Non-gay Chainlink thread

Can we have a thread about real expectations here? Accumulation goals? Any other poorfags dumping everything into Link as well? What are you sacrificing?

Personally have 13k Link and want to hit 15k before this shit blasts off and my minimum wage income stops buying meaningful amounts of link. Of course if the price stays low then I'll shoot for 20k. I hope one day Link hits 20-30 bucks, then I could make a nice little neet sum off staking. I don't need to be rich just comfy.

I'm guessing we'll get the open source initial implementation end of march, right before Q2 starts. Sergey is a tease. I'm thinking $5 EOY max. I'm holding long term for $20+ in maybe a year or two.

This thing isn't going anywhere. Just give up hope. Sergey can't do it


at this point it's nearly impossible to get a normal response on a link thread
Good luck though




Am neet poorfag 6k linkies,need to pay back big loan soon pls help

I'm all in on Link. 14k so far. Only cost $500 because I bought some bitcoin a long time ago.

I think I need 35k to 'make it' so thats what im planning on accumulating to, i.e if it goes to $5 I'll be really happy., if it goes to $50 I can retire. I'm going to hold it for a long time, unless there's a another massive bull run, because i think the next big crash will end crypto for a long time.

I think its dumb to go all in on one coin but im doing it anyway.

>real expectations
If it ever hits $50, that would be nice.

>accumulation goals
I'm just holding at this point. I'm not selling to increase stack. I know some people will, but to each their own.

>dumping everything into link
Already did. About 80% of my savings, the rest I'm living off of until LINK moons.

See above. I'm fairly good at saving and this is the opportunity of a lifetime to flip what I have and retire early.

I have about 20k LINK. If it moons, I'm going to get a decent apartment and move in with a friend. Then retire my parents afterwards.

got 8k, and got enough in fiat for 20k and some change to play around with, to accumulate more.
Will honestly be happy with $2.5, and will reach my financial goal for the year at $5, and that's separate from the rest of my portfolio.

Some anons will say, might as well stick to BTC/ETH/OMG/NEO or top 15 if I'm aiming so low, but the way I see it, there's a serious risk of missing the big possible moonshot to $10-20 or even more, and I honestly can't call when that would happen.


>Can we have a thread about real expectations here?

These kind of comments make me a nervous bagholder desu

Why is that?

choose one

It's not that I think it can't go over $100, I'm just thinking about what will happen first, and what I'll personally do from there.

>I'm thinking $5 EOY max
terrible FUD

LINK will unironically hit at least $30 before the year is up. if you're not a brainlet and actually research smart contracts and what the technology means for businesses, then you will realize that this is the next top coin.

Remember how this works on Veeky Forums:

Lots of threads about a coin that only get a few responses: buy

A few threads that max out with responses: do not buy

By what you're saying you should definitely not buy LINK

In what way? I see a number of LINK threads each day, but everyone is basically shit posting in them and they never get more than a dozen or two responses.

>I see a number.
I see a complete wall of spam, day after day. It's all people patting each other on the back for buying this shit and announcing how everyone will get to be a millionaire with link.
Not happening, you're all going to get Just'd.

don't be too jealous, it's still not too late to get in


>80% of my life savings into a cryptocurrency with no mainnet

I’m a linkholder but you sir are the definition of the bag. Don’t spend more than you can afford kids.


Because you want investors investing rationally only what they can afford. Protip no more than 10% of your portfolio should be in crypto ever anyone who does otherwise is nothing but a bag being carried by the rest of us.



You're supposed to get in before the mainnet, you retard.

>anyone who does otherwise is nothing but a bag being carried by the rest of us.
Cool thanks for holding my bags

Do you have anymore old eth fud? LINK culture reminds me so much of the cheap eth days

Not with an irresponsible amount of money you aren’t. If you aren’t responsible first and foremost link won’t save you.

That’s the spirit.

High risk _______ Reward

I'm not broke and I'm young enough to take the risk, but I understand what you mean. How much are you in on LINK in regards to your portfolio?

5% which is a ton in my opinion

If you get too heavy I will drop you just like I did 60% of my bitcoin in December. Felt good to bankrupt a lot of morons taking out mortgages for btc while their homes needed repair.

OK Ill bite
Link is a big all-or-nothing play
If it actually has the rumored partnerships and is as far along in development as people suspect from leaks etc. then it will likely jump 5-10x on simplified mainnet release as they really can't keep everything fully under wraps after that
If it actually does become the default oracle for all high value transactions/smartcontracts it will go up another 5-40x from there over the course of a year or two as adoption increases and the real world value of smart contracts is realized


There are, however a LOT of "off-project" kill points for the project
I have no doubt about sergeys determination as he's been after this since before chainlink
Sergey is smart, but not genius tier
Watch an interview with him vs Vitalik
Sergey sticks to what he knows and is diligent in his answers; Vitalik gets it all and doesn't care where the conversation goes
Thats what a Jobs/Gates level guy is like
Thats why those guys go on to end polio etc. because they're beasts overall they just happened to start in computers
It could be that the mobius Pajeets are just smarter and harder working with better connections and scoop link
It could be that the level of complexity offered by chainlink isn't necessary for 99% of smartcontracts and so the market goes to the price leader, which will probably be on the XLM network
It could be that chainlink gets a MASSIVE partner that they fully concentrate on and that then shits the bed
There are infinite ways for it to fail

In summary, if you've read the whitepaper and "get it" I can't really see how you can not hold some link
The upside is too good
OTOH if you're "all in" on it you're a damn fool
Better to keep 5-20% of your portfolio in link and half that in mobius as a hedge
Put the rest in blue chip crypto and the occasional all star ICO
Very unlikely to do badly with that plan and likely to do very (like life changingly) well

spending 20k on lottery tickets or going to the casino and betting it all on 00 is like buying link then? Good to know.

Why are you still fudding you retard? Chainlink is already destined to hit $1000+ by 2020. It's written in fate. Just buy more and shut up

If you read my post I outlined why its the exact opposite
You fucking mouthbreathing retard


Only on biz would my post, which is about as positive as any realistic investor can be on any early stage project, be interpreted as FUD
This does make me happy though. Knowing you morons are the only ones I have to beat in this market will make the next decade easy

This should be a goddamn sticky. If you have been in crypto less than a year and you are currently on this board read this twice. If you own link but no btc or ethereum you aren’t ready yet.

Finally someone who gets it
Think about your situation objectively for a second:

Link has an excellent outlook and could make everyone rich
Or it could fail
Probably 50/50 shot
Why not own 4-7 projects like link where the chance that none of them succeed is vanishingly low and the chance that you get life changing money out of this once in a lifetime opportunity is a near guarantee?

I need advice, I have 85,000 LINK and it's obvious each time there is a pump a small dump follows like 10%. I want to short and rebuy after these pumps but I'm afraid that with the large stack I have I won't be able to sell it all, at least not without crashing the price and/or rebuy before it starts mooning again. What do?

>near guarantee?
why because a trip said so?

dude i wouldnt even risk my whole stack. Usually people only fuck around with 10% of what they own

Just hold
Trying to time the market based on trends is for losers and children
Buy quality, hold, get rich

Because if you find 6 projects with a 50/50 shot of making it big, the likelihood of none of them making it big is 0.5^6
About as good as you'll get in any investing arena

jesus is a jewish poison

you're not understadning my point. All this mania is from one trip that could be fucking with people for the lulz. He said this week was a mini pump because everything pumps from rumors.

>Lots of threads about a coin that only get a few responses: buy


horrible advice. be grateful you got lucky and put your money in chainlink by not taking your own advice.


Every day I am only using 2$ for food, the rest of my little meager salary is used to buy chainlink every single month. I have been doing it since sibos now and with that I have been eating only oatmeal and 100 gram chicken for almost 4 months now.I wake up I eat oatmeal, in the afternoon I eat oatmeal, and in the night I eat oatmeal + 100 gram chicken.
I am so fucking hungry
At least I'll be rich one day

>Protip no more than 10% of your portfolio should be in crypto
I'm 25. Everything buy my company provided 401k and money to live is in crypto. Nothing else even has the potential for the kind of gains crypto will give. Risk management is for the moribund

>All this mania is from one trip
LINK has been this popular since pre-ICO retard

>All this mania is from one trip
imagine being this new and dumb

how gullible are you idiots?


All of the following are also true about LINK
Has done an early phase POC with SWIFT (who collaborates with only top tier)
Has at least had one off-company dev working actively on the project completely under the radar
Has had coordinated transfer of reserved link to a market "just in time" to keep price steady while buying volume 10x'd

Not saying its fire, but a helluva lot of smoke


tell us about Veeky Forums's participation in LINK's ICO if you were around for it
otherwise go back to r3ddit and stop talking about the project

whats pre-ICO?


you guys pooled money together. Me having to prove anything to you doesn't matter though.

i guess if i want to fuck with people all i have to do is use a trip.

If link does come through we should pool our shit and make a movie about it
Get every funny looking actor to play us retards and make it NC-17 for every other word being kikecumskinnedniggerfaggot
Would be legend

It's an ICO before an ICO. When a coin developers are greedy they make one ICO, sell tokens and then make another ICO with different tokens making the first one obsolete and creating bagholders.

>everyone trusted an anime avatar fag with their ETH so they could buy into link
>Veeky Forums bought out the ICO in 10 minutes
>but LINK is worthless and people only bought into all of the hype is because of a trip that only started appearing a couple months ago
I have no brainlet wojak to represent your stupidity

looks like youre the gullible one bubby

What prevents companies to fork link when the github goes public and just create an inter-banking variant for example?

It would be decentral enough, the currency is 'free' and available without any OTC or exchange hassle and they would have more flexible development?

You are wise. Most fuckers don’t understand why it’s a good decision for anyone under 30 to all in crypto.

When the code is open sourced and a number of NDA's void this is going to explode upwards.

A lot of people who's strategy is to sell the news will miss the moon mission. All their gains from shorting bits of news will be dwarfed by the gains of those holding.

They'll watch it rise, waiting for it to come back down... but it won't, they'll fomo in and enjoy some gains before it corrects, but it will be a glorious rise, the likes that were seen by ETH.

Mark my words, I know the tech inside out, the architecture inside out and the massive gaping problem it's about to fill.

ETH and LINK will bring blockchain not to mainstream normies, but mainstream tech/developers.

We're still on early adoption.

Is that you oatmeal bro? It’s been a while. Your dedication is inspiring. How much LINK you at now?

you need to leave

man you really do believe everything you read dont you?

we are with you

old Veeky Forums
pretending to be old Veeky Forums

he doesn't believe your retarded posts that's for sure

Here, use this


im trying to get him to use his brain.

>im trying to get him to use his brain.
>I'm only FUDing haha

>posting wojaks like its supposed bother me

what pisses me off is that you blindly follow a trip because he said so

Can someone explain the volume run up and current run down and give me a single reason to believe it isn't a standard PnD passing through?

it's different this time.

you are a MANIAC

t. PnD shill

Oatmeal bro? Is that you? I remember you posting before the crash and I was afraid you didn't make it. It's good to see you survived.

I'm all in. I have 170 LINK. I wish I had money so I could make money.

hey wheres, your trip? its official and everyone will believe you

>all in
I'm glad to see the homeless population is getting in on the crypto bubble.

i forgot it at home.

a 21 million dollar PnD?

Under 200,000 link left for sale on binance

I have a home thank you very much. Should I take a home equity loan to buy link? Very good rates right now.

i mean might as well yolo

id say go for it

2.49% APR
I can get better returns with link. I'll go in tomorrow and get 120k. It'll be worth it even if this conference only brings it up to $1.

Poorfag here, got 2.5k right now. Aiming for 5k. Dream would be 10k.
but putting all my money that isn’t spent on beans, rice, rent and utilities into Link and hoping for the best.

Ive never felt more alive.

Let’s see what happens.

the meme magic alone is what got me to finally made me cave and buy link. to all the shills out there, thank you