Who is in CoinMetro?

Who here is already in CoinMetro? Is it worthwhile? Should I use a URL bonus like coinmetro.network or just the direct one? Shill me biz.

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Coinmetro is a sure win, use coinmetro.win/ and you'll get +7.5%

I already know there is no 7.5% way to lie man

Don't fall for phishing like You get a 2.5%. Anything else is a fucking lie trying to bait you.

And yeah that's my ref, fuck I tried to hard to get past the spam, I deserve my bonus

Thanks, was wondering how to get past that.

Meant to post it in the other thread!

xcmprice.com/ is a good reference for anyone wondering what this coin might amount to. Binance is almost at 2B.

I asked for shill I got more ref urls. Never change biz

Not sure if I'm doing this right, there's your shills.

Thanks for the links

is it me or is their telegram down?

answer me.

I will answer any question you want if you use my ref coinmetro.cc

also don't listen to scammer pajeets that say 5% and 7.5% bonus all refs get 2.5% and check the URL on top to see that you get redirected to .com site


its up.

I'm in, this is the exchange of the year.

Sitting on 400k XCM. Feeling confident, was in the telegram when it had 4k members, seen it grow to 13k and the real ICO hasn't started. Alexa site traffic stats show it as rank 140k, it was rank 600k a month ago. Amazingly solid dev team, Kevin is fantastic. Really excited for this, going to take my principle out @ 1 euro, then half out @ 3 euros, let the rest ride to 10 euros.

just dont use any fucking ref links here. its insane that people register top level domains for refs. what a shitshow

is this how it feels to get banned? i wonder why, i did nothing wrong, never said something bad or so...

normal ref links are blocked from Veeky Forums brainlet

I think so yeah. Good team & their exchange looks cartoony and enough that it wont scare away the normies. I've put my money where my mouth is.


if their telegram is not down, then i'm banned. and i don't know why.
you're sure the telegram is up?

obviosly u r banned for being a faggot

>trying to ask for help on biz

well, guilty for being a retard

holy shit, i obviously got banned from their telegram. the last thing i said was that i suggested a guy to watch the AMA-video.
i knew that there are snowflakes out there, but... damn. why? i'm not so sure anymore to give them some money.

dam I wish i could get 400k currently 110k but I don't want to pull funds out of anywhere else. rip

fucking hell, they even closed my account, i am not able to buy more XCM.
not even kidding.
is this what "regulation" is all about?

Can unaccretided US investors buy presale coins?

Looking for this answer as well. I know at one point I was told that they did, but they said not yet in there telegram.


2.5% bonus is max anyone who says 5% or above is a lying pajeet lol

Fk these shill calculators,

coinmetrocalc.com/ Has more info than just “buy” bc fake price increases.

not jumping in. it's the same scam as coss. they'll never deliver fiat pairing. people are shilling so aggressively because of the referral. honestly a pajeet coin

in at .11 cents for 4 eth when eth was 1.2k

COSS was a bunch of guys with no exchange experience. These guys have run and still run a successful FOREX exchange

people keep parroting this but it's just a mediocre exchange that has been here for a few years. none of my FX trading friends ever heard of it. search "fxpig reddit" and no one ever talked about it unless it's in relation to their new coin. coss faggots kept going on about singapore the same way you faggots go about fx trading. you're all retards at the end of the day

They have a proven positive history of delivering. Comparing them to COSS and Singapore is pretty retarded. COSS has proven themselves inept and I’m sorry your friends haven’t heard of them. Don’t invest, I really don’t care my dude.

Fair enough, but have the COSS people even operated a business before this?

I took a look at your calculator, how is it different than the others?

It's not just another trash one to get people to use his ref

Lol of course it is biz loves fucking ref urls

How did you accomplish this? I told Kevin his hair is retarded and didn't get kicked. He even answered me.

Got in when eth was high for 1 eth. 11k coin here.

Dont underestimate how much of a good thing it is that this project has the "COIN" ticker.

Thats instant legitimacy right there.

dunno, i had some conversation with the 1st level support because i was not able to buy XMC, as the chat partner said that she is female and i replied something like "werte Frau", showing up myself as german.
And then i was banned.
She even showed up here as well, see

maybes a SJW, maybe that was the reason, maybe not, i don't know.

They pretty much just confirmed US investors are back in the game btw. This is going to get crazy.

btw, is it me or is the flash sale closed now? don't tell me they even locked me out from the flash sale. it is closed, right?

It closed at 7pm EST

was about going paraniod, thank you.

enjoy the lambo, my dude

Haha i doubt it. House deposit maybe. Binance coin got to 22 dollars and has a circulating supply 5 times less than this. 5 or 6 dollars is the ceiling here.

by the time this reaches $6 a high mileage 2004 gallardo will have depreciated to $50k

300mil will be circulating supply and binance is 100mil so 3 times less. also if not all 200mil are sold the rest will be burned and a percentage of fees paid on exchange will be burned

I wouldn't even want a Lambo to be honest man. 2018 Range Overfinch would be nice though.

I thought it was 500 mil my mistake. Im pretty sure there will be periodic unlocking of 50 mil tokens every 6 months to make it 500 mil.

wen exchange list

I missed the flash sale

Is it still worth buying in on Feb 21? What's so significant about this coin bros

Also price is already at 11 cents

its more of an exchange not coin. the coin will be used for the trading. Since not all coins from flash sale were sold it will still be 11 cents in Feb 21 so you didn't miss anything

don't forget to register from ref link to get 2.5% coins coinmetro.cc

is this 7th ico sale so far? hahaha good luck with these blow coins