I thought these Bogdanoff freaks only PnD Bitcoin, but they seem to be more powerful than that.

How come no one has arrested them yet?

How many countries/economies do they control?



What's the basic gestalt on these lads?

one does not easily fuck with bogdanoff clan

Foolish mortal. The Rothschilds answer to the Bogdanoffs, they own the police

>a challenger appears

They were laughed out of the science community for making retard tier quantum physics papers

Sminoff Bogdanoff, I think he's the son.

Their puny human brains just couldn't process the information within it

>How many countries/economies do they control?
Implying they only control things in the temporal realm.

Fuck that video is scary. How long will the Bogs let something like that out in the public ?!

Bogdanoffs represent the bear.
Sminem represents the bull.

Can someone give him the quick rundown


>They were laughed out of the science community for making retard tier quantum physics papers

That's not the true story
Some academics pretended they didn't have any PhD in physics and mathematics, it seems they were wrong.

They don't do research tho, they just go on TV to talk about quantum physics for retards and show their weird faces.

rothschild propaganda

The more I look at them, the more they look normal to me

I watched an interview (in French) where the host asks them point blank what the fuck the deal was with their faces and they went on a sophistry laden metaphysical exposition of einsteinian space time quantum physics or some such shit

whats the deal with these guys? can someone offer a brief summary?


reddit tier memes

Where's the slow walkup on these guys?

Could I receive a hasty briefing on these guys?

reddit tier memes

These niggas look like someone crumpled up a caricature of Norm MacDonald.

no, the rothschilds kneel to the bogdanoffs

Do not doubt the power of memes. Many seek to control you through memes, will you let them?

They already look normal to me.



They associate with many powerful organisations

literally false