Hey, guys. I am seriously considering to rent my time. I enjoy conversing with people through Discord...

Hey, guys. I am seriously considering to rent my time. I enjoy conversing with people through Discord, and right now I need money. What if I pick a person or two, and talk with them in my free time? I could listen about their problems, we might play something together, etc. I know that out there are lots of people who would gladly spend 0.01 BTC per hour.



If you’re a girl this would be easy, hell you might as well stream and just talk to your chat.

If you’re a dude...good fucking luck.

If you open bob and vagene ok

I am a guy. And fortunately for me, I like to listen.

yeh bro that's a very rare talent indeed i think you're way undercharging $100 per hour for fucking listening bro


I actually offer more than that. Company, passionate conversations... I might even be your fake fag online boyfriend (it wouldn't be tha first time that a irl grandpa flirts with me. "muh ephebe").

why would anyone do that when they can just pay $100 to some whore online to spread her cheeks and make her tell you your dick is huge?

Because camwhores are rarely honest or fun. And I don't mind if your dick is average or even small.

you can't buy/sell friendship
you can whore yourself but then you're taking up the role of a whore and the other party considers you a whore

This is the (somehow) sadder Veeky Forums equivalent of "I'm a nice guy"

I will give you 0.01 btc if you shove pen in your ass an post it. Give proof as well

implying you have even 0.01 Bitbeans.

Only if you show me your butthole and finger it while we talk. Message me.
Note: must be trap

faggot what makes you think youre so important that people would pay you to talk to them. go fuck yourself you egotistical shithead


I love you too, user.

Bumping for the money.

No one cares just kys now

you more or less cannot do this
there are services where ppl will pay by the minute/hour to talk with semi famous or domain experts
otherwise you need a counselors license or nobody is going to take you seriously
yours is a dumb idea

Ill talk to you for 0.001BTC an hour if you pay me 0.002BTC per hour

I would pay not to talk or interact with people. I bought fancy headphone to validate not talking the only coworker I have. You are either a female or a social parasite.

lol not going to work buddy, no market for 40 yo neets