If you aren't in at least one of these coins you are not going to make it

If you aren't in at least one of these coins you are not going to make it.

If all 4 of those pictures aren't ChainLink...you aren't going to make it.

Look to be honest my main hold is LINK, but but into one of these Chink coins and you will do well on it too.


All of these suck except for nebulas.

>tfw too poor to invest in crypto
I still need one more year until my education's finished and I have a proper job. Will it be too late to start investing in crypto one or two years from now?


Step 1.Invest in kneepads.
Step 2. ?
Step 3 Buy crypto with profits


Just buy a lowcap chink coin like BTO or MAN and let it sit. A few hundred or so dollaridoos


INT master race


I don't think so. This is a new industry and there will be hot startups a year from now as well.

I can't because I would end up having to pay tax that I can't afford if I did that.
Stupid overtaxing shit country.

INT is the only coin on this list worth considering and they are in desperate need of a rebrand.

IOT chain seems to only be focused gay shit like smart lighting

I have no idea what HPB even does

Nebulas has too high of a marketcap

You don't pay tax unless you sell

do you mean sell for USD?

>Nebulas has too high of a marketcap

They said the same thing about NEO before it mooned

HPB is the goat coin in that list

>haven't even heard of HPB and throwing ideas around

epxlain what they do faggot.

only 1m tps + partner with union pay...ordinary coin right?

is there an upcoming event for this? when should I buy in
I really want to score 100k USD quick, then I can quit my job

I'm pretty sure that all currency trades are taxable, even from one crypto to a different crypto.

Ironically, tokens aren't needed for any of those 4 ideas. Nice shitcoins. You're fucked.

They are but won't you have a job by this time next year to pay them? You said you're finishing school

Nice FUD. Accumulate faster

>falling for unproven gimmicks and bullshit

right so ethereum handles 11 txn/s and this chinese shitcoin comes along and says it does 1 million. did you stop to think that perhaps they're blowing smoke up your retarded ass