Alright. Lemme shill you this coin:

Alright. Lemme shill you this coin:

>Environmentally friendly
>Great dev team

Well ofcourse there are some bugs and hi-jinks due to BitGrail n shit, but it has proven to work and it is getting better as more exchanges and sites take it in.

Unlike all the other alt-coins who have very vague n' lofty goals and ambitions, this one does one thing and does it well as
a payment option.

Have you ever lived abroad and had to deal with having banks in different countries or perhaps transferring money cross border? I have at multiple times and swift/paypal or whatever is the fucking worst, taking at times 2-5 days with the banks taking their sweet share in transaction fees. It is a system that systematically fucks over consumers and is unproductive. At worst the transaction can fail and you end up losing all your money.

NANO is so far as I know the only crypto that appears to address this problem and actually work. If you find a coin that does that, but better, please do shill it and give actual arguments for it other than ''le-reddit coin". If not, then log into KuCoin/Binance/whatever and add some of this these into your portfolio because they are gonna be $75-100 by EOY.

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Thanks, just bought k

hello r3ddit

Currency coins are a waste of time, and will all eventually go to zero.

>destroys your exchange
>you can double your stack for free!

The absolute state of nano bagholders.

Enjoy watching your buggy, insecure shitcoin grind down to $0.10 over the next year.

no one will seriously use any coin as an actual currency
just let it die

I don't know who is more retarded, nano bagholders, or you idiots.

The only thing that it's better at than other coins is finding new lowest low every single day

>hurr durr let me pay $40 in transaction fee's when moving crypto from one exchange to another

The state of Veeky Forums.


So its an arbitrage coin. Or an exchange transfer coin. Not a currency coin. Learn what currency means.

> environmentally friendly

just wastes less energy than bitcoin
still wastes energy compared to DPoS

The fact that Binance shut down as soon as it added xrb isn't a good sign either but so lojg as the protocol wasnt hacked it may still be a good buy

Fucks up every exchange it gets listed on

Did Kucoin and Binance close like Bitgrail did?

its been delisted from two different exchanges and had withdrawals disabled on binance because of double spend


Shoulda sold your bags bud

Nano seems ok but the whole feeless thing is a problem, because there is no incentive to run a node. Correct me if im wrong

When was it delisted?
It works well on Binance.

The more FUD I see on biz, the more I buy.
If it's a real shitcoin, people wouldn't even care to reply to the threads and let it dies.

it's not good for transferring between exchanges since its not currency

What is the incentive to run a node?

Feeless =ddos attack.

at least it is an actual coin, unlike all the scam tokens with pasta smartcontracts from the tutorial

it was delisted by bittrex.
>it works well on binance
the wallets were disabled and they sent an email to holders literally telling them to pay their over withdrawals to unfreeze their account

XRB = DGB 2.0 this shit is hilarious

Stop already with the shills for this failed litecoin fork.
I sold the moment Charlie Lee said that its the worst one.

mt gox also said that they lost bitcoins because there are bugs in bitcoin software and it's not their fault, don't believe shitgrail

the binance email was a fake email, are people here slow or something?

>arbitrage coin
>So far every exchange that has it has had problems adding it
>on like 3 decent exchanges
IOTAs IXI being developed by forex devs will make that remove that usecase. It's plug and play onto every major exchange, which will double by increasing speeds.
>but muh xrb is for peoples and faster!
IOTA will get faster, XRB won't suddenly develop new use cases out of thin air. This shit might go up in the short term, flip it for sats, but it's useless long term.

When was it delisted on Bittrex? It was age ago.

Can you prove your Binance emails with solid sources? Anyone can invent fakes on biz.

so it's electroneum, without the privacy or adoption

>Man Raiblock cuks are gettign aggresive.
>Trying desperately to make that lame rebranding stick.
>Resorting to hiring pajeet shill army

Exitscaming in less than a week, cap this.

It's hard to feel sorry for Nano cucks, don't fall for reddits favourite shill coin next time.

>Great dev team
litteraly one dude who makes memecoins as a hobby. Stay deluded meme coiners

I already explained IOTA to brainlets, it's inherently flawed. A transfer of information shouldn't have unnecessary dollar value attached to it.

>inherently flawed
Ok brainiac

No bugs. Just shitty exchanges

>billion dollar mcm coins
>need shilling
kek, dumb newfags

>wallet issues on bittrex leading to delisting
>wallet issues on cryptopia leading to delisting
>wallet issues on bitgrail leading to lost funds
>wallet issued on mercatox
>wallet issues on kucoin
>wallet issue on binance

>same issues for over 2 years
>not the coins fault

Don't worry bro this coin from 2014 is brand spanking new, no one knows how to adjust to work with it. Have you guys heard of this crazy new coin ethereum? Its rumored to work on exchanges

> Kills everything it touches
Also a NANO holder

He's right though

Data isn't free son

IOTA definitely has a use case.
I don't think it's a $5 billion market cap use case. Not today anyway.
A bit overvalued IMO.

It still works on Binance and Kucoin without any problems.
I am not aware when it was delisted on Bittrex or Cryptopia but it was not recent for sure (1 year?).
And Mercatox and Bitgrail are shitty exchanges, everyone knew that.

Bitgrail did fractional reserve banking and now an insane WOP hold 1/4 of all nano ready to dump at any second, if you hold you will get fucked

p2p currency was literally why bitcoin was created you stupid fucking pajeet kys

Is this a fucking troll? Go back to plebbit you fucking faggot bagholder and don't shill scams to my fellow Veeky Forumsnessmen

>Let me shill you this coin pajeet told me all about how we are gonna revolutionize the anime doll-making industry! This whitepaper and business deal with a Chinese manufacturer in this random-ass city proves it! To the moon!

it's not flawed by technical design (but who knows, it shits the bed all the time and is centralized currently), but by business model, it has no chance of success by trying to be a cryptocurrency
you still don't understand, by buying coins you're not buying any data, coins are devices able to transfer data, if you purchase coin from someone you're not buying any data

iota should have chosen a different business model, it should be licensing their coins to companies

>It still works on Binance and Kucoin without any problems.
not true in the slightest both exchanges have had to freeze withdrawals more than once already and binance had a confirmed double withdrawal recently

lol they're struggling to get enough votes to get listed on another exchange

Nano hype is dead

If you're referring to bitindia
It's a cancer pajeet exchange. I dont even want to get listed on there because it'll be bitgrail 2.0
BTW every coin winning in their vote is botting - the exchange is too retarded to check IP's lmao

I asked for proofs before, I still get none.

>raicucks can't even win on a pajeet exchange now

so is bomber in jail already?

They don't want to win you fucking autist. The devs of that exchange were asking in their telegram for security advice - they are amateurs.

Because there is none.

you fucking retard how much proof do you need? look around you, read any of the 100's archived nano threads. lmao at you being literally blind to your coin imploding.

So you have no proofs.


this coin is literally fucking reddits coin
>muh great dev team
>passionate project
who gives a fuck ayy lmao
buy big jew coins and moon mission coins or you're retarded goyim. crypto and investing is about getting rich
muh passion

was all in xrb, sold off a bit ago

bought back just a little around $9, figure you cant get much worse than its already been through

i expect this coin can bleed to $5 in the coming months, but i'm betting it can be $20-30 in 6-9 months

>he doesn’t know what the archive is because he is literally from reddit

never seen bagholders get this desperate

OP there's no point in trying to convince idiots that invest in prospective scams that this is a working product. The pattern is similar to ETH last February. When it was like $7. Muh DAO hack and muh smart contracts are useless, ETC is the real ETH etc.

This shit will moon. Like literally past ripple. It's a no brainer. People are always looking for the next Bitcoin.. well this is it. It's obvious. It's screaming at you "I AM A WORKING, BLOCK LATTICE SYSTEM THAT WILL FUEL DIGITAL CURRENCIES IN THE NEAR FUTURE."

At this point I don't care what people say. People called BTC and ETH holders delusional at these prices. It doesn't matter what people think or say. It's useful. I like being able to hold and transfer value instantly for free.

Just trust in yourself and forget about trading lol, if you have like 10k of this stuff it'll easily turn into hundreds of thousands within a year.

Maybe I'm just comfortable because I sold at the high and got rich and bought back in recently. Who knows. All I know is that I know for a fact that this is the best digital currency we have to date.

>binance had a confirmed double withdrawal recently

no it didn't, it was a faked email where poster refused to provide transaction ID or even amount of coins sent

I browse Veeky Forums since a decade.
It's just funny that you can't even post a single proof.

>by buying coins you're not buying any data, coins are devices able to transfer data
Literally who thinks that you are buying data when you buy mIOTA? The token can function as both a transfer of value and/or as a valueless transfer of private data. You must have misunderstood something somewhere.

There were double withdrawals on Kucoin, because they used the RPC improperly. It has nothing to do with the coin itself.

>wallet issues on bittrex
>wallet issues on cryptopia
>wallet issues on bitgrail
>wallet issued on mercatox
>wallet issues on kucoin
>wallet issue on binance

Fuck yeah

100,000 early adopters who shilled the hell out of this coin then lost all their money on BitGrail are not buying back in as so far it looks like the developers are hanging them out to dry. Going out of the top 100 if that’s the case, below $5 by the end of this month.

>A transfer of information shouldn't have unnecessary dollar value attached to it.

>I am a working dag
>broken on exchanges
>about to fork due to issues in normal peer to peer transaction issued!topic/raiblocks/W01051cDjmk

Holy fuck, this board is actually filled with redditors that got into crypto in December. None of them even know raiblocks is so old


Bump because this thread is now getting slid hard after the truth comes out that it's a 3 year old shitcoin.

you forgot

>Double spending

the most reasonable explanation

LOL, double spending wouldnt lead to bitgrail 'losing' xrb ya retard. The coins would still be there. Problem was with bitgrails bad coded website


what does that has to say about 'double spending'? New tech requires new approaches. Binance solved it finally, same for kucoin.

go read about the statement from nanex exchange about these 'issues'. nano's protocol is fine

Reminder that nano is a 3 year old shitcoin.


>you can spend every coin twice

Nice feature eh?

>Maybe I'm just comfortable because I sold at the high and got rich and bought back in recently
You're trying a little too hard to shill and completely ruined your post by making it obvious with this line.

The development team is here! Of course I'll buy your moon coin that you have absolutely no reason to shill.