Am I wrong thinking my dads inheritance should go to me only?

>30 years old

>Dad had a joint owned lodge with his two brothers

>Uncles sold the lodge and my dads share was 42 thousand dollars

>My dad raised my 3 step siblings, two sisters and one brother we all have same mum different dad

>They were raised by him before I was born and after I was, being about 10 years plus older than me

>Dad died mum has remarried and the uncles sent us all an equal share of the money

>I am only blood relative and my mum never married him though they were together until he died and essentially married without the actual marriage

>I don't know if I am being a cunt for thinking I should of gotten the inheritence

>I am struggling in life, have had several issues of being out of work due to serious health problems, looks awful on a CV huge gaps in work profile. One is married and has a house and steady job of 70k+ a year, one if doing okay but blue collar

>One has a wife I hate and consider a total money grubber, not sure if this is affecting my feelings on this

>Overall I just think it seems wrong that his only biological son gets the same as another guys kids, but another part of me thinks this is a bad attitude

>I don't really like any of the other kids and probably resent them for essentially having two families and I was the one on my own not as close to them as they were to each other

>Their dad was an ass and I think he left their/my mum and started another family, don' think they've seen real dad in decades and don't think they will get any inheritance from him so its not like they are due for some inheritence when their biological dad dies, might do but I don't think so

>Can I get opinions ?

No one cares, move on

what did his will say?
if it said in his will to divide it evenly between the 4 you should accept it. if there was no will, and you think he would have wanted you to have it all, that's different

You act like a child when his spouse probably knew better than you how he wanted it split. You don't think couples talk about that stuff? You seriously think you should have gotten it all?

You should have gotten nothing.

Our Mum is now with someone else and had no part in the inheritance.

My dad died a few years ago and left no will and seeing as he wasn't married to my mum my uncles decided to just split his share between us kids.

law goes before your fee fee's kys

a load of money

Look into his will OP, also check around if your mom is allowed to give away that money freely or if your state has a law that ensures you get X% of the inheritance. If you don't tough luck, if you do you will have to ask the step siblings (they will say no) and then sue them.

He literally said he didn't have a will you can't read so why would he even take your advice

>should of gotten
no you should not have gotten any

There was no will, he died suddenly. I don't know what he would of wanted, but seeing as he had one biological son, two step daughters and one step son, I don't know if they should get part of his inheritance.

But I do think he loved them so I don't know. I might just hate one of their partners, feel angry they got love from my dad and had another family, fuck knows maybe its just my dumb baggage making me feel this way.



Most states grant no rights at all to children to inherit from their parents. However, in a few circumstances children may be entitled to claim a share of a deceased parent's property. Most states also have laws to protect against accidental disinheritance. That is, if a will predates the birth of a child and leaves property to the child's siblings but the will was never revised after the child's birth, the law presumes the parent did not intend to omit the newest child, giving that child certain rights to inherit. In some jurisdictions, these laws can apply not only to direct children, but also to any grandchildren of a child who has died. If one wishes to disinherit a child or grandchild, the will should clearly state this intention or else that survivor may have a legal basis for challenging the will."

Nice job literally being my dad's wife's son, faggot.

Kys nigger, the point is you are throwing around random BS that's 100% irrelevant to the question. Keep your feelings out of the fucking question and fuck off.

Even if there is no will there is an implicit will (and laws supporting them) retarded nigger.

The lodge belonged to my grandparents

>Dad died the lodge still in my grandads name

>Grandad can't take care of himself goes to retirement home

> Uncles sell the lodge Grandad says to make sure I get share of the lodge.

>So my uncles control Grandads finances and sell his lodge and sends 1/3rd to my dads kid (me) and stepkids equally

>I don't know if I have any legal right to the inheritance as its not like an inheritance from him, but what would of gone to him being passed down to me/his stepkids.

So yea OP you need to try and find out (check your states laws) what happens in a sudden death of a family member (with no explicit will) and if you have a right to X% of the inheritance in that case.

I know your step siblings do not deserve anything here, they are just leeches. But if there is no law protecting you there is nothing you can do about it.

Look it from the perspective of your dad. He won't want a fight between you and your step brothers. Just be happy you got at least 12k.

It's only $42k? It's not enough to be worth fighting over, be happy if you got any.

In that case go to your granddad and tell him the story (while he is still alive) and convince him you need to have a bigger share since those step siblings do not deserve anything. Make him put it in his will. (user gets 50% for example) Then you need to sue the uncles for mismanagement of your grandpa's money, then when he dies you get the X% in the will.

This is the thing though.

I know my dad loved them and he was taking care of them as a stepdad for 8+ years before I was even born.

I think why it bothers me is mainly because they always were closer to each other than me and I was always seen as a brother but I was never close to them like they were to each other

My dad raised them, loved them but I was his only son, had to share his attention, time with them and he dies and they get an equal share of him money.

I feel like a cunt for even thinking this way but something does not sit right. Add to that his stepsons wife is a moneygrubbing vapid cunt who I hate, I just .... fuck I don't know.

The dad is dead stop making presumptions retard. Keep your feelings out of the damn question.

This, and consider your emotions probably do have a lot to do with your dad's relationship with these people and how it made you feel.

Is it worth creating bad will and tension in the family though and am I being horrid here? He raised them since they were little kids and cared deeply about them.

Should I get it because I am his biological son?


Just be happy you got some

Yeah it defo does. I think thats why I am on here venting than making a bid deal out of it.

I think part of it is that 2 out of the 3 stepkids are financially secure and relatively well off and I am broke and it just feels fucked. On top of that the feelings of resentemnt etc.

I mean I love the deep down and lived with them all my life, I just feel really bitter about it deep down and it bothers me.

Your dad was a good man but he died now user. This is not an ethical question. It is a juridical question.

1. If you uncles have been given the money / lodge (not manage it) then there is nothing you can do unless there is a law preventing such a thing.

2. If they are managing it you can sue them for mismanagement of the money then wait until your grandpa dies and then lay a claim on the money. Make sure his will specifies you get X% explicitly.

These are your only 2 options.

Yeah it's what I said here It's not entirely about the money. And if you fight about it, they're going to paint you as moneygrubbing when the real thing that's making you unhappy is that your relationship with your dad wasn't what you wanted it to be. That reputation isn't worth the small amount of money that's being fought about, let alone the fact that the law is on their side and you don't really have the ability to recover anything, the difference if I'm doing the math right is 30k? That's not a life-changing amount.

Law sides with the spouse so you won't win, you'll just burn bridges. I would strongly advise against - nothing to gain, only potential to lose.

Try to remain close with your dad's family. He wanted to be close with someone after your mom died, and he would have wanted you to be close with them after he was gone.

No you are not, you deserve that money. What the fuck is wrong with you? They are fucking stealing all the labor right from under your nose. At least try to make a claim on it.

Seeing how you have been given the money before your grandpa died the uncles prob transferred the property to their name to avoid inheritance taxes. In that case your only hope is to check if there is a law prohibiting such a thing.

Thanks user. This really helped me. Sincerely thank you.

No problem good luck with what you're going through.

Just to lay it out so I now ive made myself clear

>My mum and dad never married, she had 3 kids to a prior marriage, I was the only kid my father had though he raised the 3 kids my mum had with a previous marriage, they called him dad he loved them

>I grew up with them and they had lived with my dad 8+ years before I was born and with me and my mum and dad when I grew up

> Dad dies a few years ago in a car crash while working abroad, money goes to mum,we are all fine with that

> Nana has died, Grandad still alive but old, early stages of dimentia, put in home for 24 hour care

>Grandad says he wants me to get a share of the money they sell the lodge for

>Uncles sell the lodge, split up the cash that would of gone to my dad from my grandad if he was still alive

>Uncles divide it between all us kids and stepkids evenly

Maybe if your dad wasn't a cuck this wouldn't have happened.

Oh okay so your mom didn't die I misread that's good. Still, if it's going to go to any one person and not a combination of children, that person would have been the spouse.

My dad was a former Marine and a police officer who got to know my mother after arresting her ex husband and beating the shit out of him in a holding tank for hitting her.

My dad was a war hero, a christian and the kindest man I have ever known. Go fuck yourself you sad excuse for a human being.

My mum got the house etc, though I could of contested because they were not married. But that would of been obscene.

The money is from my grandparents and what my dad would of gotten.

Dude 30k is not worth ruining your family relationships. That's not life changing money at all. Family is forever and the most important thing you have.

>reddit spacing
>step siblings
you already lost. Be happy you’re getting anything at all you greedy faggot

Talk to a therapist. You don't have to be crazy to benefit from counseling. It sounds like what's bothering you is sharing your dad with your step-siblings, and not so much the money. An extra $30k isn't going to fix that, nor is it worth paying an attorney. A good therapist will help you.