Now that the worst is over, how much will BTC be EOY

now that the worst is over, how much will BTC be EOY

about tree fiddy

$4k or so


GRS pump when

im holding heavy bags guys

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100,000 motherfucking USD

almost everybody on biz is pushing for a flippening so hopefully 0$


1k or 150k, there is no in between. 1 or the other




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$71,000 but will peak at $108,000 in October

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Insider here. BTC will be about 38k EOY, im serious, screencap this



He got this $38k figure from Cindicator. Faggot. You are no insider.

40.000 mid summer. After peak BTC will crash to 10.000 and stay in Crypto winter only to pop up 2021 ish to 100.000+

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BTC has reason x10 times over in a year.

It will do the same this year after the January crash ends. Although it will probably end up at only 90k.


$7000-$9000. Maybe one more pump to $11k and then slow decline until it stabilizes.

Would you pay $90K for one BTC? I hope it happens but even $20K was insane.

>implying you have to buy a whole coin
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My TA friend estimates 65k EOY and $1.2 million by 2022.

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bitcoin being over $1 defeats the purpose of the coin and your retarded friend thinks it's going to hit $1.2m? fucking sad

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The price will be whatever the market determines the value to be.