Who did you spend Valentines with?

Who did you spend Valentines with?
Don't want to be lonely next year?
How about pinkdate.us/ ?

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not my gf, oh is she mad af

After I told my gf about my crypto she wanted to cash out her half because it was too risky.
We broke up a while ago.


does this already work?
like you could download the app and meet up with h0t grills?

What do you think the "coming februari 28th" means?

>her half

I'm going to guess she never contributed a dime to the initial investment, but still expected half of it.

Unironically believe in this, talk me out of it

Looking back it was dumb but when you're close like that you share everything.

If they don't exit scam it will be fucking golden.

use my link noobs:

>Who did you spend Valentines with?

my dubs don't lie. this is a sexy investment for big dick risk takers bro. high risk/high reward.
basically what this guy said: use my link if you're in, I want free slutcoins

With a friend. Talking about stupid stuff.

facetiming my gf who is studying abroad right now

>spending my time with my friends at school doing drugs/various stupid shit
>mfw this is more fun than when she was here

what do Veeky Forums

My gf dumped me like 4 days ago and I have no firends, so you guys I guess.

Hej hej Monika

>anonymous team
>idea behind it doesnt require blockchain or any crypto structure really


you need a cuddle machine

It does for crowdfunding purposes, apparently

I accually didnt know it was valentines day today, also I havnt had a girlfriend in almost 5 years.