers and false promises of wealth/riches

>paid for membership, check
>ideas not based in reality, check
>leader is treated as a deity, check
>followers will believe anything the leader says, check
>leader is idolized in the form of paintings, memes, and fan fiction, check
>followers are willing to die (baghold) for their belief in the project, some literally with their life savings, check

refute any of these things, go ahead, ill wait

what a sad bunch you are

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this is new and hasn't been posted before.

>ideas not based in reality


hey how do I join the link cult, seems fun, you seem salty, are they not letting you join the cult or something? Unlucky faggot.

>muh price singularity making LINK worth $100+

LINK, VEN, TRX, XVG... these communities refuse to acknowledge that other coins are simply superior and don't need hype to out-compete them.

It's a fucking useless erc20 token that the dev has already abandoned and just waiting to dump

I keep saying this, easier to fool a man than to convince him he's been fooled

$1000* ps,

Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having
Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all your focus and attention onto your breathing
iiiinnnnnnnn.................... ooooooooooooouuuut

good. Do this for a few minutes, then -
VISUALIZE yourself becoming rich through your LINK investment
ANTICIPATE the things you will buy with your new found abundance of wealth
IMAGINE as though it is all happening now in the present moment, for the present moment is all that truly exists
FEEL the way you will FEEL when that moment comes and you make it!
Open your eyes, look in a mirror, and recite these affirmations (use/add your own that is relevant to the reality you want to create once you make it)
It's important to do this when you wake up and before you go to bed, but do it as often as possible. Also hold the image and idea of us making it and LINK being worth $1,000 or more in your mind as you fall to sleep.

If we do this collectively my LINK brothers, the power of positive thought from a strong community such as ours will allow these desires to come true and manifest into reality, there is absolutely no doubt about it.
Keep believing anons, I love you all

Don't put LINK or my VEN next to these shitcoins ever again.

nice dubs

Praise kek

You know it's true, I know it's true. Anyone with a brain knows it's true.





What the fuck I'm brainwashed now

ethereum also wasn't supposed to ever go over $10
people also laughed at money skelly
they said project will fail
now history repeats itself with LINK

LINKies are always comparing their project to Ethereum. Never mind the fact that LINK is just an ERC20 token...

It takes 20 minutes to make a ERC20 token you retard.

You could say twitter is just a ruby on rails app but it's the idea behind it that counts.
It turns out you need a philosopher like Sergey to be a true visionary.
You can google it, he has a philosophy degree, it's literally like having a degree in thinking

Test post please disregard.

Fuck that´s good, what is the font name?

My browser or Veeky Forums is malfunctioning. Buy more LINK.


Some of us bought ICO and just grabbed a bucket of popcorn to watch the show.

That's a bad example: Twitter fans never compared it to the success of its underlying tech.

Pic related is you.

you are an absolute M A D M A N

I just googled 'nazi font online'

anyway if ETH can be $1k Link can easily be $10k because it actually has a real life use case and banks will use it

Link is good but the cult surrounding it now is dumb and mostly newfags who bought in january holding very heavy bags. Think about this for a second: Price appreciation is based around link going out of circulation for staking in contracts and nodes. How valuable do you really think each node will be? There's a conundrum, if each token is extremely high price the number of tokens held in a node would logically have to be small, which would mean enough wouldn't be taken out of circulation to make the price go up. The final price has to be in the 10s. It's outrageous and unbelievable to think nodes would have values in the millions.

>Think about this for a second: Price appreciation is based around link going out of circulation for staking in contracts and nodes. How valuable do you really think each node will be? There's a conundrum, if each token is extremely high price the number of tokens held in a node would logically have to be small, which would mean enough wouldn't be taken out of circulation to make the price go up. The final price has to be in the 10s. It's outrageous and unbelievable to think nodes would have values in the millions.
>actually thinking any of this bullshit matters in an early speculative market
You haven't been long in this space, have you?

way to refute his claim, dipshit

Counting on lightning to strike is a bad plan. There are many very technically sound projects that already have real world use or are on the verge of it that haven't caught on in the publics imagination like ripple. Given the fact that sergey is unlikely to ever focus on marketing to normans or even direct the marketing team to do so I doubt you can count on sudden shilling on twitter. The fact is it's a fairly complicated project on top of something that most people already don't understand, blockchain. Fundamental valuation is all you can really count on with chainlink, and fortunately that argument is strong but not $1000 or even $100 strong.

chainlink is a protocol you drooling mouth breather. most of the work is done off chain the token is just a small piece of the equation used for payment and reputation. it wouldn't make a difference if the token were on xlm or even gay ass neo.

seriously tho all the poorfags that think they are gonna make it with 10k link are gonna an hero a year from now. i'm as bullish as anyone on link and I'd be shocked if it got to $50 even in 2019.

Did you even read my post? Numbers don't matter, there's no point in refuting his claim, it would be a waste of time.
Tron was worth $20 billion at one point and it's basically a whitepaper with no product at all and there's still a long way to go during this speculative bubble.
We haven't even hit a trillion dollar crypto market cap, imagine the valuation on crypto projects when we're in multiple trillion marketcap.

It's all about the connections, if ChainLink lands big corporate users, you better bet everyone will hear about it. I haven't seen Ripple marketing to normies and yet it hit $150 billion.
Even at $50 LINK, it would be valued lower than whitepaper project that is Tron. I don't want to repeat myself, I explained it above in the post.
I think LINK can easily hit $50 (even this year) which is still 100x from today.

Let's conduct a simple thinking experiment.
Bitcoin was once below 1$ and everyone said it'll fail.
Ethereum was once below 1$ and everyone said it'll fail.
Now Link is below $1 and everyone says it'll fail.
See any similarities?
Saying anything about Sergey is an ad hominem.
Pointing to the ERC20 token is a non sequitur.

Pssh were not a cult. Stop being so over dramatic.

Ok now, ChainLink Away Team, prepare the kool aid. The singularity is approaching earth and we have to join Sergey on the spaceship to reach ascention.

Digibyte was once under $1.
Bitconnect was once under $1.
See any similarities?

>>followers will believe anything the leader says, check
He is not saying anything tho

I've never been part of a cult. This is exciting!

Digibyte and Bitconnect were failed scams and Link is a revolutionary technology so there is no connection here

>amazing project
>iconic dev
>happens to be key for military applications
Thats why the US gov has acquired LINK. Sadly, there will be no SWIFT partnership because of that. And sadly, the gov will also cut all token holders off. Still, LINK is pretty amazing, its just that it will not moon. Sergey is playing a persona now. He is basically a gov employee now.

digibyte felt innovative at the time, only later did it come to be clear that it was shit. The same thing is happening with chainlink.

Its called ACQUISITION you retard. Their tech got bought and they also took the cash while at it, because why not.

>digibyte felt innovative at the time
no it didn't reddit

it's like some people are resistant to logic and reason. If you read the Bible you'll find out Jews hated Jesus because he was right. Same thing with Link. If you said 100 years ago 'everyone is going to buy an iPhone' no one would believe you

WTF did you just say about Keks prophet Sergey? LINK is love, LINK Is Life.
Hail Kek and praise be upon his prophet, Sergey.

Someone really needs to clear up LINK. Here I go. This one's for the newfags.
1. There is no shadowfork
2. Jason Parser is a meme
3. Sergey is alive and is one of the headline speakers at the upcoming Bitcoin superconference
4. The testnet is scheduled to release this quarter. The lack of the testnet keeps price down for now, not memes or whales
5. Noone knows when mainnet will launch, noone knows how much link will be rewarded for staking in nodes, noone knows how much priority will be given per link in a node
6. Link is used to force fair and automatic execution of agreements. This doesn't happen with current tech because centralization means someone always has control. With link noone can influence these agreements
7. Link currently has one competitor right now. I don't remember their name. They have a larger but less credible team.
8. Link is an erc20 token that is used with smart contracts. Many block chains offer smart contract tech, link will work with most/all of them.
9. The team stated they could move link to its own blockchain independent of ethereum if need be
10. People do unironically go all in and support this coin, most of the fud is to keep newfags out
11. Sergey isn't getting that fat
12. The team does not post on social media but is very active on slack, email, and their websites message box
13. Anyone can join the slack, just ask for an invite on
14. They have been looking to hire a PR person and more developers for a while. As far as we know they haven't made any hires yet.
15. So far they have met all deadlines, showed up to all scheduled events, and so on.
There you have it, the objective truth about link. Take it as you will.

If you had said “everyone will have a Segway” in the early 2000s no one would believe you
If you had said “everyone will have laserdiscs” in early 80s no one would believe you
Just because it’s new and different doesn’t mean it will get picked up

Have you ever read the posts about people who wish they would have listened to Veeky Forums? I think this might be what they meant. Why don't you just give it a shot?

Bitconnect was a blatant ponzi that was never shilled on biz
DGB = XRB. It shares no similarities with Chainlink.


LINK reminds me of Trump memes late 2015. Everyone knows what is coming, they are just too afraid to admit it. LINK is going to make this board rich. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it.


Is anyone else seeing this?

Would smash girl sergey desu