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If you are not all in on XLM, you are really fucking up.

Benefits of Stellar:

- ICOs
- Smart-contracts; just not Turing-complete
- Faster than all other networks
- Decentralized (fuck you autists)
- Transactions cost next to nothing
- IBM running the world-wide network nodes and shilling Stellar (dashboard.stellar.org/)
- Can easily replace Ethereum (Ethereum cannot handle real world transactions)
- MOBI+KIN chose Stellar over Ethereum (medium.com/kin-contributors/kin-stellar-sdk-initial-draft-839afcaaf55c)
- Stellar consensus protocol: 1000s tx / second (global scale)
- Stellar forces the use of XLM as the cost for using the network
- Inflation distributed weekly to those who own XLM (lumenaut.net/)

Other XLM/Stellar Use: Lightyear.io (for-profit arm of Stellar)

- lightyear.io - Worldwide remittance (soundcloud.com/automatadigital/stellar-lightyeario-co-founder-brit-yonge)
- lightyear.io has 15 bank partnerships, several tier 1, and tier 2-3

Recent News:

- stellar.org/blog/Q1-2018-stellar-and-state-of-crypto/
- stripe.com/blog/ending-bitcoin-support
- Roadmap (stellar.org/blog/2018-Stellar-Roadmap/)
- twitter.com/fairxio/status/956754333260853248
- linkedin.com/pulse/enterprise-blockchain-pipe-dream-still-work-progress-jesse-lund/
- Jed McCaleb Stellar Interview: blockzero.show/c4e67558
- IBM Hyper/Stellar Ledger Docs: m.sendspace.com/filegroup/pqVijma24VktHispxf3CQORSvWRe0vZBt4gFduAA9dbZwGzGpzoLwA
- FairX Beta delayed April/May: twitter.com/fairxio/status/963549338004684800

Big Things to Watch For:

- ** THIS FRIDAY - 16 FEB ** Video Interview
- Official IBM news on their IUPS/GFTN secret plans; Hyper/Stellar Ledger - Could be 16 FEB
- Stripe BTC replacement announcement circa April
- FairX Beta - April/May

Overarching Goal of XLM (and why it could be worth a ton):

- Use XLM as Asset-to-Asset Bridge

Still not bought in, nigger?

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*** THIS FRIDAY'S VIDEO *** with Jed McCaleb contains a big surprise announcement at the end

Buy now.


The essential difference between Vechain and Walton is the layer at which the blockchain is implemented. Vechain has patents on the txID-reading RFID chips with memory, which allows the blockchain to be implemented in the foundational level through the RFIDs. They are world leaders in chip technology, and make their own chips. Walton does not make their own chips. They outsource the hardware, and have the hardware made compatible with their blockchain via API. So their blockchain is implemented several layers up in the application layer, through business-centralized control. So, Walton is inherently less decentralized and less secure.

This is the essential difference, and it's not a deal-breaker for Walton, but it is a fact, and it does matter. Vechain is somewhat ironically better at authentication than Walton for this reason, despite Walton's original main use-case as an anti-counterfeiting product (they've since expanded their use-case into cold logistics and other areas).

But there are other advantages to making your own chips. Walton is using someone else's hardware and then repurposing it for their blockchain. Vechain has built the chip from the ground up to be compatible with the blockchain and improved the standard chip to be much more advanced, with encryption, fine minute movement detection, anti-collision logic to prevent skipping, low voltage technology so the chips can last more than 20 years, and other advancements over standard chips. Making their own chips also makes them cheaper. Standard RFIDs are 15 to 20 cents. Vechain's are less than 5.


when is the video supposed to stream?

Not sure exact time, Friday for sure it seems

Im sure Jed will tweet it and prob stellar account

nice double dubs,

i hope ill be back from work when the stream starts :/

Man what you talkin about

SDEX is already spiffy as fuck. you can store/send basically any coin, fast as fuck, cheap.

can confirm

hes talking about a renowned mod on reddit giving info and/or a speculation that something happens on the end of the stream on friday


Pretty good coins too. Scooping up RMT, SLT, and STEMchain. XLM itself may not go too high, but the ICO's will do good.

>- Smart-contracts; just not Turing-complete
Why would you ever want to flaunt that? That's a minus 1 in anyone's book.

when is sideways coin going to moon again so I can stop calling it sideways coin

Cool. Thanks for the info

>Ripple is going up against XLM+IBM

they will be eaten alive


>go directly to those links
wow i cant believe IBM himself is a stinky linky

Sorry sweetie.

Should I be hedging my linkies with XLM?


why the FUCK are you owning ANY link?

pls this is a serious conversation just tell me how many I need to be a guaranteed millionaire by Q4 2018 thank

why the FUCK arent you "owning" ANY link?

dumb motherfucker, your sentence made my brain hurt

If you do not sell in the SR, you'll be more or less set for life

Please tell me RMT is worth it, I’ve got 140k

>another erc20 token, out of 20,000 others
so unique

My largest coin is XLM, but it worries me when I see "XLM Marines" and "Link Marines" posts.

I did like the pump on Tuesday. Increased my holdings.

lets hope this friday gives us a nice boost

shill me on XLM pls. It seems nice but limited

> Decentralized

read the OP you fucking nigger

I don't see any reason that XLM would ever appreciate in value other than an empty speculation bubble developing. And what's the purpose of nodes voting on how the funds are distributed? That sounds like fucking nonsense

>According to Lund, though, the banks use of Stellar’s digital currency is likely to be temporary. He predicts that, in the next year, central banks will begin issuing digital currencies of their own, and that these will become an integral part of blockchain-based money transfers.


WTF is SR. I have over 60k in XLM and I want to start trading on the stellar network

Are you paying attention to this, nigger?

I think eventually Cardano will overpower Stellar and pierce its butthole with its mighty throbbing ambitions, but I definitely hold Stellar, it’s a good project. I know it will moon/become engorged

on xlm platform though

You'll make it for sure with that much. From looking into it, the main guy behind it started SureGifts which was successful. Very good team and they will expand to Asia, South America, and more. Should be pretty good if they're successful. They will solve the problem of remittances sent from people to their relatives. RMT, you send money fast because of Stellar and low fees/no middleman. I have 2k, but am reaching for 50k. Gonna make $35,000 if it reaches 50 cents.

fuck 100k fml

Yes, central banks will be digitizing their currency, but will take many years. Initially just seems Chile, Turkey, Singapore, and Hong Kong are participating. You still have the bridge question, XLM fits in there.

Singapore is the largest hub for FX in Asia. Turns out Stellar hiring jobs there.

Their system seems kind of inelegant at first glance, and positioning themselves as some sort of charity really rustles my fucking jimmies but I'll definitely do more reading

reminder to join the inflation pool

oh look, more jobs in Singapore and older ones filled

just took this today

thanks for reminder

for the spoon-feed niggers on this board: lumenauts.com/tutorials/how-to-join-the-inflation-pool

Bump, you fags have little time until Fridays announcement. Few warnings left.

FML, "big surprises" have almost always been underwhelming and created a dump. Maybe I can sell half my stack on the bump and buy the dip. We'll see if it's real news or not

sorry guys XLM is the future. Buy now or stay poor for ever. moon soon

Are there really people dumb enough to invest in a project whose lead dev has a history of destroying or attempting to destroy his former projects (mt. Gox, ripple) and who appointed his retarded gook girlfriend to the board? Their shady foundation owns 80% of total supply of lumens. What the hell is the point of decentralization when one man and his gf can destroy the value of your tokens with one drunken tweet?

Thanks mate, I feel a bit more at ease now

XLM 33% of portfolio here bro.
Just sold down a little to beef up my QTUM and LSK.
Apart from NEO which is just fucking stupid because you can't fraction the coins literally can't think of another Alt that isn't a shitcoin, or requires ETH to move it, or has some massive feescam going on if you want to take it off the exchange.
Stellar is for fucking winners.

Yeah no prob. Check this out: youtube.com/watch?v=8ONsFz5Ypg4

XLM is 100% the future but it's got a big dip coming before it really takes off so don't freak out yet. Time to accumulate.