If the hourly candle doesn't close above 9500 at 3:05 AM maximum, short BTC

If the hourly candle doesn't close above 9500 at 3:05 AM maximum, short BTC
Thank me later.

what time zone ya fakin coont


We double topped.
The crypto dream is over again.

What time zone are you in? Kinda need to know that.

It's on


It's got to close there first. Don't hold bags because of a false breakout, there is always a pullback

>people keep saying short it day after day and it keeps going up



I prefer solid green candles



Its my first leverage trade :D

put a stop loss

OmegaCunt spotted

I don't know what will happen today, but 10K by the conference sounds really likely.

Be careful. Don't get JUST'd. I hate seeing you guys get wrecked. Lots of empathy I guess.

How do I put up a stoploss?

you got a lot of balls using a 25x leverage without not knowing how to put a stop loss, I am happy for your trade and i hope you continue profiting but be very careful in the future

Meh I just wanted to take a gamble really and experience a leverage trade. I was prepared to lose my BTC (0.03)

Its not like this is a significant amount

I see, at least you didn't all in right? If you plan on trading more often using a bigger stack I would advice against using anything more than 10x

I feel sorry for people using kraken.


it's a dog shit exchange

Is Gemini any good? They finally approved my account like 2 months later lol


I don't know. Everything is so shit compared to bitfinex it's comical
>inb4 but muhh tehter
keep jerking your dick off to jewish fear porn.

Fucked that up, stop price (trigger) should be higher than limit price (price you'll actually sell)

Nah, this is maybe a few percent of my portfolio. I'm generally quite safe when I invest or trade but sometimes you just wanna take a risk/gamble cause its fun. Closed it just now at 120%.
Thanks I'll keep that in mind next time

See this thread for advices

It's pleb tier