looks like the exact same offering as stripe had earlier
why didnt they just make it another paypal, so many people have coinbase accounts now

Dope. This is a game changer and sure to help adoption for small businesses and websites.

This is actually pretty cool!

Can you choose to auto sell for fiat or keep the coins?

Also I am extremely suprised that they don't ask you for name/address etc. This seems like a fine opportunity for people looking to cash-out


You can ask for name and other info when you setup the donation. Also you can choose to sell something as a service for a set price. All in all, really cool and this will help adoption.

If these stupid fuckers don't jack the fees high as fuck it may actually work

>setup shopify shop for life coaching lessons at 1btc a pop
> "customers" buy them
> You get cash

Anyone tried it out or know the fees yet?

It's 15% fees. just tried it.
fuck coinbase lol

>It's 15% fees. just tried it.
Holy fuck... how greedy can you be

Did REQ just become worthless?

Since this is tied to just coinbase anf not all coins probably not, but req needs to hurry up regardless.

Pretty big news, they need to lower the fees though.

this is just a little button running on top of the already existing coinbase infra
it is not decentralized and thus will not have the benefits of decentralization (low fees, transparency, etc)

Agreed. But coinbase offering this service is big imo, at least gives incentive to people to buy and sell with coinbase crypto.

>It's 15% fees. just tried it.
haha for real what a fucking joke

Man, RIP Request Network

No it's not.

Fuck you what are the actual fees

Fees are only 1%. Sign up and make a test acct for yourself.

lightning network will kill these niggers

REQS complete use case absolutely BTFO by the biggest exchange in crypto

they had plenty of time to sell anyway if you're still holding its on your own fault

Coinbase will just start using lightning network too, but still make money through merchants exchanging to fiat.

Doesn't coinpayments do the same thing?

Fees are 0.50% compared to coinjew's 1%.

>it's fucking nothing

>RIP Request Network

How does this hurt REQ?

Wouldn’t this have a bigger impact on COSS?

Big news. And means any coin that is adopted by coinbase is going to skyrocket even harder than before.

Lol are you lying? 15 fucking percent?

Of course he’s lying.