My ex reported me to police for revenge porn(nice valentines day for me)...

my ex reported me to police for revenge porn(nice valentines day for me). I shared our sex tape with her best friend and a beta orbiter of hers whom she made fun off constantly to me and called him pathetic. Will sell said sex tape for crypto to pay for lawyer. Anyone interested?

Post pic of her

Post a trailer

What coin is this

Post a picture of your ex and I'll consider throwing 20eth your way

trailer or kys



The bad news: she has a case, not for revenge porn because those laws are written so broadly as to be nearly inapplicable in most cases. Instead she has a silver bullet on a defamation suit.

The good news is that I'm here, and we can chat a bit about what you might want to happen and why.

offer to let her peg you, record it and put it online. that would make you even and you'd have a great experience

better your girlfriend's plastic dick than tyrone's 2bh


whats the worst that can happen to me for defamation suit?

Just get back together with her and manipulate your way out of this

>hello lawyer here
>yes sure I can do it for $2000
>what the hell is link

im already with better woman

Use that as leverage... Make your ex think you're leaving the "better" woman for her, hence building up her self esteem.

Same shit. Defamation is damages in most revenge porn laws so it's just tomato and sparkly buzzword tomato at this point. It's probably no worse than revenge porn.

The trick, now, is to come up with how to get out of this. What did she do to piss you off, and what do you want to happen next?

>hence building up her self esteem
fuck that

its just two people who saw it, can i really face prison time for this? Maximum punishment for revenge porn in britbongland is 2 years

Depends. Consult attorney because I'm not going to give you any advice of a legal nature.

i agree with this user it always work.

1. pay her best friend and orbiter to shut up and delete videos
2. ex has no case

they have no videos. it was view only. i deleted it after they watched it. they only have their word.

Counter sue her for defamation

So there’s no evidence..

they have text messages from me to beta oriber. how can i counter that. I was thinking pleading temporally insanity and saying that all my life savings were stolen from bitgrail and that made me unstable.

lawfag here

you're fucked.

Plead guilty, show remorse, hope for a fine and no conviction.

post it but only if she’s hot

I would if chainlink were up and running

how does this shit actually work, lawfag

should i expect a letter or kick in a door from police?

So there is no video and OP is selling lies

i have a video. they dont have it. she has it too. I copied it to her while we were still together, i even have a text where she says that she masturbated and came while watching it.

yeah you're fucked. never understood why you faggots feel the need to film that shit anyway. the fact you need to prove how "alpha" you are by filming the women you've fucked automatically makes you a beta.

are you retarded

yes it was stupid, but makes for good fap material


Alternative lawfag here. That other faggot doesn’t know shit. Truth is a complete defense to defamation.

tell me more

Being this asshurt and upset over nothing automatically makes you a beta. There is nothing wrong with personal amature porn, get to look back at it and fap.

>Find violent pakis
>Give photo and address of white knight
>Offer to pay pakis $500 each to go get white knights phone however they see fit and deliver it to you
>Pay them when they get the phone
>destroy phone
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Don't listen to this faggot This is what you need to do, reach down into your pants and see if youhabe anything hanging between your legs. If your balls are still there then good, let's put them to use. Invite ex and the two friends over to clear the air. Offer them beverages spiked with ajax and when they start complaining about the taste of the drinks, you whip out a fucking axe and chop them into little pieces.

Problem solved.

this thread reeks of pajeet scam

this guy fucks

It’s not porn if you only showed it to two people. They’re not gonna do shit except maybe scold you and slap your wrist

why did you show them the video tho?

thanks user, hope this is true. Dont want to go to prison before i finished accumulating my link.

got into fight with her, learned that she said some shit behind my back, and lied to me a lot, my bipolar autism went of the charts and i needed to went somehow.