Board cleanup

You get to permanently purge/ban ONE (1) entire group of users from Veeky Forums. Who do you eliminate?

>BRRRRRAAAAPPPP/porn posters
>Actual paid shills that post here
>Anyone who has crypto
>(other/insert your own group)

Anyone who came to Veeky Forums after Nov 2017

Soy boys like you


meme link shillers

Actual, paid shills if they even come around here.
Pajeets otherwise.

>Anyone who has/wants to talk about crypto.
Yes please. Can we get back to discussing economics and management?

>Actual paid shills that post here

anyone under the age of 25

Hit the showers gramps


I dont know who i hate more, normies, linkies or the sniff posters


just OP

Brap no contest

stinky linkies. they should be purged from the world.

/pol/ but from all boards, even /pol/

Paid shillers, people are totally oblivious to the fact that it makes up 70% of this board at this point


Bogdanoff fags

Weakhands rest can stay, my digits will reveal the truth.


/POL/ motherfucker. And then stinky linkies, sorry.

walban coiners

This fucker right here. This is the most punchable face on this entire board and those fucking stupid greentext post make me want to punch my fucking monitor. Fuck whoever started this meme, I hope you fucking burn in hell you fucking whore.


Europoors since they don't have enough money to be anything more than a distraction to the Asian and Americhads who actually move the market. They make shit threads too. I have to avoid Veeky Forums 8 hours everyday between 8AM and 4PM GMT when the eurocuck shitposting competition is in swing. Shit's getting old.

Anyone below 115 iq

Amerimutss- dump reactively and without fail whenever they rouse from their diabetes coma.

Glass handed faggots.

the people with the fake wozjak

Brap posters, hands down...

everyone related to social cancer
which at the same time should a terminal solution to 99.999% of that pajeet issue

i would say linktards
but they will probably pull jonestown on us sooner or later anyway

nocoiners who spread fud. i am thinking about calling the shot on some outside of /biz



kek this user is right

And when the fuck has this board ever done that?

I would ban all Ven posts.
The most annoying low IQ posters on this site.

Free niggers, I don’t mind the Uncle Tom’s so much

brappers...what is that about? They want to smell butts that are not washed...or farts? i don't understand..why would u want that

pajeets and shills are easy to detect
linkies might actually be onto something and i want to see biz get buttmad if it moons
brap is getting overused and already falling off and anyone who has crypto is going to make it

R*ddit. This includes the following:
>bothered by the word nigger
>being a leftist parasite on a capitalist board
>thinking Hitler did anything wrong -> this has been a thing for years since the old days of b
>believing in ripple
Seriously, there’s nothing more pathetic than this group of niggers.

-BRAAAAAP posters
-bear market deniers
-tax threads

Cryptokiddies that spam pepes and wojaks.

I'd ban you for being a faggot. This isn't your safe space.

>Be me
>Passionate about being better than everyone else
>Mind completely cucked but I want to be like Chad
>Into "finance"
>Want to get started investing and making mad gains
>Tai Lopez says to invest in crypto
>Find this sick community of autistic neets who seem to know a lot about crypto
>They shill me link
>They shill me racism and anti-semitism
>I follow blindly
>One day I get drunk and call someone nigger
>Then kike
>Then faggot
>Stacy and Chad stop being my friends
>At least I'm all in on LINK

Nu-jack posters.

1st choice: IPs from
2nd choice: slut posters

IPs from India*

Nor is it yours you fucking hypocrite

roastieposters. pornposters already are permanently banned, but we need to extend it to anything sexual. I've got enough self control to not masturbate, but some people don't. And it still wastes a lot of time which is not very Veeky Forumsnesslike.

I'd actually be in favor of a brap/sniff/mommy bot that triggered on anything boob or butt related (false positives are actually encouraged, to stop people trying to circumvent), as long as it autosaged.


India. There are enough scams going on around here witbout them.

I second the cuckjack ban. Even pajeets have their useful members like blessed teeka. Cuckjacks get gassed.


I choose pajeets.

Wait, lefty faggots from reddit are even worse. They try to kill the fun on this board. Ban them .......


Will not be missed

JNT shilling army

Spotted the Jew

Fuck off no coiner

>Actual paid shills that post here
Cringy "i dont get laid" help threads

Thot Posters


what a dogshit meme that was, luckily it didn't catch on
BRAP posters are necessary to cancel out the porn posters, LINK is the best meme on biz, whether or not the coin has any value; if we could go back to being a underbrowsed board that would be fantastic and solve all the problems, then we could talk clandestine upcoming coins, as it is too much shilling/normies who take anything we say to reddit/twitter

Fuck biz for telling me we were going to 3k I shorted BTC 100x at 6k and finally got liquidated today at 9100 I lost 500k that I got by leveraging my house for a business loan. Ill give my last 50 eth and a video of me drinking Drain-O to the first person with trips under the condition that you use plushie pepe to reply.

>(other/insert your own group)

Frog posters

no one cuz i'm not a fucking child

except people shilling affiliate links


what's wrong with brapposting? It deters clickbait cancer

It really doesn't

>salty user?

maybe not but it's pretty funny and threads are never started by brapposters--only shit threads get derailed with brap memes.

Anyone that fuds with misinformation to keep the price down

stinkie fucking linkies

It's slowly programming my brain to feel disgust when I see a beautiful woman. It's the last fucking thing I need in my life right now.

>this is the state of posters on this board





there are plenty of threads that get started by brappers.

lately they start by asking about GAS


ban everyone with less than 500k net worth

/pol obviously

People who shitpost with the same 10 images of hot women asses.


>Actual paid shills that post here
can always hide the stinky linkies and brapp posters with SNIF of LINK filters

>>Actual paid shills that post here
How it is even a question. Just think how many anons got completely screwed because of these fuckers.
I myself almost took their b8 and contemplated buying fucking xrb @$25.
Fuck the shills.

Not enough. Anyone that came after 2016.


Eradicating linkies are always priority.

>>BRRRRRAAAAPPPP/porn posters
I understand that the first came as a protest to the second, but I want them both gone.

>Actual paid shills that post here

Why'd you post Linkies twice?

>>Retards that don't know how to spell wojak

Anyone who has crypto-currency, obviously!

What are Pajeets? lol

brigaders from /leftypol/

your ID says it all

>bothered by the word reddit
>Veeky Forums invented Hitler jokes
>uses nigger twice to prove a point
Underage and braindead.

brappers, they're way too common and just shit up the threads. I can filter out pajeets well enough but they'd be my second choice to purge.