Where are the TEL marines at?

Where are the TEL marines at?

Read the white paper!

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delet this

carTEL member reporting in

why? 700K strong-Should be semi wealthy by next year assuming the dev team doesn't fuck this up-They are in the works of creating their own exchange as well in Japan-the fundamentals are strong here

I'm hodling until mid-December. :)

Its a shame we will have to wait that long-what are your thoughts on market cap by that point? By mid december they could potentially have a working product. I can't even imagine its value at that point...thoughts?


Seeing as I'm -75% on my initial investment on this coin I might as well hodl -_-

It did get listed during The happening that raped everyone...granted sounds like you bought at the tippy top which was around 10X the ICO :/ even still just hodl and maybe even dollar cost average down

I lost a bit too, but I value averaged during it's all-time low. That worked well for me.

the dev team and the concpet is a joke

Why do you say that?

7.4MM TEL strong reporting in

Yes if you are going to make a claim give us something to work with. Lol Its a remittance service credited by telecom providers. If they can build a working model and get some contracts with said telecoms and they are golden.

They have a lot of this in the works and one of the co-founders have tons of contacts in the industry. They can compete with Western Union for less than 1/3rd of the fees and transmit funds in less than hours not days. Sure all speculation now but have you even been to the webpage or read the whitepaper? The concept is so simple and straightforward its hard to imagine them failing unless they are a legit scam. Lol


Christ...I'm loading up more but will cap myself at 1MM so I can diversify properly. Godspeed user

I bought some at the ICO and forgot so I didn't sell when it hit the exchanges.
It's still up but I'm too greedy to sell.
Nice bags.

I'm gonna cap myself at 1MM too. Even if it hits 0.02, I'm already in profit.

if this even comes close to a fraction of its potential it will be one of those ones that makes a lot of people dumb rich. might as well hold just in case

If a shit coin like XRP can make it that high, 10 cents is totally doable for TEL.

check this out


btw im holding 50k


CEO looks like a genuine guy, unlike Roger Ver.

Can anyone help me finding the moment from USA Congress hearing 1 on crypto when Mr Cotton referred to coin for unbanked people?
I am 100% sure it was about Telcoin.

Because he owns the coin.
It's a sickness user. If he owns a coin he'll talk shit about it.

It was when he was asked about what he thought about crypto, somewhere around 3/4 towards the end iirc. He could have meant telcoin, not sure if he did though.

I'm rooting for them!