Who here got rich of zcl??

So come on guys..who got rich off this? I'd love to have had 2500 of those when they were a dollar most of 2017 and sold at the ATH circa 230$ fuck I'm even thinking of fomo ING now with the bitcoin private fork. I've always missed the boat,with btc and ltc in 2013 and monero and eth since etc etc. I'm fed up of being poor anons. Am buying crypto slowly,I will make it to lambo land

shittopia wallet its fuked up

turned 1000 into 3000, wish I wasnt so poor and had more to invest. I've been saving an am going to dump another thousand


i'm fomoing too, fk me. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I had a friend who had 500,000 potcoin he bought for like a grand, and that fucker hit .30$. Missing moons kills me

Missing moons kills you but would you have strong enough hands to hodl through it all? I bought hpb and put it in my wallet, I split the private key and put half in a safety deposit box in one stateand the other half in a state on the other side of the country

is there anywhere else besides cryptopia can trade zcl?

I mined Zclassic all last summer and all last fall because Zcash and Ethereum’s difficulty was too high. I did not even know Zclassic was no longer in development. Just kept mining. Imagine my surprise in December when it shot to $100. I was too dumb to keep up with the coin I was mining and it was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I’m one happy dude.



It wasn’t all luck I thought ZCL would end up like Ethereum classic and be worth like $30 or something.

I went all in when it was $40 but i didn't know about the fork it wasn't even announced back then,i just wanted to gamble in some low supply coin and since Zcash was like 500 i said to myself why not one day ZCLASSIC can reach that price? and i put all my money in

3 days later the bitcoin private stuff was announced kek

BTCP was announced when it was like $5 wasnt it..?? I bought in at $25 because of BTCP

I can hold but I just a poor fag that has 160$ on xlm reeeeeee

You are correct.is mistaken

Was it? i don't know i just bought because it was low supply and a couple of days later i started seeing here in Veeky Forums things about bitcoin private and stuff that i haven seen before

nodes are fixed on cryptopia

You can do it. I started with 2k and just recently hit 22k!

I'm looking for a shitcoin to go long x10 on and go to sleep.
Already holding 30 of these I mined, but If I drop 1btc x10 or 5, things can get pretty pizdetz

Mine is stuck "Processing" since about Saturday. Never again on Cryptopia.