Teeka's video today prior to the PBC issue tomorrow.

What the fuck is he talking about?


Didn't he say that 800b will be pumped into the market on April 2?

How is teeka's chemotherapy progressing?

To summarise the video, he basically said he's been researching something that he feels is an entirely new concept and will be massive in 2018. I don't think he means a coin. Some will be revealed tomorrow in the proper update.

Motherfucker said he has bronchitis. He probably means a cold.

Honestly sounds like LINK to me. Would explain the volume surge over pas few days as well, his inner circle is accumulating

Not a fucking chance. LINK has been around for ages, he definitely knows the coin, the way he's talking some new information has been provided to him in the past months, and fuck all has come from Sergey

Probably AGRS


I emailed him multiple times, but after his "China ban" bullshit last update, I had to set him straight with a Come To Chinese Jesus.

thats well known fuck tard lol

not to his dumbass followers and he thinks it's anti-counterfeit, fits his narrative of "I didn't think it was a big market at first."" But I forgot ur a pleb can't afford membership didn't watch video. Poor poorfag.

he never once stated it "anti-counterfeit" u fuck tard.

this faggot fell for the SALT is $27.50 at retail meme.



Maybe polymath network

lol buy up salt to 20 dollars no stop loss.

that garbage is at $4 right now, 15% retail price


Buy up to $1.
Korea FOMOs it to $3, the devs keep the momentum up and announce a bank partnership.
RCN goes on a bull run to $5 - $7

I just said it fit the profile dilweed, stay poor you should already have An Asston of ven by now if you weren't retard but we know u are

yep that's my second choice baby.

you ready for go live April?

Coz, we goin 10x shortly after


very conservative projection.
those are rookie numbers.
i'd say we can hit 50k sats easily with a bank partnership

i'm expecting a pump with the AMA around the corner

McAfee already shilled it and when it gets a 2x pump he's going to tweet about it again
we could very well do 10x before it goes live.

dude how are people missing this gem, and TNT, it's like gimme free shit..

but ripio 85k MC holy god





Bronchitis meds.

the denizens of Veeky Forums are philistines. illiterate and uncultured. they are allergic to white papers.
i tried helping them. Lord knows i tried.

>pearls and swine

I got bashed for not spoon feeding them. entitled, brats. all i asked is for them to read the white paper and come back with any questions. they don't listen man. they just want to spoon fed.

How the fuck are we supposed to know what you said? By all means show us. I read the white paper, what's the big deal?

drunk wisdom - South America is big.

nice try, lazy fuk

RCN is a millionaire maker. You read the white paper, my ballsack.