Western Union to pilot XRP use in xRapid



Roasties btfo'd

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I've been monitoring it for a while now, and goddamn price suppression is incredible. Any attempts for it to pump are swiftly shut down.

This shit will explode really soon.

normies about to get pumped and dumped once again
time for a second batch of Ripple Labs employees to become billionaires

There we gooooooo

will happily ride this shit and get out before it inevitably dumps hard again

love seeing a new generation of XRP bagholders born each time though

You do know that what actually happens is they are giving these companies hundreds of millions of xrp just so that they can make announcements that is doing something with xrp?

In the past banks were also doing pilots and nothing came up from it.

Pretty much the comfiest hold of all time. Just wish I wasn’t a poorfag so I could get more. Up to 700ish in my wallet. My plan is to put in $100 every week until it finally goes parabolic

now they made sure to include "YES IT INCLUDES XRP", it's so obvious

Good, now hopefully it gets back to $2.39 where I bought it, fuck me. Down $4500 right now!

umm, SBI are using XRP not only for cross-border payments but also for Japanese inter-bank payments? Nothing came of it?

>In the past banks were also doing pilots and nothing came up from it.

no, several banks moved to production.

>You do know that what actually happens

no, xRapid is superior to xCurrent, it provides real settlement possible and saves more money

try again, pajeet.

Interledger (the future of payments) and Codius (smart contracts) will give XRP the mother of all moon mission.


*it makes real settlement possible


who's ready for the jews to pnd this shitcoin a third time?

I am, I have nothing to worry about since I will gradually move my stop losses deep and deeper in the profit zone.

Tho now that I look at it, doesn't that seem like a huge-ass cup and handle?

"dripple" they can't even get the name of their own shitcoin right what a fucking joke

it is literally that easy, isnt it
cant wait to get my hands on some of that money the norman spends a third of his time slaving for again

>measuring price in BTC where everything, even god and usd will look like it's crashing
>being this retarded

XRP has the biggest ROI for 2017. Will do the same for 2018.

*second biggest

What’s the current transaction time of western union?

2 days

yeah sure, but recall that when xrp tanked from may to december, bitcoin did a 10x
account for that and you coud effectively 10x your already 20-40x gains if you bought xrp early 2017

2 days and with xrp 2 seconds. Well done WU, smart guys.


kill yourself

>mental gymnastics

putting some money in XRP instead of bitcoin at the beginning of 2017 would have made you much richer. Period.

>t. low-test low-iq le hodler
into xrp early 2017 and out again in may
back in early december and out again in january
dont fall for the norman iron hands meme, set stop losses on your shit and pay attention
otherwise you will never make it

XRP is going to be $100 EOY.


>I can see the future
>I can pick tops and bottoms
>it's totally not hindsight

XRP has the best fundamentals. The best is yet to come: , Hodling it for less than 2 years is suitable only for retards like you who can't see its potential.

One last time.
10 bucks by July 1st.

when tho?

Interledger: soon.
Codius: this year.

whatever happens, don't sell 100% of your XRP bags. Trade some and hodl some. 2018 will turn the tables.

>tfw you will never walk into a luxury hotel filled with qt lolis in minidresses
why even live?


After link hits the moon I'll probably dump a lot of my gainz into xrp then.


I am actually all-in on XRP with 3 BTC.

It feels like it's going to moon big time soon.

bithumb XRP trading volume increasing, whilst all other bithumb coins volume stagnant or declining- moon will happen within a few hours, maybe less than an hour