Where should I retire?

I'm looking to retire this year at 27 years old. I currently live in FL with my parents and I definitely don't want to keep living in Florida. I have 300k to buy a house with. I'd prefer a more moderate temperature so nothing extreamly hot like the deep South and nothing extreamly cold like Alaska. I was looking at Tennessee becuase of low taxes and real easte cost. I'd prefer to be in an area where I can get a really nice house for 300k. I'd prefer to be in a more rural area with privacy also. Any recommendations for any cities or states? Let's get an early retirement/real easte thread going.

there s some nice parts of arizona where the temps are mild - north of phoenix
utah looks nice too, around salt lake city

Flagstaff, AZ

i lived in scottsdale for 12 years, the best place you could move is out of 'merica. when i was over there the country had great highs, but when the lows kick in it becomes a third world country. equilibrium must be sought! can't stay at new highs forever, the financial collapse is upon us. get a passport and explore, even better get a second passport and a offshore bank!

>trying to retire on 300K

holy shit get some common sense you will literally broke before next year

Fucking love TN that's where I live. But the weather is different every day kek

That's the budget he set for his new house, you autistic nigger.

buy a big ass historic house in detroit and get it renovated by a professional. buy a cheap condo in florida for the cold months. your detroit house will go up in value by a lot and your money will go further. and you wont have to be around the crazies in florida year round.

Nice reading comprehension. I'm not retiring on 300k. I have 300k to buy a home with. My current net worth is around 900k, once cryoto goes back up and I get into the low million range I'll cash out and retire.

Washoe Valley, NV


The weather is much nicer than southern Florida hell hole weather that's 95° 80% humidity everyday.

Where in Florida are you, user?

I grew up and still live in the Tampa area, it's pretty comfy if you live in the right spot

Naples. It's just way too hot for me. I can't take another summer.

>900k to retire at 27
Do you expect to die at 60?

I thought Detroit was infested with niggers?

Idaho fits your description perfectly. In and around the Boise area. Winters are mild and summers are not too hot. Amazing weather in the fall/spring and access to remote areas are 30 minutes from the city proper. And the housing market is very good here at the moment. 300k could get you a lot.

Oh, yeah. Get the fuck out.

Tampa is like miami-lite. It's quiet enough to be laid-back but big enough for there to be a lot of fun shit to do. I love living there but I will probably leave after uni as well

I'll most likely have 1-1.3 million when I retire. And I could always have a "fun" low stress part time job in the future. I'm really frugal and just like staying home all day so I could easily live off 20k per year.

Just to expound upon what this user said, if you decide on the Boise-area, avoid Nampa like the plague. Full of beaners.

i am so tired of these fucking poor ass niggers thinking you can retire on 1 million in 2018

Good point fellow user. The suburb of choice is Eagle.

Once you do cash out of crypto, please don't keep your savings in usd. I know inflation seems like nothing, but you're probably going to be alive for a very long time. Just put it in a mutual fund so you can sleep at night, I suppose.

It's extreamly easy. Even with tiny 5% gains per year on million that's 50k. As long as you don't live in a big city, aren't in debt, and don't live a normalfag nigger lifestyle you could retire on less. Explain to me why someone can't retire on 1 million in 2018. You realize most people don't even retire on half of that?

well OP I'm retarded and not nearly as wealthy and you should question taking advice from poor people on what to do with your money, right?

anyway I would buy a cheap house or large tracts of land in the midwest and then I would rent in big cities. I'd build a small nice house and retire to my climate change proof bug out shelter as I age

Yes I will, I plan on putting it in something safe. I will also but it in some good stocks like NVDA Amazon ect.

You'll buy a home and be wagecucking in a year.

1 million is more than enough
even if you just spend 20 minutes per 6 months checking on your investments, you can get 7%-10% annual returns
if OP lives on $30k/year, that leaves him at least $40k he can put back into the investment (index fund, REIT, whatever it may be)
so in fact, in 20 years or less he'll have well over 2 million

I read somewhere there is a place in Ohio that has the high concentration of millionares in a 5mi radius than anywhere else in the country. Still I'd just buy small rural home in Ohio and live like a king.

look at new brunswick

Depends what you want. Max value, go for some shithole like west Virginia or something. If youre into natural beauty check out the Pacific Northwest

What hobbies do you have? Plan on getting married? Kids?

He can just use the 4% withdrawal rule...chances are he won't touch his original million.


You're rich enough to start a lucrative beef ranching business and pay for body guards for you and your family.

Vidya that's it. I can't even go on a date despite being wealthy and attractive. So I don't need to worry about that stuff.

Idaho. Not gonna red pill you on it just DYOR. I grew up in Denver and the downtown part of Idaho is eerily starting to resemble the mid 90s of denver. Take a “business” trip out there and see for yourself


not a bad choice, but a little too cold

What do you mean by normalfag nigger lifestyle?

It's super segregated. But the downtown area is going through a revival phase, lots of new money coming in, gentrification, etc.

Just make sure wherever you buy that you drive the neighborhood at night to make sure there aren't any surprises.

Nope, incel.

Buying a new phone every year, buying new cars, buying 200 dollar shoes every month, taking out loans for things you can't afford.

...do normies actually do that? I'm thinking it's overexaggeration.

Anyways, once you buy your home, I recommend investing like this: 50% VTSAX, 25% VTIAX, 25% VBTLX...simple 3 fund portfolio that should give you stable longterm gains.

The general public does this, ive been better at budgeting lately and I see all my coworkers who make the same as me blow money mostly on cars and entertainment

a lot of people in the west don't even make a million in their entire lifetime

1 million is kinda low to retire so early with but if OP is frugal he can do it, you just can't be one of those lambo shitters

Jeez, I find that hard to believe, not even 1 million in an entire lifetime.

What kind of cars? For me a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord is god tier, I don't understand why people blow money on cars.

if i was you id just find a way to make some side money and relax

I know you said not too cold but Colorado Springs has gorgeous fucking nature and plently of privacy

Why the fuck would you retire at 27? Do something with your life.

kys boomer

What's the alternative? Wageslaving?

Oregon or Washington. Olympia, Eugene, Corvallis, Ashland, Bellingham.


The most wasteful thing I notice is trucks. This is an insurance company with most people making around 35-50 thousand a year driving brand new lifted huge trucks. I even hear these people talk about financial problems and lots of them drive 30 minutes or more to and from work in order to live in cheaper rented housing
Other people usually get new sedans like altimas or stuff

Get a reliable vehicle and explore North America user. See for yourself what's best.

What does Veeky Forums recommend for a cheap, reliable vehicle? Less than $5k, good gas mileage, doesn't look too faggy.

Used camry or accord

used prius so no one knows you're rolling in it

this. plus, when the southwest and other parts of country run out of water, you'll be chilling in your mansion now worth millions surrounded by the largest collection of freshwater lakes in the world. 1 hr flight to NYC and other major east coast cities for a change of pace.

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Are you white?

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how did you make money? job or crypto?

anyway, you should probably travel. it's pretty cheap with a car or by couchsurfing at randos' places

Both also stocks. I made a lot off of crypto and also have a good accounting job making 73k after taxes, I also live with my parents and never had any debt so I invested all my money I made every week into stocks and crypto.


OK. I really do recommend exploring the world more outside of the internet. I think psychedelic drugs are cool, and I also think traveling is a good idea, at least to understand better what you want to do with your life, where to live, etc.

I live in a rich suburb on the west coast and I do private tutoring/classes, and make great money with that ($50+/hour, 25 hours a week, straight out of college), and it's easy (even enjoyable on occasion). It's also a field where I can switch completely to online tutoring in the future, which would let me live anywhere in the world, and/or start some sort of business that generates income for me.

I have no idea where I'll live in the future, or what sort of a lifestyle I'd want (I do want to eventually commit and have kids, but I don't think I want to raise them in the sort of boring imo environments I grew up in, I want their lives to be better than that). Hopefully I can make enough money from an education business (or multiple) so that neither I nor a partner would have to wagecuck.

Travel man! You have plenty of money, and it's really pretty cheap. Like, you can travel across the entire US for a year and spend less than $15,000 on total expenses for sure cheap.

Swiss wageslave here. Jealous at you guys that can 'retire' with 1million. This is not nearly enough to never work again in this money drain of a country.

i'm planning on retiring in my 50's with 2 mil. one of us is way off and i don't think it's me.

brokbichboy congraatsfag move to paly in a van

probably because you waste money and dont know how to invest moron

So what you're saying is you really haven't done anything with your life

4% only holds for traditional retirements where you retire at age 55 or so and die within 15-20 years. For an early retirement the real safe withdrawal rate is closer to 3%.

Happening to hit the jackpot while mommy and daddy were taking care of you is not an accomplishment. You are very lucky and congratulations on the win but don't delude yourself into thinking you are at all responsible for your gains. You did fuck all to cause the growth in your investments

This, that would be boring
t.23 year old

That rule is outdated and does not apply at all for early retirement. The SW rate depends entirely on what year you retire. Get lucky and you might have a 7% SWR
Get unlucky and it could be 2%

Its liberal but has an arts community.

>recommending the same exact funds that 99% of clueless "investors" buy while also not recommending any exposure to emerging/frontier markets