Can someone explain why people were saying that ERC20 tokens are not supposed to go above $1 in value...

Can someone explain why people were saying that ERC20 tokens are not supposed to go above $1 in value, or is that just a meme?

Also what would happen if this hit $50 by Summer? Would nolinkies kill themselves? (Nolinkie here btw, thinking of going all in by EOM)

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It's literally just a meme. How new are you here? be honest with me and I'll give you the information you really need to know about Chainlink / and Sergey Nazarov

Chain Link 50 dollars?

Listen, I hold a lot of chainlink but there aren't moon missions like that anymore. Most of is here are just hyping it because it's fun to meme. Most of us are expecting about $1 around mainnet release and $2 end of year.

It all started with BAT token and is a meme

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For an oracle desu, $2 would put the market cap at $800M, which given the crypto bubble i don't buy it - if they actually deliver on what they promise and do become a proper secure safe gateway for legacy companies to utilize blockchain, just off of hype alone $50 is somewhat reasonable.

Before you say I'm deluded, $50 would put the market cap at $17B which shitcoins like Tron exceeded earlier this month off of pure garbage hype

If bubble is popped, then sure, $2 can become a reasonable estimate but I just doubt it


Holy shit you are right SELL SELL SELL

it wasn't a meme

it was the greatest call in the history of Veeky Forums

defeats the purpose of the token bro is a legendary trader

Do you have the one about staking ETH on nodes making link a useless token?


Being real for just this one thread (full disclosure: 1k stinkies which I consider a v high risk bet)

>would put the market cap at $800M, which given the crypto bubble i don't buy it

The money scales that you're thinking about are off. $800M is a lot in crypto land, but link's juciest use case is in moving money between banks and financial institutions, and the size of those markets is mind boggling. CITI, for example, manages about 15 TRILLION dollars in assets. They have revenue of about 70 billion per year. If you can monetise those transactions even 0.0000whaever in fees will give you amazing numbers.

I lurked here around May for a couple of days, forgot about crypto for a couple months, came back in August, witnessed the Antshares fiasco, quit crypto again and came back in Mid November, unfortunately I didn't dip my toes in until December because ID verification on most exchanges then were clogged as all fuck.

Hurry I need to buy back in at .30

CHAINLINK VIDEOS: - Sergey Q&A -Interview when he was NXT Secure Asset Exchange CEO, talking about Smart Contracts (2014) - A technical overview of ChainLink, the decentralized oracle platform. - Ethereum Enthusiasts NYC: and Oracles -Smart Contracts in Business: Sergey Nazarov - What is SWIFT doing in terms of innovation that is new and exciting?
LINKS: -the github -The ChainLink API documentation. -Whitepaper (Duh) -an Advisor's thoughts on smartcontracts American Banker [Financial Publication] -Previous Chief Scientist Of RSA Releases Smart Contract Connectivity Whitepaper, Facebook Director Of Engineering & LLVM Creator Joins ChainLink Advisory Board

Welcome newfriend - Capegemini report - World Economic Forum - Garner Report - Barclays, BNP Paribas, Fidelity, Societe Generale and Santander test out Chainlink - SIBOS updates


thanks friend

Massive consulting firms like Capgemini are devoting entire reports to smart contracts, specifically mentioning (= Chainlink) and Sergey Nazarov by name as the sole smart contract solution that can use external data thanks to oracles.

>Smart contracts will also need to be able to work with trusted external data sources if they are to utilize external information. Smart contracts can achieve this with the help of oracles – programs providing smart contracts with the data they need from the external world or carrying the commands they need to send to other systems. Sergey Nazarov, Cofounder and CEO, – a startup specializing in building oracles – outlines how connectivity with real-world data will be key.

If you don't know what Capgemini is:

Back in 2015 the World Economic Forum also mentioned smartcontract(s).com by

Chainlink is partnered with Cornell's IC3, to help launch the first Intel SGX secured link between smart contracts and external data. This more secure way of running an oracle is the future and they're glad to be moving it forward.
- (

Ari Juels is a faculty member at the Jacobs Institute at Cornell Tech. He co-authored
this work in his separate capacity as an advisor to SmartContract ChainLink Ltd., in
which he has a financial interest. In 2004, MIT’s Technology Review Magazine named Dr. Juels one of the world’s top 100 technology innovators under the age of 35. Computerworld honored him in its “40 Under 40” list of young industry leaders in 2007. He has received other distinctions, but sadly no recent ones acknowledging his youth. - (

? What

Out of curiosity, why do you consider it a v high risk bet? Is that in comparison to something "low risk" like ETH? Or something along the lines of OMG?

I def personally view it more risky then say something like REQ or CND, but team seems actually sharp for once and look like they know what they are doing, unlike 99% of these shitcoin dumpster fires

If they can accomplish even a fraction of their goal, value is through the roof unlike a absolute shitcoin like BeeToken

I wont be putting in more than I am comfortable losing because my own understanding of the Oracle problem is limited. I wouldn't be able to tell if their code had an important security error, or if there is a very strong competitor, or if there is an important unsolved technical problem that they are glossing over.

Fair enough, nice for once to have a proper discussion about it.

The also main shitty use case is if you only have one API provider and one data stream, it won't actually really benefit you to use LINK since if that data stream is faulty there is no way to validate it against other streams

Besides that the only risks I see associated with it is will Sergey be able to actually gather enough adoption and is there something so blatantly obvious they are missing that can lead to a catastrophic failure.

From a competitor standpoint, as of right now, it doesn't exist properly unless you consider the cancer that is mobius. But code quality they better fucking get some proper code auditors to validate it, especially when dealing with most likely sensitive data which is the whole point of their approach

Chainlink is blockchain agnostic and oracle computations doesn't depend on the ethereum network.

And who cares about nolinkers?

preach brother, preach

>muh market cap
>muh bubble
market cap doesn't exist
the only bubble is bitcoin
chainlink is literally going to change the world
>$500 EOY

bitcoin dies so do our precious linkies most likely