Shes going to have sex today

shes going to have sex today

>He's invested emotionally.
>Pump her, then dump her.

hmmm... intersting. sounds like it's time to sell

u mean someone with a big rig is going to mine her pussy ?

The roastie probably has sex everyday you retard.

The Bogs have no mercy.

Thanks just fucked 100k.

I'm happy for her. Maybe I can ask for some tips latter.

>You're getting more crypto gains
What's more important? Moar gains that will give you a lifetime of pleasure or 30min of you trying to get it up and having to dress up your dick like a clown so you'll feel less bad about her laughing at you

They're going to mine her wide open :/


Been there OP. It happens.
Solution here is to man up and move on to the next one.

>tfw drunkenly kissed a coworker and will have work with her tomorrow

>shitting where you eat
never a good idea lol

>never been in love
>never been on an actual date
>never had a relationship

Another day
Another day alone

I've been on no porn for a week now and this post gave me a boner

I know it's a bad idea but I can't get her out of my head AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Neven being in love is better than knowing what love feels like but also knowing that nobody will ever feel that feel for you.

>I love you because you are so modest and sweet
>Doesn't text you back on thursday evening, is getting railed by a guy you can't fit his dick in an oreo box

please don't, user. please.

If you want women to love you, treat them like absolute dirt.

Come on, lads. I came here to smug with you all at our crypto gains. D-don't feel like shit, please. The pajeets already do and we have enough of those

This i know what love feels like she left me and now i go day by day like a hollow shell knowing i will never feel that sort of love ever again no amount of money will change that it truly fucked up my life is like having a tiny dick it is something you cant fix