What user Wants by 2019

What user Wants by 2019


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You're quitting weed but intend to do a bunch of other drugs? Get rid of that whole section Dude it's retarded.

weed isnt productive those other drugs are

stfu, weed makes people dumb, psychedelics on the other hand expand awareness


Psychs open your eyes to parts of your inner mind that you can't otherwise experience, coke is just a $300 (AUD) a night habit that depletes the bank account.

>What user Wants by 2019
LINK $5000.
$1000 would do tho. Not ideal, but it would.

If you can't handle the drugs you need to stop. My ass smokes weed all the time and can still go to work, take to girls, and function.

I want to know where this unproductive meme comes from.

Good list dude, I'm working on a lot of the same shit. I suggest mushrooms in lieu of or as well as doing acid.

>forgive my parents

break it down brother. What did they do? Did they fuck you up like classical boomers?

You can do half those things starting tomorrow you unambitious fag

i agree weed makes people dumb. but i did lsd and it jumbled my brain up like alphabet soup. i cant think anymore. :(

That's very nice user thank you for sharing with the class

I'm rooting for you user

>monthly facial

Coke sucks. Buy a cheap retainer so you don't chip your teeth in your sleep on mdma. Or if you want to be a jew fall asleep with chewing gum lodged between your back teeth on both sides.


Get btfo'd op

the first 7 are stupid. you can do the first 3 if you tried starting tomorrow; getting a manicure is gay as hell if you're not a woman, haircut biweekly is excessive unless you're a wookie. massage is okay, but if you get a (good) gf you can get one at least 3 times a week, like i do. getting a facial is also gay/unneccessary as hell - guys dont need to look like baby faced queers.

i can see why you'd wanna quit soda and alcohol, but why do you wanna have the same 3 meals every day? doing coke is a waste of time and money, way worse than weed - trust me.

everything else is decent, many of them coincide with each other. most of all, i hope these are desires that truly come from within you, not things you've come to want because larpers have convinced you to want them. they seem genuine, but you should really ask yourself if this is what you want to strive for.

Coke is overrated lad, otherwise great list

Coke is bad. Psychedelics are beneficial

>i agree weed makes people dumb. but i did lsd and it jumbled my brain up like alphabet soup. i cant think anymore. :(

ya no need to do blow if you haven't already.