Anyone successfully gone no contact on their parents and everyone and just start fresh? How did that work out?

Anyone successfully gone no contact on their parents and everyone and just start fresh? How did that work out?

I legitimately don’t give a fuck
about anyone or anything. I’ve come to realize that’s my personality.

I don’t think it’s muh depression take pillz. I’ve gone to 3 counselors and they’ve pushed their shitty pills. Many people I know are on antidepressants. And I think it’s because they’re actually very smart and understand the world, but got lured into the normie capitalistic machine.

Thinking about NC and moving to a different city and just figuring shit out. Like NYC.

No pressure to succeed or make money. Cash out some crypto and dip.

Anyone do it? Good or bad?

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>I legitimately don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything. I’ve come to realize that’s my personality.

Honestly this. Just want to make money.

My dad... life long heroin addict...
lives in his truck. Won’t get clean. I
Usually don’t talk to him but a couple times a year. He will never get clean.

You just do it user. Fuck everyone and everything. Focus on yourself. Make it big. Be humble about it. When people try to contact you from your past life don't block them out of your life but don't be inviting either. I've personally been doing this for the past 5 months and its been great.

Just go start fresh man . Fuck everyone.

Research avoidant type personality, a subset of attachment theory

basically if people were unreliable when you were a kid as an adult you'll tend to keep people at arms length- even if you like them

ofc doesn't apply to people you dont like. Fuck those people.

Avoidants deal with those people in a two faced way, because that is the skill you need to have as a kid in those situations to just survive. But to foster better relationships that you do want, you have to be aware of and compensate for those tendencies because in those situations attachment can be good.

For sure user thanks

Damn that’s good man
Interesting never knew this. I was an only child in a divorced household so that makes sense.

You sound like a real piece of shit, consider suicide

If you have the money to get away from your parents move to a place where you can actually live a life and enjoy the people around you. NYC is non stop traffic, overpriced everything, rent is ridiculous if you aren't a girl (rent controls are for females only), and you will get shit on for being white. Please do not move to NYC, I just left and am nearly 1000x happier

I guess you don’t know what it’s like to have shit family members who choose drugs over you. KYS

>tfw will never have the opportunity to start fresh

I tore my fucking arm and it lives with me forever.

You’re right, I don’t. I have a very stable and close relationship with my immediate family, is great

It's not that you don't give a fuck about anyone, user, it's that you haven't found someone to give a fuck about.

Happy Valentine's day angsty faggot

Iktf all too well.

The only obstacle in achieving this for me is lack of funds.

Are you really so sheltered you assume everyone else is in your situation? don’t be a faggot.

"I hate the people who pay my way through life"

It's like you just celebrated your 14the birthday



Lol I’ve had a serious gf

It’s nice when you have sex or in bed cuddling when you FEEL like doing it, everything else is annoying

>hang out at her parents and pretend to care
> go out to places that are gay

Right back at you faggot

Holy fuck you larping 15 year olds are hateful little shits. I hope you never reproduce.

This, I have a serious girlfriend right now and I prefer I didn't but I'm willing to go for a couple more months and see how much of my life she insists on gobbling up

>user let's do this
>let's help my sister move on Saturday
>I wanna go home
>can you do this chore? I don't want to
>we can go shopping and then catch a movie and then come back and snuggle
>were you flirting with her
>oh you wanted to go to your friends place? ok cool pick me up from work and we can drive back to my place later

I just want to trade shitcoins and play magic online and not give a fuck, I can hardly spend a day away from her without her getting upset, but at least I've been giving her the indication that I need some space and she hasn't seemed too indignant about that

The sex is good though and she's good company and we spent like a year long distance before I moved back so I'm personally invested in this long enough that I need to wait it out and see where it goes

>I legitimately don’t give a fuck
about anyone or anything.

>he thinks he can live without love

I’m not a pussy like you. I don’t run from my problems

What did you do for work when you were there?

My ex’s dad did it for 3 years

be a man and tell her you want to hang out with your friend that day. she will be sad but will resepct you for it. dont be a pushover or you will get cuck'd

>avoid the cities though, if you hate people you will want solitude away from the vile jew.

Interesting. I think this applies to me, thanks for the info.

>be me 22 fresh out of uni
>gf of 3 years cheated on me, week before my graduation
>parents offered 0 support emotionally or financially (lived with GF lease under my name renting pretty luxurious condo)
>Got job offer downtown of city (lived kind of north-ish)
>Decided to just dip, changed my number and moved all my stuff into storage.
>Blocked cousins, grandparents, father, mother, sister, ex and essentially just canceled all social media cutting all ties with HS friends and acquaintances.
>No msgs from absolutely anyone except work for months
>Start new job, meet new people at job and in new condo.
>0 desire to ever go out and be social
>Going out has become a chore or "practice" as to not lose the capability to properly socialize, flirt, etc...
>happy af simply going home and working out, reading and thinking of getting a dog.

A year and a half after I moved somehow my parents tracked me down but I just asked them to leave me alone. Haven't bothered me since.

Few casual flings here and there but I don't see myself getting serious until im like 30 smth. 25 atm. Making my first big purchases this year, downpayment on a house and looking to get a luxury car. Going out, spending money on parties and shit just seems like such a waste to me...

Great so what do you do since you seem to have it all figured out? What’s your story Mr. know it all faggot?

I know your pain dude. When I reflect on mine, it was an imbalance between me (who prefers being independent and alone) vs her (who always wanted to be doing stuff or with me). We never maturely created and spoke about our needs. I mean, I tried, but was always made to feel guilty like I didn’t love her enough, when she just didn’t realize that is what I NEEDED as a human. My alone time to play vidya, make music, whatever. So it didn’t work. Have you two talked about this?

Don't "give her an indication" you dumb cunt. Who's the woman here? You sound like a bitch that isn't even man enough to set some basic fuckin boundaries.

dropped my gf so i could trade more, portfolio went 40x from then. no regrets

Stop being a needy faggot for starters

Damn dude good shit. Especially on the solitude part. Your personality kinda sounds a lot like me. Overall do you think you’ll bring your family back into your life at some point?

Why wont you rather move to thailand of vietnam? Beers are $1 and restaurant dinners $3. Just sit by the bar and watch the world pass by 24h7. Nicer weather than nyc for sure.

Hot beer and Gold women

I keep tabs on them, to make sure they are okay. They are not bad people, just extremely selfish and aside from neglecting me, I was never abused and they did provide me the keys to be well off in life. I've let them know, if there is an emergency they can contact me but in terms of like Christmas and birthdays, I don't see myself doing any of that until I have a family of my own (if that ends up happening) since I wouldn't want to deprive them of grandchildren.

So to answer your question, eventually I will, just so long as I am happy doing it, if it becomes stressful or "work" then I see no point.

Was 17 when I quit boarding school. Pops was in jail, mom didn't care. I left to a big city and worked 2 years in some concrete factory with shitty housing.
That didn't work out- too little cash. But I got ripped af. Start fucking old hags for cash. Also some dudes. Leared electrical trade and started a small af bussines. Demand was high af. Made $1k/day in profit only. Shit was cash. Now i'm 35 yo, got some millions, retired. Plan to make $2-500k pa only from stock, rent, interest.
Now I only search 5* locations to travel, check my portos and browse 4c/biz/.
Good luck user!
Remember, sucking dick is allways an option, unironically. But you have to be ripped. Fagsloveit.png

>avoidant type personality
Pretty sure this could be me. Never had a friend I could rely on, all Leafcucks

Lots of people put "family" on a pedestal, they think just because you happen to share some DNA it means you have to put up with their bullshit for eternity.

t. fatherless nig

Sorry, no. My parents were fine, simple people but good natured I mean moreso seeing people getting taken advantage of under the guise of family. Also, kys.

"Giving her an indication" meaning "I don't feel like I get to do hardly anything I want to honestly, how often do you see me on my computer since we started dating? you know I like to do that, and play magic, and games, and it's basically just been you since I moved back and you have to know that isn't right for me"

Does that clarify shit for you you pedantic fuckhead

>you don't want me to be there?

this is the worst thing to hear

yeah paying for a place to live and putting food on the table is so terrible. Broke ass faggot OP should move to NYC with all the other worthless niggers

>tfw going over to the lads for a night of drinking and playing tabletop shit like dnd
>campaigns and banter always tend to get extremely female unfriendly
Fuck no I don't want her there. No one else brings their GFs for a fucking reason. That's what I would say if I wasn't the only one in the group without a GF.

Indeed, don't ever date a woman that doesn't have a hobby or you'll be her hobby.

You sound like an abusive parent.

Came to say this. My family is also depressingly insane.
Just remember user, there are actually good hearted, sane people out there, some of them are in this very thread. Some even have vaginas, if you can get one or two of those people into your personal life (GF /close friend) you will realize what you're missing without it and your faith in humanity might be partially restored good luck man.

They are happy to be rid of you. Only a nigger abandons his family and community.

I am also a nigger