Veeky Forums whats the profitability looking like for a strength node once the wallet and mainnet release?

Currently deciding if I want to sell some of my other positions to get 10k VEN....

Uh oh, you mentioned VEN with a VEN picture expect the bots to fill your thread with WTC copypasta soon


vechain will be bigger than neo and ethereum by 2019. its a nobrainer.

Why go for a node yourself when you can pool with any amount of VEN and receive the same benefit?

It’s not the same benefit. Nodes get higher payouts, strength node close to 40% higher

A pool that reaches 10k ven will receive the exact same benefit

At this moment, a strength node (10K VEN) is worth ~$48,400. A strength node would generate ~2K Thor each year. The value of Thor is not yet know, but assuming it case a similar return as NEO:GAS (~3.5% APR).
It’s not unreasonable from the total crypto market capitalization to increase 4x from here over the year. I believe VEN can reasonably do better than that, and can increase to 9x to a marketcap of ~$20B. This would put the value of that strength node at ~$440K and generating approximately $15K worth of Thor.

IMO, great value and upside. Forget all the FUD and shill on Veeky Forums. Use your common sense -- Jim Fucking Breyer invested in it. Same guy who invested in Facebook when there were 7 employees and ETH when it was a few dollars.

The essential difference between Vechain and Walton is the layer at which the blockchain is implemented. Vechain has patents on the txID-reading RFID chips with memory, which allows the blockchain to be implemented in the foundational level through the RFIDs. They are world leaders in chip technology, and make their own chips. Walton does not make their own chips. They outsource the hardware, and have the hardware made compatible with their blockchain via API. So their blockchain is implemented several layers up in the application layer, through business-centralized control. So, Walton is inherently less decentralized and less secure.

This is the essential difference, and it's not a deal-breaker for Walton, but it is a fact, and it does matter. Vechain is somewhat ironically better at authentication than Walton for this reason, despite Walton's original main use-case as an anti-counterfeiting product (they've since expanded their use-case into cold logistics and other areas).

But there are other advantages to making your own chips. Walton is using someone else's hardware and then repurposing it for their blockchain. Vechain has built the chip from the ground up to be compatible with the blockchain and improved the standard chip to be much more advanced, with encryption, fine minute movement detection, anti-collision logic to prevent skipping, low voltage technology so the chips can last more than 20 years, and other advancements over standard chips. Making their own chips also makes them cheaper. Standard RFIDs are 15 to 20 cents. Vechain's are less than 5.

I don't think you can compare Thor price with GAS.
The mechanisms for each system is pretty different.

They haven't released details on pooling yet though, no?

They said they have nothing against people making applications to pool vet. Which means people are going to make applications to pool vet


pretty sure this is too optimistic. How much VET is created per day versus how much gas is created per day? the numbers seem to indicate that there will be too much thor flooding market to sustain a price like neo.

Personally, if thor breaks $4 I'll be making over 60k a year and can retire.

I'm still learning about nodes - do you have to have the hardware to 'run' the nodes? there's some overhead beyond just owning the coins/tokens?

Your computer will do

thank you!

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you can use a VPS and run it on someone elses computer

ven a wantab walton cone

god damn vechain is pumping

they said you could pool your VEN with other people if you want a node

This jagoff probably is probably still jacking off to CCK's last tweet, but he's got the chip thing ass backwards. Literally replaced VEN with Walton and vice versa from another user's previous post.

A strength node will be worth 1MM in 1-3 years.

I think the joke is that VeChain announced their own patented chips a couple of days ago so the Walton FUD doesn’t apply anymore.

good god son. sell your first born. do you know how much this will be worth when China bans bitcoin transactions but approves VET? Or requires bitcoin to VET conversions to enter the supply chain? Good fucking God how is this coin not 200b MC already??

Watch out for pooling. They implied a community build solution could exist... but if it's completely trustless and safe it breaks the whole idea of tiered nodes.

Literally everyone would pool to reach max node status, the bonus thor for having a node would be distributed super thinly, making the bonus negligible. At this point, strength and thunder nodes have no reason to exist.

I don't think pooling will be trustlessly possible or the ven ecosystem is flawed by design.

I think they can allow for pooling to strength, but agree, pooling to thunder is a bad idea.

That definitely is a possibility, we'll see. Assuming that's true tho, every nodes thor bonus will be decreased, leaving all node holders less incentivized.

the 37% bonus thor for strength nodes, and the % bonus for all nodes, was based on vechain making estimates of how many nodes there will be. from there a reward pool is distributed between them.

so even if only strength nodes are poolable, the number of nodes will be higher than their calculations are based on, and everyone's % bonus will be lower. Unless they think there will only be 5000 strength nodes, even with pooling--5000 is the number they used and seems way too low if there is a trustless, smart contract esque pooling option available.

Eh maybe 5000 is their estimate assuming pooling. their numbers are based on a total of like 300,000,000ish vet being locked in nodes, and theres like a 470,000,000 circ supply. altho 25,000,000 of that is authority nodes which id imagine some come from the non circ supply.

who knows though. ive just been pondering this whole pooling situation the past few weeks, to understand how things would play out. guess its not worth thinking too hard till we know exactly whats possible.