How much money have you lost since browsing Veeky Forums?

How much money have you lost since browsing Veeky Forums?

£900 here


I fell for memes like odn, fun and link

£625. Id kill myself if i had a gun and no family to look after

approximately $3.50

lost -$700

gained $30k

I havent lost any but thats cus i dont listen to biz. I just come for the wojaks. These are people who openly admit to being retarded and uneducated enough to only get jobs at mcds, why would you listen to any of them?

Lost -242,000. Feels nice being high IQ

lost about 4k so far.....

Gain 7 to 10% since i started trading in Jan. That's up 2k. Plus will be racking dividends next month

Lost $10k on crypto. Will have to go up ~80% to make it back.

Also I am talking about good tier assets stocks.
Not liability crypto.

Lost? Hahahahahahahaha
I've won the fucking jackpot.
Get better.




>not (You)ing everything

This guy gets it. Anyone who bases their investments on the amount of FUN or LINK meme spam deserves to lose their money.
Remember kids, always do the opposite of Veeky Forums.

I got in right before the top in November, ive actually lost a lot of money but I've always wanted to learn investing so I consider it education on bear markets

All the idiots on biZ who got in before fall of 2017 think they're investor geniuses. Literally any sack of shit who invested back then made amazing gains unless they were a total fucking retard. News flash: you won't be shit in 3 months.

-200$, started crypto the 3rd of Jan so i guess it could be much worse.

I've gained about 45k off 400 bucks. 120k ath though so that hurts.

This so fucking much!