Not buying now

>not buying now
Breakout imminent. See you all past 9500, the resistance at 9400 was too strong

buying before it actually gets past 9500 is suicide

Literal moon incoming

holy shit its literally warping your meme lines

It's overbought
At this point it does not matter if it breaks, it's going down and it's going down hard


No way. We are going straight to 100k. BUY BUY BUY

Right, RSI is the only measure of being overbought

It just broke 9500 user
9600 right after
I hope you didn't short

Just broke $9600...

9.6k 200 btc sell wall just got slaughtered, cya t 10k in 2 hrs

I saw a lot of bears expecting a 95-9800 run before a huge pull back. The volume and RSI are looking hilarious at the moment so that seems super logical. Fomoing right now is actually retarded.

imagine being this retarded, lmao

This is a classic pump and dump.

What do you mean? The volume is huge to compared to the past few days, isn't that a bullish sign?

I'm not buying in and waiting for 5k if it never dips I'm not buying in but can you explain this for a brainlet?

It's going to bounce of the channel at 9700-9800 and back to 6k or lower isn't it?

no it will test 12k before stabilizing at 10,200-10,500

also, sell all your fucking bitcoin before October 2019 -- this is when SHA-1 finally falls apart entirely.

cheers everyone, theres no pisser in the time machine. id love to stay and chat but they're going to be cominmg here soon... what i've just done is punishable by death now, thankfully this is the best place to do it

goodbye simpler times. i miss you Dan

Who wins the 2019 superbowl?

The Browns

yes, Bitcoin 10 k breakout imminent

once it hit 10 k, its going very quick to 15 k. and to 20 k

this correction was Bitcoin history biggest, it went too deep to 6 k

now we back to reality, new ATH by few coming monthns

you sound retarded.


Hey dipshit, that speech might've been accurate back in December when it actually did that, but we're not climbing past an ATH right now. BTC is still down 50%.


It doesn't matter where we are at. Overbought is an objective stat you can look at. It is super overbought right now. When the fomoing ends bears feast. This is candles 101.

Hit me up in 24 hours when your fomo is sitting at 8400 or worse.

Hit us up omegaycuuck, dont forget your trip this time