We give thanks to the savoir of crypto!


thank you sminem

god amongst men

someone post that sminem copypasta about his big hands being strong and bogs calling him.

shit had me in tears.

I know he's just a meme to this board, but I hope this kid is just as happy as he is in this pic and is fine with being a meme. It's wholesome.


hes probably not aware dude. hes retarded as fuck IRL.

Haven't been on biz for a few days who and what is this kid?



Story of this?

discord gg TS6HUt4

Did they get any further trying to donate to him?

son of bogdanoff brothers. they used their dna together in a lab to make a fusion bog. 200% bog dna, incredible.

kid had 1.5 billion in btc at peak

He's everything you wish you were motherfucker.

He's so fucking alpha that he can pull off being a fucking beta.

I heard hes got $1bil in Achain now.. expect big things from this coin

minister you sminem


untrue sir


Thank You Based Sminem

Those hand gestures are bull signs. We are saved!

Just how many pictures does this guy have holy shit