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Finally one of these damn charts that I agree with. Yeah, we are.

>that dip around September '01
>world trade centre

really makes you think


i have cash on the side


Comfy i tethered up at 9.2k

> sold at 6k

that's why it won't happen

Nope, they aren't.
Plus, 9/11.

normies leaving was crypto's 9/11

all you faggots focus on all this 2001 - 2002 stuff and apparently have forgot what important thing just happened last year and changed the game as we know it.

and you are retarded

people couldn't do world trade until they built a new one in London I heard

i think that's about right yeah

>what important thing just happened last year and changed the game as we know it.


Donald Trump?

i hope you have a good collection of pink wojacks. you are going to need them.

memes happened. memes control everything now

When will you learn, Pajeet?

So we’ve covered an entire year’s worth of collapse in just one month? Go back to making cat memes about incest porn and let the rest of us move on?

I'm not saying we'll never moon again, I'm just saying we haven't reached the "dispair" or "return to the mean" phase. Pic related

Nah, most normies hadn't bought in. This year they'll FOMO back in time to hold all our bags again kek

Ive known of this comparison and it worries me. been watching, will keep watching. but really who knows all the TA in the world doesnt mean shit without other important factors

Now this is just sad. You really think you can trigger massive panic sells for an hypothetical extra 15% fall that may or may not happen and risk being out if it rises, only so your stupid shorter ass could be saved? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

Biz is such a fucking shit place full of FUD and FOMO. There is literally nothing to gain here.

normies were never in crypto

>10 year chart

Low IQ OPs left and right, I agree. It's hard to find the good posts because literally everyone is a ginourmous faggot

when the real dip is there, what do we buy?

Nobody helps each other out. Nobody talks normal with logic. Those that do aren't gonna expose what they know. Nobody is entitled to gains or losses. We're on our own individually. I thought \b\ was crazy. It's like Beavis and Butthead on bath salts here.


>1996 - 2005
>December to January



the nasdaq bubble from beginning to end is 5 years dude, the bitcoin bubble was 1 month. we're back on the mean right now.

> sold at 6k

Smart money is buying Link before main net

pic related

If you're not smart enough to understand this, please GTFO of the market, because you're going to KYS one day.

No of course not. Bitcoin will be worth 1 million per in a few years. That means I can comfortably get in at nearly any time I want.

according to this at worst even if I buy now it'll be back at the current price in October

Basically. See:

>institutional investors
>institutional investors
>institutional investors
>institutional investors

Yeah man, I should have known 9 months ago when Deutsche Bank started buying those BTC that we were running out of time... I guess you spotted it, right? Those hundreds of investment funds putting their money into crypto... It was obvious when you think about it.

t. brainlet

>wait 8 years
>be 2009
>buy bitcoin

So fucking autistic to draw the mean all the way back to 2016 as if those prices are relevant anymore.

Join shh cult. Breathe and enjoy profits.

i agree and that's why im gonna tell you (once) to buy skycoin. I'm only saying this now so I can say I told you so in 10 years.

AGreed op , let these dumb cucks fall for the mega bull trap
I'll be buying later, for cheap

The time scale's different, but market psychology is time independent. Agreed OP, keep inciting FOMO though, there are buckets of money to be made here