Is this just a meme coin?

Is this just a meme coin?

yes and you should have some

It's a meme but it's still more legitimate than 99% of the rest of crypto

it is just a meme coin
just don't underestimate memes

On a technical level its better than BTC

>1 minute block confirmation, fast as fuck
>just 500 nodes around the world
>low market cap
I believe that after chinese new year (of the dog), this will be very moon

so hold some and dump after the chinese new year?


little bit dump, but hodl to eoy

>1 dollar doge
This is literally a dream coming true.

100% meme coin


You're right. Meme's got the most powerful man in the world elected.

its completely a meme coin but the fact that it actually gets fucking used makes it better than 99% of other crypto in terms of actual point of existence

unironically, DOGE is the most stable coin to day trade.

Now that I stop to think, doge is literally the only currency that I actually used to buy something.

Unlimited supply tho, don't see it going over 0.01 ever again.

It's basically feeless which is great for donating or sending poverty tier levels of money. I moved 1000 doge between exchange yesterday and it charged me 2 doge

anybody know why this isn't available on binance?

devs cant give paperwork

>moved 100k out of exchange.. 2doge