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Okay so 19 of you signed up for BitMEX using my reference code. DO NOT BE TEMPTED BY HIGH LEVERAGE. I'm trying to be your friend here. I could tell you to go full retard and go 100X just so I make more in commissions but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT DO THIS. Now that you've signed up, make a deposit and then if you really think it is going back to 6k, immediately place a 1X short as you can never lose USD value with a 1x short. In the mean time, go to the test net and learn to trade.
>Additional tips for MEX
Only use limit orders. You pay nothing in fees and actually get PAID when using limit orders. You can sell and buy back at the same price and actually make around .05%. I've done this multiple times just for shits and gigs. Most people shilling their referral won't tell you this because they will make nothing in commisions if you use limit orders.
Also, once you get into the green, set a stop loss and you will never lose money. If you haven't signed up, use my reference for 10% off fees: Good luck my friends and happy trading! Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them.

Wow someone who is actually not trying to steal newfags're almost not a bad person except you're still shilling your ref

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Can US bros sign up? Also, what's a good price to short at

Ah cool here

How do I set a stoploss?

what the fuck are you talking about "cant lose USD value with a 1x short"

Short 10.2k. Easiest money.

Well I closed.. 100% profit I'm happy.

Use a free proxy to sign up and then you can login in with a US IP

If the USD price of BTC goes up you lose that amount of BTC. So essentially you lose BTC just as fast as its USD price goes up. Does that make sense? OP here btw.
This is pretty good advice. Use low leverage and a stop loss though as it may just skyrocket up.

Thinking of trying this OP. I'm a price action forex guy, wondering how similar this would be. Any insight?

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When to short?

Their founder was a forex trader I believe. Read his life story if you ever want an inspiration of how to make it. A lot of forex guys trade there. I'm sure you'll have a hell of a lot more knowledge than I did starting out. You learn fast. Take my advice for using my referral and using limit orders. Your fees will literally be nothing. A lot of noobs get killed with fees because they don't know what they're doing, I know I did. I paid $1600 in fees in my first month there. Now I actually have negatives fees.
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When it breaks about 2 or 3 percent over the top Bollinger. Never fails for a short term trade and then you can set a stop loss.

Can't even register in the US. Can't even lie about it. Don't really feel like paying for a VPN.

Not in the slightest. You're still losing USD on that trade via BTC equivalent.

See No you aren't, trust me. Shorting 1X is the only way you can ensure that your USD amount does not go down, it also ensures that it doesn't go up. This is what you do if you really have to make sure you don't lose money.

This is not hard to understand.
If you own 1btc and sell it at coinbase at $10k, you get $10k.
If you sell 10k contracts at $10k on bitmex, it is exactly the same thing as selling 1btc in principal.
You can never be liquidated, and you will always have $10k whether the price goes to $100 or $100,000

Thank you. I didn't have the patience to explain this to a brainlet

so shorting 1x is the equivalence of tethering up, except you dont have to pay fees?

Yes. But it's actually far safer than Tethering up. You don't run the chance of Tether going to shit. It's essentially pricelocking.

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I've spent all night with my QT 3.14 gf tonight, thanks user!

Also, thank you to whoever signed up with my ref instead of one of those stupid pajeet shills that copy all my posts and just change the reference to theirs. I wish I could see your individual accounts so I could send you all a little present when I make it big time.

Doesn't shorting have interest fees you have to pay per month? Shorting also means you lose money if price goes up. Doesn't matter if 1x or 100x. If you short and price goes opposite way, kiss your USD bye-bye unless you put up a stop loss.

isnt bitfinex just better for margin trading though? much higher volume

Funding typically balances itself out. And no you don't kiss your USD away if the price goes up. Trust me on this one.

No, not by a long shot. BitMEX has between 1 and 2 BILLION in volume per day.

Was that you that signed up?

By the way I should point out you have to actually have the leverage slider at 1x to never get liquidated.

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