What is there left to do in life after you've made it in your 20s from buying magic internet money?

What is there left to do in life after you've made it in your 20s from buying magic internet money?

shitpost and vidya?

maybe live your life

frivolous spending


>getting married AFTER you become rich
yeah and then she'll just cheat on you, get divorced, and get half your shit like some bitch did to my cousin

Start a real business with a real product/service.

My brother is a furniture designer and I'm using half of my shitcoin profits to start a furniture business with him and one of my friends.

Compound interest bitch!

read the biographies of great men

do whatever

i'd literally spend the rest of my days cooking shit i find on youtube, working out, and fucking whores

invest in this man

Quintessentially Millennial

send me some of it

Do difficult things and become a better version of yourself. Quality girls don't give a fuck about your $$, they care about what type of person you are.

You've already typed in the cheat code for life - go on some quests. Still try to avoid high level areas right away.

The more true your quest is, the better your reward will be.

what is a prenup. what is hiding offshore assets. what is holding crypto because you know it's the future. what is even getting married instead of just having children with some chick and living a cool family life because you don't need money

your cousin is a fucking idiot


You finally grasp freedom and you don’t even know what to do?

Fuck a lot of bitches, educate yourself, get even more wealthy. Stay ahead of the game. There is a ton of shit to do.

this is exactly why most lottery winners become depressed/commit suicide/lose it all hedonistically


This is absolutely ridiculous to me. Kind of makes me question if user just got lucky like you said. You don't know what freedom means until you lose it I guess. Judging by anons age I can tell he/she never held a job for more than a week.

For $1,000 I'll tell you where I put it
For $10,000 I'll give you updates twice yearly how it's doing (hint: a chunk of it going into ETFs)
For $100,000 I'll give you quarterly updates and investment advice since you pretty clearly need some

No joke, OP

that's when you can finally begin to enjoy life

>tfw you have 80k in internet monopoly money but you're still socially and mentally retarded

If I ever make it rich then I'm spending a lot of cash on fixing my brain through direct neuron surgery and intense education.

you never stop trying for more gains until you die bitch

Use your money and compound interest to become hyper-rich George Soros style then manipulate politics

I cant wait to have more time to play vidya

t. wageslave

The brotherhood of LINK MARINES intends to pool some money and subtly influence global events. Nazi neets cant be trusted with real money

How much for sharpie in pooper?

correct. just feels like I beat the game of life already with a cheat code and am running around with no more challenges left to complete. It's like in REsident Evil 4 when you go through the game again with the Chicago Typewriter. its just not as fun without an end objective. IDK.

yours or mine?

wait for death

Did Elon Musk run out of challenges after he had unlimited tendie money?

You are supposed to go through RE4 again on professional mode. Hell you are supposed to try 1CC the hardest arcade games.