I fucky fucky your sister, white boi

I fucky fucky your sister, white boi.

Get back to work chink and make me rich!


i need this shit to pump to .15 so i can dump my bags. i need to pick up some other stuff and dont want to throw more money into crypto.

anyone think it will get that high again?

Justin Sun is the the fuckboi of crypto.

You're literally losing money missing out on other opportunities while holding this scam coin.

Show me your dick chinaboi. Show me the required length to penetrate her layers of fat first

You fucky fucky my ass, that’s what you fucky fucky. And now I owe money to the rssian mafia. Thanks a lot fucky fucky!

yeah no shit. Thats what i just said. I can t take a loss on this though. I have 15k trx

I'm being completely serious. You will more than make your money back on other coins before you see Tron at .15.

I fuck her too, what are you getting at?

>I fucky fucky your sister

Jokes on you fag, my sister used to be my brother.

You dumb fuck. Why is everyone here so dumb? This shit is going to a dollar EOY

im not taking a loss on it. i refuse to

I hate u

yeh just like dodge right?

Definition of a Veeky Forums tool. Should he buy OMG and make $100?

this guy fucks

Dumb nigger

Congrats on this, seriously

wtf does that even mean?

basically you hate money

I wish my sister was alive

i hate losing money. I rather wait for the next bull run to dump then to take a loss

good luck with that hun

Sorry user. I'm sure your sister is waiting for you and your family in heaven

Actually a whale told me that a pump is planned for tomorrow...

nice hopefully for you guys. being sincere

> he buys high and sells low

Try not to fuck up and go to hell though.
Then your eternity to infinity is ruined.

lol hows the tron bags?

>hes trying to make me mad.
you dont realize im laughing at you

Long time sucky sucky hong kong

wow. im hurt really. stop laughing at meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

user, please don't borrow from the bravda to buy cryptos. Just borrow someone's credit card like everyone else.

>literally the graph of every coin since all shitcoins just follow bitcoin on a different scale.

If you think every coin got just'd as hard as Tron then you are delusional. Once the hype calmed down (i.e: Justin Sun ran out of ridiculous claims to make), Tron started dumping while other coins were still mooning from the December bullrun. Most real coins only started to get rocked mid to late January from BTC tanking. Tron's dump had nothing to do with BTC.