AMBros Comfy Holding

who comfy here?

Comfiest hold of 2018.

Comfy waiting for big announcements.

>tfw alpha CEO

No pussies allowed.

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Comfy knowing you invested in the best team in crypto.

holding pajeet's PnD bags?
>alpha CEO
so alpha he's insecure about MOD?

I bought in at 0.5$.

Insecure? He destroyed them.

40k reporting in, hoping I have enough for a node

I also hold VEN WTC TRAC MOD

supply chain is going to be big boys

>obvious soyboy
>thinks alphas don't compete
>uses 'pajeet' because he is racist and unoriginal
>has no friends because of negative outlook
the absolute state of this user

this board went from never replying to the posts I made about AMB to now having multiple posts a day. What happened?

Soon to be $0.25
Wait, just found one of AMB's top partners, NDA just expired yesterday.

Still my biggest hold

AMB, VEN, WaBi masterrace here.

TRAC have a shit team and MOD are literally pussies.

I'm sorry you FOMO'd at 1.5$. Just wait 3 months and you'll have your money back.

This shit coin will be at .25 within a week

AMB is going to $2 by March


If it does I'll be buying more.



Looks like no public nodes gonna be available for the next time

Only had 200 at the most. Sold for other coins.

120k reporting in.
Loved the fud and weak PnDs from a few days ago.
Fuck all you weaklings who can't handle an alpha CEO. Notice he's made no apologies for mocking Modum, even after ppl were bitching about it to no end. This is the kind of person you want to run a multi-billion dollar company. There are charismatic people in tech. Get over it.

Fucking SHH. Still trying to FUD the lucky brainlets that bought AMB during the PnDs few days ago. I don't want them on this train.

Angel is the main reason I invested so much in AMB. He's spending every second of the day on this project and he's pushing his team to 110%.
He even fired that shitskin because he wouldn't work as hard.
Alpha as fuck.

It's time to let this thing fly. We're at the bottom of a long term channel, and the rest of the month is full of AMB events

Kel. I feel like you were one of the ones I was arguing with and trying to FUD these past few days. Cheers

How does this really stop counterfeiting though? Couldn't someone just replace whatever is in the shipment with an identical and use a fake lookalike ledger? How will someone know that the ledger they are looking at is real? I see he is relying on scanning the authentication data, why cant that be copied?
If you could help me out I'd appreciate it.

this coin is poo and barely done an 2.5x ico price even during the december and jan bull runs lol

I suggest you read their whitepaper.

ready to get dumped on again soyboys?

Why should I buy this over MODUM?

Yeah everyones going to dump that bought in at .80 - $1 when it was just the bitcoin correction


This just makes me want to buy MORE MOD. I already have a few €k's worth of it, but I don't see the unique case for AMB?

I'm sure Angel will lose sleep tonight because he won't get this shrimp's cents.

Lol modum is a worthless coin who only serves to be a security so it will never be on any other exchange and will probably be delisted by binance unexpectedly leaving you with a worthless vape ware token

I'm rock hard.

> Overall, I will not comment more on this, in order to keep the strategic advantage over our competitors, who I am sure are scrambling for good solutions for their tokens to try and give them a justification.
> Based Angel

Look at this shit token continue to drop. Bagholders galore fell for all the larping shills lulz.

> continue to drop
- Has been going sideways for 2 days
- Is at the bottom of long-term channel
- Starting to trend upwards if you know how to read charts
- A set of 4 news events were dropped yesterday for the rest of the month
- Crypto-economic model coming early March
- Alpha main net launch next week
You going to hop on this train or not? Or are your bags full and you missed that FUD/accumulation season is over?

Which shitskin? Missed the news

There are now a handful of other RFID-based coins in the cryptocurrency market—Ambrosus, Vechain, Wabi, etc—and while they are all involved with tagging items on the blockchain, they all have one thing in common apart from Waltonchain: they do so through API.

When collecting data from the outside world via RFIDs, that data must first be fed through API before being written to the blockchain. This means all the data is first passed through a centralized intermediate. The blockchain is implemented in the application layer, through business-centralized control, and as such, the system cannot be trustless.

Waltonchain bypasses this problem completely. They have developed RFID chips that write directly to the blockchain on their own, without any human intervention, guaranteeing the data is fully reliable with a decentralized, trustless system. They implement the blockchain through the RFIDs themselves, at the foundational layer. This technology is patented, which will secure Waltonchain as the only blockchain that connects the physical world (via RFID) with the virtual world with truly reliable data. This positions Waltonchain as the optimal Internet of Things (IoT) platform. This also allows for the true authentication of items, which makes Waltonchain the best solution for tackling the counterfeit goods industry.

In a hypothetical scenario where Ven/AMB API is hacked, the entire blockchain is compromised. But if one of Walton’s chips is hacked, only that chip is compromised. Each chip must also be cracked individually, due to each RFID tag having its own ID. This is the benefit of decentralizing data. The competitors are securing things like supply chains similarly to running an antivirus program. It helps and works in the application layer, but the PC isn’t really secure until you secure everything starting from the physical layer.

There are a host of other advantages to Waltonchain’s system, but this is, in my opinion, the single most important one. Without first decentralizing data collection, you cannot be sure that the data is 100% reliable, and when managing the world’s supply chains or managing smart cities, this is crucial.

Must not have watched the new VeChain tech videos.

cool story bro

That shitshow of a video, it looks like high school project... And omg those rfid chips are huge, Walton have one of the smallest rfid in the world.

Red arrow in pic points at Waltonchains patented rfid.