I miss him bros

i miss him bros

what coin would zyzz hold?

Nothing he would have cashed BTC out at 10k for steroids, drugs and thai hookers.

you posted on the wrong board but fuck bro i miss him too


zyzz mentality is good for Veeky Forums i find it helpful when i trade to take on more risk

Didnt he die from steroid induced heart problems?

i prefer frank yang

He's a faggot

is Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums the ultimate alpha pair?

Not steroids by themselves. Years of stimulants/party culture + years of elevated BP from steroid usage + heart problems from roids + sauna + likely being on something in sauna. It took a lot of stuff to get him to go young. He probably had a latent heart problem too.

Even smoking cigarettes and doing juice could put you in a similar scenario if you had a genetic predisposition.

This isn't a "steroids aren't that bad" post. Just stating that he had a lot of compounding mistakes that caught up with him.

U mirin brah?

he probably owned some btc

He lived like a king. It is better to live a year life a king than a hundred years as a pleb.


That is not my vision of regal living. It must have been very pleasurable and he certainly left a legacy, but it's not my taste.

didn't he choked on tranny's dick while overdosing cocaine? what a gay ass way to die.

Zyzz is Satoshi confirmed


fit is r9k with muscles
biz is r9k with money

Every day. Every day I miss Zyzz.

He inspired me to become a better person. I was a sad cunt before he came along. His videos and attitude motivated me to start working out, talk to girls, and generally not give a fuck. This helped me improve my life in every single way. I graduated college, got a great job, got a great gf, and am in good shape..

I wish I could thank him for changing my life.

He spent most of his time doing steroids and hanging out with other self obsessed border line retards in a gym.

>He thinks this is living like a king

You're the reason this world is fucked. Some peoples priorities are just mind numbingly mundane. Try have an original thought you fucking brainlet cunt.

Zyzz would have already been a millionaire as he was one of if not the biggest fitness influencer and on multiple platforms. If you follow GaryVee and his rules for becoming an influencer and think of how Zyzz came up he followed Garys rules exactly almost by accident.

A person who only browse Veeky Forums here.
What is r9k?
I know there is a board with this name, but i didn't understand the r9k concept.

r9k with muscles and money is an evil villain bro, get ready

interesting point

fuck off Pajeet nobody's gonna spoonfeed you

well, they probably are but fuck off anyways

Thought I was on Veeky Forums for second

even w/o heart issues that lifestyle will kill you

Don't you have better words for offending people?
You sound like a butthurted numale who can not swear like an adult

you sound like a dirty shitskin

the poo goes in the loo, Ranjesh

I unironically believe neets will take over the world in this fashion

Tank u sir i will buy 100k LOOcoin sir
i will send many poo to your house and gift sir
tank u sir

Yeah, just not as fast.

Rich had an enlarged heart and years of hgh swelled parts of his skull. He fell and bumped his head. When you have internal swelling with nowhere to release pressure you're fucked. From falling on his head

This is how most investors think and why most investors are unsuccessful

>We're all going to make it


Fuck off with that pajeet steroid faggot


wasn't expecting to get hit in the feels like this even on valentine's day...

that being said,

i aim to revitalize the sick cunt movement that has slowly faded away years after his passing. it will happen brahs, and it will be glorious.

stay aesthetic cunts



>pajeet steroid faggot
you're not gonna make it breh



roided himself to death



Who's this pajeet? Ray william johnson?

where would zyzz place in today's cringe faggot millenial infested aesthetic community?

the biggest? or among jon skywalker, jeff seid.

I personally believe his death started a movement and legacy, however I also believe he would be the #1 fitness goat today if he were alive

BTC he bought in 2009

fuck with Veeky Forums, you know what happens

A board for the extreme socially inept/outcasts of society. for example: autistic, deformed, extreme anxiety(socially included), depression, or nihilistic/dark/grim individuals.

Not really even trying to poke fun of the users of r9k, but its just the truth.

whenever I see people this ripped, it looks like their real body is like stuck inside a bigger body that doesnt fit them. you can see their neck/shoulders,.. anyone else see this.??

He was good at the start. Now he is a fucking bbc obsessed faggot

fuark brah. Need to listen to my zyzz mix now

I miss Wealthy Piano ;_;

Thank you for the explanation, gentleman.

Rich dying hit me hard. Makes me worry about Scooby too, he's getting old. All my heroes are going one by one.

>he thinks zyzz would represent biz.
The real Veeky Forumsness man is pic related

Scooby will make it 80+, his lifestyle is too wholesome and healthy
The only thing I can really see getting to him is cancer or something

you mean aids right?

>fit is r9k with muscles
>biz is r9k with money

fitbiz is r9k with no muscles or money

RIP ZYZZ. motivation to become a sicker cunt everyday

The King

Shit happens.