Who is ready for earnings???

Who is ready for earnings???

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CISCO is not even on cmc, who cares

they're invested in blockchain tech, theyll be on cmc soon enough

They already are, just buy VEN.

they invested balls deep in IOTA

It's my internet modem

it's my employer

Internet = Cisco
Buy the internet

replace the c with d and its a disco

They are rumored to be investing in thot dolls


>fucking fake meat
Even more pathetic than fucking actual meat.

u don't have to fuck it.
just slap the shit out of her on rough days.

A Ukrainian is cheaper.

Damn right

Real thot dolls

can't stand the language id have to gag her
now a russian one that's a different story


I think you mean they openly denied any working relation with IOTA, right?

yup, just another nu-male fake-partnership

yea and russian bitches cheaper than Ukrainian

what has ven to do with cisco?? cisco is king

ven is partnering with cisco soon

this is a fucking stupid rumor no they are not. Yes I know about the tweet and have been following this closely. THERE IS NO CISCO PARTNERSHIP THERE IS A BMW PARTNERSHIP

based digits...cisco would be too good to be true, but bmw is nice as well.

Cisco propietary blockchain when?