EOS is blockchain tech 3.0

EOS is blockchain tech 3.0

>BTC 1.0
>ETH 2.0

If you don't have any EOS, buy now. Newoldfag here, and this feels like ETH at $7

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let’s wait for the mobile posting shill to arrive with his “eos redpill” and 40+ posts in one thread. maybe he’s added something to address how an erc20 token will overtake eth and omg with sharding/plasma coming next month. or compare the 1 billion funding they brag about to the 12 billion in ethereum alliance

Explain how it isn't just blockchain 0.5, when you only have 21 validators (who can all be the same validator). I.E.: how does EOS handle decentralization, the basis of all blockchain technology?

If you knew anything you'd know that in June it won't be your precious ERC 20 token any more. And yeah, 1B in liquid funding is bad? Where the fuck did you see sharding/plasma next month? Do you even know what those are? And I have ETH and OMG too faggot. Difference is, I don't need to lie.

Didn't someone address this earlier? Have you used Steemit? 21 validators get voted in, and there can be public and private systems built on top. DPOS is actually the most decentralized blockchain system available.

>mainnet in june faggot
plasma in march look for the recent vitalik podcast
>1B in funding faggot
12B in eth alliance
>i have eth and omg too
so you’d know their growth is going to outpace any gain you’d make with your vapor ware if you make any gains with it at all

Whats a realistc price for EOS eoy? I only have about 100 of them and thinking about selling and buying some shit coin

So decentralized only 21 people can be validates!
>EOS not even once

>Didn't someone address this earlier?
oh so you made the other eos thread where you got btfo and stopped responding 30 posts in? are you the eos redpill retard? finally realize we can ID you based on file name?

nice digits. and I don't see this anywhere. Link? and yeah, maybe. None of us truly know what will happen in a speculative market, that's why you hedge and own multiple coins, or are you all in on ETH and OMG? And post proof.

>reads file name
>mom I'm a haxxor.svg

fuck off faggots, sorry this isn't another circle jerk link thread. I only read the post earlier. I didn't post any images.

>all images about killing eth
>act like a raging fag when someone tells you what’s wrong with EOS
>i-i’m in eth and OMG too i was only kidding!!!
fuck off you retard shill. no one wants your vaporware pedo coin as if it wasn’t evident by you getting btfo every single thread you make

My target is $100+

EOS is a joke, overpriced as fuck and already obsolete.

everyone that has a coin can validate all the transactions on the network

21 vaildators actually produce the blocks. This ends up being more decentalized than bitcoin or ethereum, as almost all the blocks are produced by a handful of mining pools.

The block producers can be easily replaced by by voting, and everyone with an EOS coin can vote.

What actually happens is that everything works and goes smoothly. Its decentralized enough that nobody can get away with anything, and they are incentivized to be a steward of the community (block producers are paid)

mobile posts have a unique file name assigned to them to identify mobile posters. it’s funny how you’re responding to me in two different tones because you don’t know how IDs work either. back to eddit faggot

>all images killing eth
>doesn't see BTC and XRP
>whines and tries to deflect with childish accusations when Vitalik actually support CP

the current state of biz.

kek, how so?

Who let you out of your cage? I'm not on mobile you fucking pleb

this is the answer you fudders are looking for. Just buy a bag of EOS and hold. It's not that hard.


Still more decentralized than BTC and eth with their 3-4 giant chink mining pools controlling >51% of the network. Eos validators are democratically voted in and since their identity is known theyre obligated to not do anything malicious.

Also its the top 20 voted in and the 21st on every block is a random wild card.

>this feels like ETH at $7
lmfao math disagrees with you there buddy

warosu.org/biz/?task=search&ghost=yes&search_text=Here comes the EOS redpill:


here you go, all the threads this EOS shill has made

And the EOS bulls win. We wait? Any speculation on how many tokens to be a validator? 1M+ is my guess

Acting like he knows what’s going to happen with EOS when it’s still an ERC20 token

>EOS not even once

That's not me bro. This dude a tryhardfag. I was just making tasteful Patrick Bateman memes. Good investigation though, Columbo.

you are going to have to be a BIG baller to be a block producer... They expect the most sucessful dapps will be the producers, ie the decentralized Uber, etc..

the threads have your filenames in them retard


I don't post to wasoru bro, someone probably stole my memes. It wouldn't be the first time

Dude, this is barely worth responding too,

but I am procrastinating on some real work, so listen up.

You are supposed to pair your ethereum ERC20 address to an EOS address by June 1st. You will get EOS coins on the new blockchain 1:1. The ERC20 tokens are actually worthless after June. They did all this just to lengthen the ICO, and distribute as far and wide as possible.

This fud shouldn't even be attempted again.


>I don't post to wasoru [sic]

I like how nobody in this thread even mentions the fact that if you hold EOS you will be given coins created on the platform starting in June. And the first coin to be created is Everpedia (read: wikipedia) You must have some mental handicap if you're not accumulating.

EOS is a scam

>July 04, 2017, 01:32:13 PM

yeah cuz nothings changed in their GH since then.

> guy with two successful projects built on good tech reusing core code for his new project
> hurrrrrrr scam
I can't tell if there's people are legitimately this stupid or if they're just trolls with an agenda

I have a hard time seeing what DAPPs will be useful for, and if they're not, EOS is just ETH without security.


how is it less secure than eth? Because it isnt controlled by a handful of mining pools?

And hard time seeing what dapps will be successful? I guess thats why you dont know shit and block.one has raised 1 billion in vc funding to fund projects that will be built on EOS and distribute tokens to EOS holders rather than ICO, then rent bandwidth from EOS holders for that same project and provide rewards.

Fucking idiot.

> reddit spacing
Let me school you a little reddit child. Mining is shit, but not having mining is worse because nobody has an incentive to do voting and without that you'll get fucked over so hard by people looking to manipulate or steal your shit.
As far as DAPPs go, well, I actually work on government blockchain proof-of-concepts, and we're teaming up with people like Maersk, Microsoft and IBM as well as researchers, and I see 0 reason to run anything on a public network when we have the capacity to run every piece of infrastructure ourselves.
It's a cute idea, and I certainly think EOS has a better approach than ETH, because nobody is going to pay to run their own software, but why on earth wouldn't any serious block chain company not simply run their own nodes to avoid any of the EOS hazzle?
Feel free to laugh at me when it works out and EOS goes to $100 and +10x your money, but I'm staying out of it and I have shit coins such as LTC, so it's not like I don't believe in trash.

the incentive is that block.one has money and they are going to pay people to build DApps using it.

I realize that 1 billion may seem like a lot of money to you. In reality it's less than our yearly budget and we're a municipality with only 120.000 citizens.
That billion won't buy shit.

I bought 150 at 4$

should i sell this shit?

Never sell at a loss

What percentage of tech companies in the world have those sorts of resources do you think

Is this the new meta pasta?

Buy 11 EOS.
Binance takes their fraction so you now have 10 EOS you can transfer.
No wallet so if you transfer it you need to buy some ETH so you can get it back to the exchange.
Transfer fee is 1 EOS.
This literally happened to me when I was a fresh Norman on Binance.
EOS is the shittest of shitcoins.
Never fall for the EOS meme.

If your company believes a private blockchain will meet its needs, you don't even need a blockchain to begin with. Use a database, it's faster.

Send ETH to the EOS ICO to start with. Done.
PD: You are retarded.

>get jewed by exchange which you didn't even need to use to buy said tokens
>blame it on the coin which is just an erc20 token
Never change Veeky Forums

You misspelled tezos

no one actually knows what EOS is actually for you retard

Peer to peer everything w no commission...

Uber, upwork, air b and b

We can't actually yet imagine what the most successful use cases will be, because industry is being created from the ground up

Its purpose is literally the first paragraph of the white paper.

He might of meant what EOS stands for, which is technically true. They left it purposefully ambiguous

It's like eos at 0.5 usd now. Lol.

>DPOS is actually the most decentralized blockchain system available.
Not sure if delusional or a larp

Why does wikipedia need a coin?

Dpos???? Rofl look at all the drama lisk is going through because of that pos (pun intended)

Lol literal brain damage talking

Dunno if you could call it the best but it's definitely more decentralized than Bitcoin and ethereum by an order of magnitude. Here's a good article on it bytemaster.github.io/article/2015/01/09/How-to-Measure-the-Decentralization-of-Bitcoin/

Lisk is shit in comparison

HPB is also trash

No. Never Ella. I'd rather buy Lana

>erc20 token with no proven blockchain


Can someone remind me how EOS was a scam during ICO?

And why is everyone suddenly interested in this?

>a project not engineered by Dan Larimer didn't work

Let me guess, they didn't realize governance was hard and the are not hardcore libertarians? Probably leftists in fact. Kek

Ico still going on

Not a scam, in the least. Do 25 minutes of research. Seriously

Pic related

Fuck EOS. Acquire ADA.

Ada is a scam. CEO is known scammer. Google it. Funny how they use the term "scientists" and autismo redditors sperg out. C'mon bro. You're better than that.

zilliqa will be top 5 eoy

Hello Andreas