Veeky Forums alltime best meme's thread



Fuck sake looking through my Veeky Forums folder and its just fucking braps, please guys post some i need some keks




too good

If anyone is here have a milkie



For linkies


I would just kms really

In your own opinion define normie for me.

Grug will probably be the best meme this year.


That's fake tho


tfw you realize the deep in DBC stands for deep dip

>Lambos to the mooon!
>bitcoin is a shitcoin
>yaaas slay

That's practically all of Veeky Forums.
So, does that mean Veeky Forums is a normie board?

im a brainlet so i cant give a good explanation but in terms of crypto normies yes a lot of Veeky Forums applies

yes and its spreading over to other boards

May be one of the normiest honestly, since november there's been a huge influx from everywhere.

fucking god like


This ad was blocking my view.

Inb4 phone fag

can someone actually explain the context to this chat? i got no fucking idea whats going on

knee pads
sharpie in butt
milo coin
something about pajeets


Now that's gold

I was the one who posted "what the fuck is this shit" just to fuck with you guys after seeing the thread linked from here the first time.

Sweet as a nut m8

Same pls more context

John McAfee is the best meme.
Especially his wife's son


How fucking autistic can you be. He took their shared money and invested it in crypto and she wants her half back and he won't give it so she called Brad.

more? context?

>Lol your girls not happy bro
>Why not sell it, take her out
this reads like sell your crypto and take ur girl out on a date

>slinging your joint $$ around
i thought this was weed money like hes some drug dealer

Hes a beta male trying to white knight for another guys gf.

Brapposting is gonna be huge

possibly the best Veeky Forums thread of all time

Maybe he meant for tax purposes senpai





loooool why are these so good

The guy had bragged to his girl about being a cryptomillionaire. She's ignorant as fuck, so she thought it was real money, and she also believes that you can cash out. When BTC started dying the girl bitched at him a lot so he would sell, but he was willing to hold till 0 or till he recovered every penny. Then the girl threatened to bring a friend who can into computer to sell his coins while he's not in the house. This is from an attention whoring thread from last week.

Is that second quote of his real?

Get the clover app retard










Here my boy.

it's a fake "screenshot" dude

There has to be better memes. Come on lads let me see your pocket pussies!

>Show me


Post orginal pic

Are those even real? Either way hottest girl/cosplay I've ever seen. Fuggg moar

I had someone ask me this same question, and I didn't know how to respond cause I'm a fucking brainlet. Can anyone speak retard to me as to why this is irrelevant?


Brap is one of the better memes to come up recently. I have genuine chuckles about it

They fell for the DDC

Its real and her name is shinuki.

This is her goodbye letter.

Reeeeeeee ported

Fuck forgot pic.

Whats relevant is the price he is selling at not the amount he wants to withdraw. If he is withdrawing 5 dollars and each coin is a dollar he's making money. He's just too retarded to list the price it's selling at.


That's not nice :((((((

It amazes me that you are copypastaing my post from yesterday. Good job user, keep up the good work

oh shit i live there, do i have a chance user?

How did her pics get leaked? Shouldnt have posted them anyway. Play stupid games win stupid prizes

considering how old the pic is she's probably already dead, a shame, seems like a fun qt

I saved this image from like 2 weeks ago liar i even have the thread it was from archived

Nigga get ublock

ty user, that sucks. I hope there's more, how could she be so stupid to think lewds wouldn't be released and why did it bother her so much. Hopefully she'll come back one day too. Anyway people were saying her boobs weren't real before when I've seen some of these pics posted around on Veeky Forums, they look too perfect or plastic almost.

patrician taste

>choose to post nudes on the internet
>nudes get spread on the internet
>this is all everyone elses fault!!

female logic in action

Ha! I was the guy who wrote about Sergey. Shit was so cash




is this one of dem new fangled oriental fuckin toys?

this caused me physical pain

What the fuck is this a real person or one of those sex dolls? I genuinely can't tell.

i want to say doll because of the fucked up looking blue sclera

Real person with a shit ton of cosmetics and photoshop


Nice. I am LOL.

nah girls got weird fake-tits that she put on for this.

sounds like i just made it up, but check a look for yourself




minister you sminem

THIS IS WHY I Veeky Forums