Less roasties more pepe

So user, we all know this is a blue board and many of us lurk while wagecucking (lel).
And i CAN NOT walk around the fucking office or concentrate on the shilling here while i have an raging boner.
So stop with posting all these whores.
Do you even have enough pepes?
I think not.
So in common interest i will give u my collection of pepes, so u can use them wisely instead of posting THIS STUPID WHORES THE WHOLE TIME!
Thank you.


If you want, you can tip me for giving you this.
But please use them.

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im not downloading your virus OP
but yeah this thotposting has to stop
load up the brap memes and BTFO these thotposters!

its no virus user, im serious here

brap memes are disgusting, pls refer to the frog, he calms my nerves

bumping for selfish interests
less whores more frogs

holy fuck so much malware do not click CAN CONFIRM DO NOT CLICK

go fuck yourself pajeet
nothing innit other than frogs

>coworkers browse blue boards on their computers
>I do it on my phone and just turn the brightness down

aye, less roasties.

not good for the eyes

My links are gone...why OP...why

fuck u all
at least you used the frog

Here's a collection of disgusted dogs. All the same webm, each file is unique. These should be the first reply to all roastie posts


ur welcome here brother


Thanks for the pepe. Have this rare pepe.

thx u pepebrother
will ad to the collection

>lurking the chans while at work

i also save my extra big shitter for work
i literally get paid to take an half hour dump and read the news
wagecucking could be worse, i'm ok with that

>wagekeking in 2018

yeah, lost a lot of money in divorce rape (lel)
the little money i have now i try to get something going in crypto
when this fails, wagecuck for life i fear