Should I dump 3k into LINK? I'm starting to fall for the shilling...

Should I dump 3k into LINK? I'm starting to fall for the shilling, especially that last Assblaster thread where he was talking about 60 dollar LINK

go for it.

at least >$1 after friday.

$60 LINK? kek nice fud. LINK will have a $1.4 QUADRILLION+ marketcap

I cant believe you're not fucking in link yet.

You think all the shilling was just for fun?

Why the fuck would you do that when stuff like XRP is a sure thing? Even TRX is a better investment over time. Link ain't going anywhere kid.

At worst, you'll lose up to 50% (unlikely) just like with any other coin. But if all the shilling is true, you'll make insane gains. It's up to you.

Srsly? You’re gonna fall for that shite? It’s the biggest joke on Veeky Forums why do u think there are so many threads (mainly memeing and inside jokes)? It’s been dead since the ico last year.. everything “positive” you may have heard has been a part of the largest cult scam thus far in crypto. Screen cap this and thank me later.

>tfw linkmarine

join us, user

This. XRP has literally zero risk as a long.

If you want to invest based on what some Veeky Forums LARPer says you deserve to lose all your money anyway. If $3k is so little to you that you can waste it like that, then sure.

Link has approx same mcap as req.

The impressive thing is that link hasnt done much marketing or annoucements. If thats not a clue to buy, then crypto is not for you.

Ill give you one last hint, if you scroll down through the latest conference site, look how far down Sergey is. Yeah not very far from the top at all...

Dont buy. Can I interest you in the fastest safest most amazing coin of them all.???.. biiiiitconnnneccc !!!!! The world has changed. Haven't you noticed? :)

ding ding ding we have a winner. i dont understand how people dont grasp this

I feel like a retard for owning LINK since ICO desu.

Baecause both are pnd scams

I'm a poortfolio fag and only have 200 linx, will I make it

Jesus fucking Chris. Maybe just maybe Veeky Forums is completely fucking with you and preying on new anons like yourself to buy their shit ass bags. The main guy has no computer science experience and the other guy who is supposed to be a dev has never been seen before. Please think about what you just wrote. LINK is getting shilled for a reason and that reason is called scam shillers. If 3k is an inconsequential amount of money then sure why not. Go ahead and gamble it. Otherwise you are risking your hard earned cash on the most memed coin in Veeky Forums history and it is no ones fault except your own for falling for something as idiotic as chainLINK. Look into digibyte and know that LINK will have a very similar outcome

keep talking dirty, me likey

Hey retard, look at the long term graph of link. it still has not been pumped to the fucking moon. anybody who buys in now is getting almost the same price as anybody else that bought. its all fucking so god damn equal and fair

Why invest in a solid project when you can invest in link desu?

yea we are all gonna sit here and try to shill link to random anons on a low traffic image board in hopes of raising the price a couple satoshi so we can dump our bags on them as opposed to enjoying talking about a product we believe in and are heavily invested in.

Nice logic fucking retard. Literally kill yourself.

whales have been accumulating this for a long time, I see they have started shilling now.

If you'd think for yourself you'd know what to do.

The truth is somewhere in the middle of these idiotic extremes. If you've done the research it's obvious chainlink isn't a scam or worthless and it's not going to $100/link this year. I'm a link holder myself and I can see it going to $2.50 in the middle of Q2 after the go network and is released and reviewed by the public. Probably goes to $6-10 eoy after mainnet is released. $20-50 is in the cards in 2019 if they get partnerships, beyond that I'm not certain it can get much higher. All I know if not buying LINK is like not buying OMG or ANS when it was cheap, you will end up kicking yourself.

shhhhh.. you are only allowed to be retarded about link on Veeky Forums