He unironically and willingly sold his Bitcoin for this giantic shitcoin

>he unironically and willingly sold his Bitcoin for this giantic shitcoin

Can't make this shit up.

>no whitepaper
>jewmined coin
>created on secret island w/o anybody knowing any details
>no practical or theoretical limit to inflation

fucking weird imagery too

We about to break $10k faggots.

You can't hide from this shit.

> Buy the USDip !

Yes, once again the power of blockchain improves the process.

Why wait 50 years for your dollars to lose 40% of their value, when you can buy a crypto and lose 40% in a matter of days or weeks.

It's okay Mr. Shekelstein, I'm sure you could use those dollars as tinder for a nice warm bonfire.

dang I'm so pissed taxes are paid in this shitcoin and it has the largest military in the world protecting it as reserve currency for dead dinosaurs in the ground that powers the world

At least I can buy the matches when the internet is down.

you can't back a coin with violence
(not forever anyway)

>when the internet is down

What's it like, living in 1998 that is?

No, all fiat currencies die eventually but the almighty us dollar still has ways to go until extinction

What, you've never had your internet go down?

Where is this amazing place you live where networks never glitch out, the power never fails, or your phone doesn't fuck up.

>He unironically sold his Bitcoin for food and services

>after increasing 70000% in value. Darn, I always forget to mention that part. Almost like I have a vested interest in promoting fake news so the goyim will buy my worthless paper money!

But almost no one has been holding since then.

I'm talking about people who get in now. It's almost all risk.

>risky to get in after a full 70% crash, with SEC support and sudden radio silence on MSM FUD.
Are you fucking serious? You must be a terrible investor.

Cryptos are valueless. Their value is pure speculation combined with thinly traded markets.

They are redundant, and all but 3 of them will crash to zero in the end.

I just watch a couple hours of my anime backlog whenever the power/internet goes down and its back up long before my generator would run out.

>Cryptos are valueless.
Ah, so you are actually retarded. Ok, I thought I was talking to someone half sensible at least. Go ahead and FUD however you like, you are not worth any more replies.



If you take the time to carefully review the whole business model, you will discover that I'm right.

Who knows, maybe you can buy that lambo with the money you can make riding it down to zero.

but you probably invest in stocks et al


>SEC support
if you see this as a good thing you probably bought in at 17k+