Get in here 6k brahs

Get in here 6k brahs

We need to stick together so we don't fomo into a dump. Come in grab a donut N' coffee and lets discuss a new entry.

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Good entry will be 4k with x10 leverage

is this where we come to play make believe

I really doubt that. I was thinking 8400.

I'm still holding REQ bought it at 6 cents so not a loss but it's still abysmal compared to what it used to be. I can't bring myself to sell it this low because i'm terrified of experiencing the same as the guys who just sold Bitcoin at 6k during the last crash.


Its never going under 8k again

I'm pissed

this is what happens when you retards "stick together"
i bet if you were thinking for yourself instead of looking for answers on Veeky Forums of all places you would've realized selling at a 70% drop due to ultimately insignificant fud was a dumb fuck decision

>Feels bad man.

I don't like factions forming on my Veeky Forums. Get in now and laugh with us all the way to the top nigger

All you had to do was nothing, and you couldn't even do that. Absolute state of biz.

>knew about crypto since 2013
>always though , it a fucking buble , people buy it to resell it , so it has no real value
>go over 1k
>too late
>it stops at 6k
>maybe it my time to go in , i can try my luck
>it hits 7k
>maybe i should really buy
>decide to actually buy , but don't live in the US so can't use coinbase
>don't want to be jewed by coinmama or other high fee fags
>decide to join an exchange , but those fags taks for ever to approve
>2 days later
>IT 9 FUCKING KAY , about to hit 10
>i literally out-jewed myself

so is it 8500?

never say never again

>tfw sold my btc at 8400


But why didn’t you buy at 6300 like me though?????

I remember when the 6(cuc)Ks were here every day after it bounced back to 8k, crying bull trap

>knew about crypto since 2013
>always though , it a fucking buble , people buy it to resell it ,

Dude everyone knew about fucking crypto in 2013. You were nothing special.

Live and let die

This is me. I want to buy in but I sold everything at a wash basically. Fucking awful really.

Tether fud is over and congress literally saved crypto. What the fuck are you brainlets waiting for exactly? TA is a meme!!! This market is moving on news


fucking noobs

I bought at 6400 and sold at 6200 because I was tired and the hearing was comi up.

8500 seems too low now. Maybe 9600.

Considering BTC is going to 50k and ETH to 10k this year, the 1-2k difference will be pennies on the dollar in June.

get a load of these dumb asses mom

>Tether fud is over


The next corrective wave should take us down to about 9.1k. If it breaks 8.6k, it means we're still in the downtrend since 17k and will retest 6/7k again.

8800 still hard

Thats what I like to hear. Maybe we still have hope.

Teach me how to accept this so I don't ruin myself daytrading.

If that happens, that will be the final bottom of the cup to infinity. Could go down to 5500 before beginning the long journey up to infinity.

Bitfinex has been audited and the news is known to everyone now.
Tether is no longer the dirty little secret that we were trying to ignore mid last year... and everything surrounding tether is now priced in by the market

maybe now is good entry

Give me a more recent article than this anti Tether FUD

Google gives nothing positive for "Tether audit"

sold @ 8650
Im fucking fuming
who the fuck is pumping now?? alts cant get any decent growth at this price level

it not about knowing it since 2013 , it a story of how i fucking 'lost' 2.5k because i didn't want to pay for the extra 3% fee
my inner jew is telling me to wait for it to drop just a little more , i can't fight him

>thinks were going below 8k
>ever again

You think bitcoin will never be 20K ever again?


This faggot is mad because he sold BTC at 900. Don't bother reading anything from that paranoid peasant!

just wait a week and half or 2 tops, your retardation and autism will prevail. dont let your eyes guide you in the coming days, it will go up no doubt, probably over 10k, but its going to be halfed. this is a good time to get in, but dont go all in, it will go down for abit, the absolute floor, who knows, maybe 3k, but it will take time to recover.

The basic fucking rule is that trying to time the market never works, you cucked yourself.

Me to, bought in again at 9.4k Lost about $100 so it's not the end of the world. My average is still okay. I just want the cheap alts now.

I'm still thinking of an 11k sell order despite all I just said.

We are the early adopters

>This fucking universe is conspiring against me

The SECOND I buy back in, I'll be pink. I just know it.

You sound like a dirty kike.

How low can it realistically fall? Are you guys buying or waiting? What is the basis of the assumption that the price will test new lows after a few weeks? We broke the resistance today, according to my memelines we broke the downtrend so I'm feeling pretty fucking down.
Have an ongoing short at $6300 (kek) with liquidation around $11k, and I'm waiting with the tether from ETH sold at $715.

>finally get a confirmed reversal trend
>don't fomo into a dump
buy before it hits 10k

The normies can be revived and and chink new year has kicked off to grease the wheels. I predict 15k to be the shot of confidence, we make it there we can make it to 50, maybe we can't sustain, if it does no price matters until 100

BTC will be under $2K this summer

Whatever correction we get in the next 24 hours I'll probably fomo in, I have no time during the day to watch the charts or on the weekend.

Just buy my shit I want and wait.
But will alts bleed if BTC pumps or will it take the market with it?

You know I'm right though. Bitfinexed is unhinged and can never accept that he was wrong for selling so low.
He's not worth anybodies time at this point

>who the fuck is pumping now??
wall street bonus? no idea desu

I knew about Bitcoin in 2012, am I special?

Feel genuinely bad for anyone who got fudded into selling at 6K, we holders take so much abuse from fucking assholes who lie about making gains timing the market, the ridicule is directed at them not you guys.

>they think (((they))) are going to dump again so bottom sellers can get back in at 6k
Oh honey sweety baby.

>we holders take so much abuse from fucking assholes who lie about making gains timing the market
I watched all my gains drain from 20k from buy in in October, holding isn't even stressful or hard at all. Only now based solely on the greed of adding a few more decimals to some of my stacks, not even panicking, do I try to sell.
My own fault though, hopefully I learn.

>waiting for a dip
>it never dips
god must be telling me to kill myself because every other time this january when it dipped it kept dumping but the moment i sell it just goes up infinitely

>wait out 2 months
>pumps 2 days after selling
He hates us both.

The recent btc rise to almost 10k is fucking delusional. It will.come back DOWN.