Binance insiders have seen the Tether bank accounts and calls Anti-Tether rumors FUD


No shit its FUD Dumbass but it's all salty no coiners and boomers have left

madoff's associates and clients saw the receipts for their trades too

If that's a direct quote its a good way of increasing confidence in tether without lying.

The fuck do you think he's gonna say you dumb nigger

"Sorry I took a quick look and all this USDT that we use in our exchange for mad profits is monopoly money"

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bitfinexed cucks btfo

if this money is hidden somewhere in offshore account under a false name and not tied directly to tether or bitfinex it might as well not exist at all
audit or fuck off

they have to say its FUD, they are an exchange, if tether implodes sending btc at 500$ and obliterating all altcoins, they lose $$...

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FFS, in that interview he says he HAS NOT seen the bank accounts, but trust people who did.

also pumping btc with tether, and if $$ are missing in tether, it would mean btc was pumped with air...

Audit or fuckoff.

Bitfinexed is currently in the biggest slander case ever and doesn't know it.

Bitfinex and tether will show funds backing tether.

They continue to stay silent and not provoking bitfinexed, who has turned into a rabid slander dog.

Every tweet, article, false claim, email is currently being archived by a lawyer who is about unleash the largest slander suit at bitfinexed, no respectable lawyer will want to defend bitfinexed.

Tether will win the case and shut bitfinexed down and anyone fudding tether will be too afraid and then tether will be able to do whatever it wants. Just because bitfinexed couldn't keep their mouth shut and present evidence to authorities in a respectable way.

Goodjob bitfinexed you played yourself

>tether will be able to do whatever it wants

so they will be able to just print as much tether as they want without having it backed by usd? will they use this ''air'' tether to inflate btc again?

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This. OP is either intentionally trying to be deceptive, or is a dumb ass.

Lol that's what him and all other retards trading crypto on margin get

moron, notice how they printed the most tether during the height of the new years bull run? It's not inconceivable that a few hundred million USD went into tether during all that. Tether's mcap is NOTHING in the big picture here.

i dont understand your post

Looks as though bitfinxed will be facing harsh critique when proven wrong on the busy streets of the crypto-verse.

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Isn't that about what you expect here anymore though? Outright Bs, trolling, etc. And to look at the comments no one seems to care. They'd just as soon argue about made up shit as real things.

yup this

he even specifically says he has no evidence that tether is legit, simply the word of other people he trusts (one being another major exchange CEO)

How would he get sued? It's basically a random Twitter user, no?

>your funds are safe t. nano developers on bitgrail

>Binance insiders have seen the Tether bank accounts and calls Anti-Tether rumors FUD

you have to be fucking retarded not to see why this doesn't matter and why their knee deep in Tether?

rofl ... even better - i mean why make yourself complicit to a crime - "we wuz didnknow nuffinz"