Part 2 - AMA: Board advisor in Crypto, NYSE company, Bought bitcoin in 2012

Good question, it's because I want to invest in a coin since it's birth and hold is long-term, sometimes 1-2 years.

The majority of our generation forgets about one of the most powerful wealth creators, do you know what it is? It's two things:

Good decisions + Time.

Make a good decision, then let the power of time compound your gains. The issue with crypto and our generation is that we are not patient enough to wait for the gains, so people sell early then fomo back in, you just need to use the combo above user and do well. To help you and make it plainly obvious, just use the above combo with MAN or SophiaTX or Tomochain once it hits the market. You will see good gains over many years, why? Because their roadmap takes "years" to complete. So please, patience.

Life changing advice: Delete blockfolio and Delta from your phone. Stop looking at the price every second. Try it, let me know if it works.

What do you think of DRGN

You seem really optimistic about most coins. What are some coins that you think are overvalued?

many people say NULS has great potential.
Did you take a look at it?

and what about the bubble burst?
how much time do we have?
i have only 2k in the game as of now
should i stock up?

one question - will you hold your nebulas after the main net launch? ty for your time, last thread was very informative


were those the ones you said you never heard of from last thread?

Thanks for your advice

other under the radar ico projects? would appreciate!

Thoughts on the following recent ICOs?

Remme, Insights Network, Electrify Asia, Nucleus Vision, Fuzex, BeeToken, Neuromation, Kairos

Do you know when the endor crowdsale will be? Seems to have a very impressive team/backers.

thanks for doing a AMA, any thoughts on DBC? quite heavy in it right now.

joined your channel and thanks for the recommendations you posted.

Thoughts on Genesis Vision and Skycoin?

Watchbro I know you don’t have a lot of time and we all appreciate your help. Could you look at my port and tell me if I should adjust etc though I saw some of my pics you approved of

I can confirm this I held xvg from 5 sats and while it went up to 100 sats reletively quickly I had to wait 6 months for it to truly moon in dec being patient literally made me 120k.

Thanks watchbro btw. I like the sound of what your selling I am looking into a few coins you mentioned

Post grad with a humanities degree from a Russell Group uni, seriously interested in markets/economics. What path should one take to find themselves in a career path like yours? Currently made £5,000 from crypto, looking to invest that money in a secondary degree

what is with this our generation shit

it's 50 year old house wifes who buys btc at 20k and sells at 8k

Thoughts on chinese coin Achain?

I have already answered this in the last thread. Bitconnect - it should be 0.




Bitcoin Gold



Op. I'm not a retarded poorfag, but I consider myself misinformed constantly by all the BS that's out there. Can you recommend any educational tools, channels and books I can use to become sharper in this crypto market.

Swissbro is ded
all hail WATCHBRO

You got lucky on an absolute shitcoin that was shilled by the twitter shiteating cuckold.

Did I fuck up buying POLY so soon after the listings?

Do you work in NYC? I was fresh out of university since 2014 and been with JPM for one year and Goldman two. What's the best route for maximum wealth from this point forward?

Also what's your thoughs on Enjin (FYI this is one of the coins I know will be here for long term - connected with their CEO Maxim through a work opportunity)

How do we get into ico's with less than 20k to spend

thanks for making a new thread, but i have to ask again how do you feel about older coins that have been around for a while like stratis, ubiq, and decred

Check out last thread. I advised a book if you read it all. You should read it all, as I dumped a lot of knowledge in the first thread. Find it user - because finding it is like finding a gem ICO - you need to put in the work and then you're good. Something for nothing does not exist in this world. Hard work pays off.

what do you think of Fusion (FSN)?

when did SwissBro last do a thread?

thoughts on STK?

ty for your time, user. some of us try and quietly learn.
I am reading and learning. I am an engineer that never 'got into' finanace other than pleb-tier understanding of FIAT.
I read bitgold and followed BTC for years but was a fucking retard and didn't invest 5/10k in that.

But, everything happens for a resaon so I'm looking to split up 10k's in various coins and ride it.

But learning how to 'preserve' wealth.
Also took a couple 5k hits but I work hard on the side and am in it to learn and be better.

Thanks again.

Thanks WatchBro. So are you very bullish on Social Physics as a general field, and projects that Prof. Alex Pentland is involved in? I've read some of his work, and checked his talks, and even did a short-course he was involved in, related to social analytics / social physics.
Fascinating topic. Are you thinking this is going to be a major theme for blockchain projects?

I answered you user, check above. I don't like these coins because I like to buy them when they are in their birth (or even better, before they are birthed, pre-sale) If I had to choose one out of those 3 coins you mentioned I would definitely choose Stratis this year. Very good coin

Will ETH and NEO be able to coexist?

Have you looked into Fortuna (FOTA), Watchbro? If so, what do you think about it?

good coin, buy it whilst it is still cheap.

b or maybe it was r9 told me to buy bitcoin in 2009/10 and I had just made the biggest check of my life at the time 3200 i was 17. I kept saying I would do it and planned on it but everytime i actually went to purchase I said nah let me research more first. didnt buy any and now I'm back on Veeky Forums lol


will i likely be better off selling older coins and buying newer ones?

Thoughts on LINK // Sergey?

yes my friend. Of course - Eth is blockchain of the west - Neo is blockchain of the East.

Come on need to know this info. It is like knowing the alphabet. You need to level up user, read the book I posted in the other thread please - it will help you.

I'm 90% in on INT with some i done for

thoughts on Fusion (FSN)?

already done m8 thank. Guess I just wanted validation. Thanks for the Endor tip, looks good

How are you this retarded?

Thoughts on Litecoin and BitcoinCash


Also NANO long term?

how do i know which ICOs are not scams? Been hesitant to go into ICOs as some of them maybe scams?

will endor have minimum/maximum buy during the ICO and when could we expect it?

not always user. this is too broad of a question. You can be holding old coins like Eth, Neo, XLM and they will outperform the majority of new coins, why? Because these older coins have stood the test of time, the reason they are so high MC and so old - is because people keep buying them and the teams keep hitting their roadmap as planned.

Can we say that with new coins? Absolutely not - thats why there is so much risk with newer coins, most will fail and the majority will do better by buying the likes of older A+ coins such the ones I have mentioned. Why do I invest in small coins then? It's because I have spent so long making sure they have the potential to be the next NEO, XLM etc. and thats where the gains are. However if you get it wrong you need to think of this:

1) The opportunity cost of you missing out on gains from holding A+ older coins.
2) The money you lost on buying a sub-par new coin.

Do you see why, how most people lose in this market? They miss out on good gains from option one and lose it all on option 2, so to summarise, if you choose option 2, make sure you buy a coin that is A+

I have already explained what they are in previous posts.

Hi user, thanks for your time. Why are you optimistic on BTC? aint it an old tech already? as for a window to other cryptos it's almost already over since you can buy cryptos with a credit card now. Thanks for your insight.

how do I quit alcohol

BTCP? ZCL? Please answer OP

You are too heavilty invested into one coin, why do this user? Follow my high level strategy with portfolio allocation and coins in the previous thread. Also read the book user, do not make me worry about you. I want you to win not lose.

Opinion about Fortuna?

Will Nano surge again?
Whats your opinion about DRGN and EVX?

Hey watchbro I hit you up on TG. I'm part of a high level syndicatesw/ connections to VC, fintech, hired analysts, performance marketing, offshore banking etc etc.

Let me know if you're interested in looping in on our deal flow and vice versa

I already paid 15 bucks for it on Amazon Kindle, was just wondering if u had alternatives to just biz and leddit

Good. Make sure you are there for the snapshot, binance and cryptopia will hopefully be compatible exchanges for the fork. I would sell ZCL right after

Do you work in NYC? I was fresh out of university since 2014 and been with JPM for one year and Goldman two. What's the best route for maximum wealth from this point forward?

Also what's your thoughs on Enjin (FYI this is one of the coins I know will be here for long term - connected with their CEO Maxim through a work opportunity)

Asking again

Thank you so much for your time! Poorfag here looking to make it. How far do you think someone can go this year with ~3 eth, given they make smart decisions? (with your help)

Do you suggest dumping Achain for something else?
Joined your tg, tnx

i 10x on dbc and bnty took the profits and put the leftovers in int i thought it would do something then the market shitted. im not a complete idiot lol
im definitely studying the last thread and will get the book

Sorry bros, it's just I hold a bit of ETH and I am worried that this ETH vs NEO rivalry is a zero-sum game and possible expansion of NEO into the West might limit or destroy my gains. Sorry for my ignorance.

is the worst part of this crash over now?
Can i come out of fiat and play again?

what is your opinion on NAS?

The rivalry is purely made from retards who have nothing to do with the company. Both platforms IMO will coexist and will be here in the long term. Most platforms will go to shit and not even in the same level as both NEO/ETH

are there any other books you would recommend? finance or otherwise? be here now was a big one for me. i don't even want to be rich but i want to help my friends and family succeed and eventually move out of NYC. is there a way to selflessly make money?

No I am not in NYC. I can tell from your question you need to reduce risk user:

"What's the best route for maximum wealth from this point forward?"

There is no fast track to profits user, if there was ever any asset class, then you have just stumbled upon it - it is crypto.

But "max wealth" this tells to me you seek too much risk user. Slow it down, you are young - you have plenty of time.

If you want to reach wealth, leave banking, that industry is dead - it was big 10 years ago, now all the smart minds are leaving and moving into DLT as you can see. if you want to study, do a course on engineering or become a blockchain dev.

In regards to crypto - look into the coins I have posted. Enjin - never heard of it but that doesn't mean it isn't good

What do you think about ICON, watchbro?

It's my biggest holding. Hitters is a mastermind and the world has no idea that he is building the google for blockchain. Wait until mainnet release. I keep buying more from my ICO flips.

I've answered this twice.

helping out to save some time here:
>interoperability Alliance. Good as gold

>AOIN + WanChain + Icon.

Thoughts on WaBi?

2nd biggest after OMG for me

Watchbro, what are your thoughts on NAV coin? interested in staking aspect?


Do you think AI is the future of crypto like MAN and Bottos (btw what do you think of bottos?, BTO). I am bullish on AI but fail to see the adoption in the future. What do you think

Answered this.
I don't like staking, I like gains. Maybe Skycoin staking thats it.
I believe the future is AI - choose Endor.

Watchbro didn't see you address Xrp, thanks

Hey watchbro, I know you got a ton of questions coming in, but what do you think of the coin ODN (Obsidian). Thanks!

I'm a dummy and would like some coin suggestions. I don't understand anything past the surface and just need help. Please recommend coins that will definitely do well

Would be great if you could take a look at this.

Also what do you think is the best next step for a CS fresh grad to get into Blockchain dev, considering that there are no opportunities in my country.

Thanks again!

One of the worst whitepapers I've ever seen. It's a young Tron who knows Justin - both CEO's are kids who care about the price of their coin more than the tech they're building. Look at Justin Sun, go back to his previous Nov, Dec tweets - all he does it talk about price price price, this is a sign to get out.

just lurk the threads. So many good recommendations.

Dont wait for opportunities, make them. Don't be a creature of your environment, shape the environment around you to what you want it to be. Be a leader.

Dude with this dip I was giving up crypto, but you are giving me hope. Thank you!

Thoughts about Walton?

user's this 30 minutes has turned into 4 hours. I hope you received value from the information we have exchanged between one another tonight. I will try my best to keep active as possible and help you all further. I have many responsibilities so please be patient (as I have stated in other posts about the market - patience) and I will continue to help you all.

For the near future I will not be doing anymore Veeky Forums posts, and will direct future information to the telegram channel that another user asked to create. It is here:

Thanks for the help so far! Excited now that I have some specific projects to research.

Any thoughts on the following:

You are a GOAT. Thank you for your time.

See You on that Telegram Watchbro.

Thanks for Your time and effort.

good work and thanks user. Godspeed, and I hope to one day pay it forward like you are doing now.

What do you think of Jibrel network? You think they can pull it off? Mainly interested because of Don Tapscott, he's another individual with a brilliant track record.

he already said only for a small portion, this will go a long way

OP I have 10k to throw into crypto and have a family I need to provide for and desperately need recommendations to at least 50x my money or something, please give me a recommendation I am desperate here.

Here’s a roundup:

#1 point: AI is the next biggest thing. Specifically, invest in the ENDOR ICO.

These coins are shit: Verge, Tron, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Gold, Dentacoin, Ucash. BUT he did also say to buy coins that are down 90% because their fundamentals have not changed.

He likes Stratis versus ubiq and decred.

He suggested buying STK while cheap.

He thinks NEO will exist alongside ETH. Actually he was pretty bullesh on NEO in general.

He recommended following Dan Larimer and Jed McCaleb. Says they know their shit.

He said it is better to hold established, old coins than it is to hold low-marketcap shitcoins that are new. This is because the opportunity cost is too large. IE only cash out of your big coins to buy new coins as long as the new coins have real tech and not just hype.

On tech, he said VCs prefer good management over good tech because good management will bring in the good people who can build the good tech.


He suggests you cash out of your small coins when they make their 10x and put it into core crypto like eth and neo.

He thinks QASH is solid and his family is invested in it.

AOIN + wanchain + ICON interoperability alliance is gold.

Follow Willie Woo on twitter and understand his latest indicator, it is potentially life changing. "NVT Signal"

If you like chinese coins buy MAN. This is probably an alternative to ENDOR, which he prefers.

bitconnect is a total scam.

Buy a book on cryptocurrencies here is one I recommend reading: 'Cryptoassets'

this is a fantastic question user. And I would like to provide a detailed answer.

Security based tokens

This is what will change the market in 2018 and push crypto into the Trillions of dollars. Polymath + tZero.

Polymath allows any existing company to 'tokenise' ST20 tokens to be securitised, the ST20 tokens are then tradable on Tzero.

Don't forget about REQ and LINK being great.

where will i be EOY with 25k link 25k req?

On mars.

Nobody actually knows user, but I would hold both of those for longer than one year... it may take 4-8 before they really reach their potential.