If you aren't all in this, you're wrong.

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I'm waiting for the dip but it's not coming

I want to die

But the mooning is over for the moment.

stop shilling this coin every hour user

You're such a newfag you can't even tell the difference between shilling and legitimate traction

It's a seasonal surge. Americans are probably confusing it with the Olympics logo, thinking that it's their coin. Back to $0.05 in 2 months.

Theyre doing you a favor. Just buy the coin and say thank you

any legitimate investor in this token wouldnt want to have concurent stakers thus he wouldnt shill this shit every hour

OMG is looking good but ill stick with TRX thank you


Ive got 10 is that enough?

EOY $300 easy


im all in Zclassic and then im going to be All in OMG

How low do you need it to go?

wtf is the point of this coin?

>no omg'er


No point at all. Don't worry about it. Stick to tron, verge, etc. You can leave now.

All this OMG shilling in the last week should be sending off red flags.

what the fuck are tron and verge?

Payment processing company moving to the blockchain and the token its self is used for pos to verify transactions. Also coming with a dex to allow anyone to send what they want while the person receiving can choose what they want including fiat. Sdk is white label so any company can use the network with no formal partnerships.

$12 is low enough for me

Been here since last May.

Fomoed in at $12.97 two days ago

We gonna make it boyz

Please sell your stack. You’re going to neck yourself by early March.

You're fucking dumb of course you're going to hear more about it since things are finally happening this year and most don't even know about it yet

Kek that's the same guy about to get hit with slander lawsuit for going after that former visa employee that now works with omise and is currently crying free speech on reddit because he doesn't understand what slander is

It was $12 and lower quite recently

LOL this coin. being over 40 dollars defeats the whole purpose of the coin.

How so? TX Fees will not be static, therefore the cost of the token would be proportional if not greater that the token itself.

you'd have to be a brainlet not to be all in on OMG

Its meme FUD. Literally every good coin has faggots spamming this shit

posts dont get more retarded than this.

top kek brainlet confirmed

Deep down I know, it just makes me angry

I know but my fiat wasn't ready, I managed to put in like $100 when OMG was at $8 because that's all I had in BTC at the time

kinda sucks how slow fiat is in comparison to crypto

its been going up and down lately, just wait a bit, im increasing my stack with the eth ratio, so i set buy order at .014

You can see that the fud in this thread makes no sense at all, this is a perfect indicator that you should get in, Cya guys at $300.


Lol thailand just banned crypto currency this week, and all you have is a MCDONDALDS partnership to use OMG as currency.

Yes. This project will end well.


1/2 price a week ago dude.same here but managed to get 50 for around 9.

see you in a month. Omise is already working directly with the thai gov already and integrated some of their tech and the fact they said they are working with banks I wouldn't be surprised if that's going to be one of them.

mcdonalds is the only thing i buy anyways

IF I had liquid when it was around 10.00 i would have bought 1000, but of course I entered the market when it was only a little down for ATH.

My biggest regret is not coming in later and grabbing OMG

>use OMG as currency
absolute state of brainlets lmao


>thinking processing mobile payments in 240 mcds in Thailand to start and confirmed expanding to other countries Japan included isn't a big thing
>thinking that's the only thing

The fact that the team actually wants to make it a public good rather than having control of it makes them admirable visionaries.
Very different than cRipple...

This is my blue chip like ETH. I'll get into it after I make it to mid six figgies with REQ, splitting the profits between ETH and OMG so that whichever one moons first, I can reinvest into the other and live off staking.


fucking kek

I like this coin and am holding it, but it fucking pisses me off that you are all shilling this like it is just another shitcoin. It is starting to worry me, actually. Would you please stop making daily threads and let it moon silently? Thx.