Should I be scared?

should I be scared?
thinking of tethering up for now, made good gains today but I'm increasingly nervous

Holy shit!

yeah I just did do it, this is guaranteed like everything before no fundamentals have changed

probably the worst time in the history of crypto to tether up.

nah you're good bro

>uterus formation emerging
>hurr durr it tether weather


Looks like alien from 9th District i better buy.


I've already shorted. It's gonna dip to 8.5-8.7 almost inevitably.

What do the icons beside IDs of posters mean?

get your stupid fucking charts outta here

It's so obvious that it's going AT LEAST to double bottom at $6k that it isn't even worth it to comment anymore.

>shorting ONE DAY before blockchain superconference
>shorting during fatclap tax refund season
>shorting near the very fucking bottom of a massive dump
>shorting when market sentiment has completely reversed
>shorting half way through Q1 when shitloads of releases are due in literally 40 days


The whales always do this, think 9k is the peak of this bounce? push it to 9.4k to trap more money. Think we are breaking downtrend and buying back in? Dump it.


Bitcoin has no good news to share.

oh wow, those two circles look nothing alike. cool user, why did you choose blue though?

Not likely to crash imo, i tethered at 816 and missed a ton of money but will probably buyback next dip.

Now that i think of it, the moment i buy you should sell, since the market will crash because of me...

Nein, nein, nein = jahwol!

we had 3 big drops since december, all of them happened directly after some sideways action and single green wick that reminds me of the one right now a lot
I can't back it up by TA hence retarded circles but it FELT the same
if you stare at charts 24/7 you start living them and sometimes it feels like you've seen it before and you know what it will do
it doesn't always work obviously but I get the same feeling I had back when those 2 drops happened after single green candle just like that

all the wicks felt the same, seriously

I have the same feelings. But recall, that the previous final push upwards sustained a several day period of normalcy after reaching a short term high. Next dip may not be imminent just yet.


Am I correct in your assertion that there was a bit that went up and then it went down.

...and now there is a bit that went up, so the logical conclusion is that it will go down!!!!!!

Have you considered joining MENSA?

>muh feels
you forgot about the most crucial difference between your pretty circles... the level of fucking volume between them. literally the highest recorded amount in almost 2 years, how is that not enough to signify to you fucks the bears have retreated for now?

Go back down to 6k. Need to accumulate.

This feels different than the last dips but I have a hard time believing people will pay $20k per coin again without the media induced mania we saw in December. It'll be interesting to watch though.

bitcoin is king the crypto/blockchain world you brainlet

any good news for crypto/blockchain is good news for bitcoin

bitcoin will always be king

I agree but people will gladly pay $0.1 for 2000 satoshis.

Absolute bargain.

So you think it's just going to keep going down forever? If yes just sell you fucking retard.

nobody cares what you do. tether up and fuck yourself user. looking foreward to the follow up angry pepe thread

Need some big money from a few celebrities or hedgefund whales. Lotta money left after the December bull. Not enough to bring btc down to 1K. Everything is vaporware until each coin releases their supposed product. Crypto will be where it's at next year for sure.

>bitcoin is king the crypto/blockchain world you brainlet
Only because exchanges keep it paired to altcoins so that people need it to trade. Guess what happens if they switch?

do you know what a bull flag is??

go look at btc again lmao