When moon?

Also EOY price prediction bread

dead project, several competitors that do the same thing better, and have working products not written by outsourced pajeet spaghetti coders

proof out outsourcing? any thoughts to the argument by req bagholders that it's more than decentralized pay crypto (e.g. accounting, etc)?

We're about to enter a spring bullrun.

If the devs pull off the coding and get the currency-to-currency conversions, we're likely going to see around $5.

I don't expect any major price movements until March however. So strap in. 2018 is going to be a good year.

REQ also has the blessing of that crypto NYSE adviser user.

Lol pajeets, you don't deserve to be rich. go ahead and use coinbase faggot shit while it will use req in the background. Eoy $5+ ez.

my body is ready

coinbase is trash, i am pretty sure 90% of people here would use req over coinbase

garbage website with High fees

i want them to crash and burn so fucking hard its not even funny

Ayyy we're going to fucking make it user.

You leave your coins on an exchange?
What's wrong with you?

are we mooning now? how big is the dump gonna be on Friday after the news?

>t. Pajeet

Moon in spring, probably another dump on friday. Holding only 11.5K feelsbadman.

That's enough to warrant taking out of Binance.

After their chicanery last week, I pulled out my REQ and parked it into Metamask/MEW and printed out the 12 word recovery and private keys and had it laminated and dropped off into my bank's safety deposit box.

That way you will be less tempted to trade it as well.

It also helps drive the price up, since Binance will have less coins to play bot arbitrage.

For those idiots who don't yet have a position, we saw an 80% HARD correction with no actual fundamentals-driven reason for it other than sentiments and BTC crashing.

The markets have shown you mercy to buy an actual crypto project with business credentials and a revenue model, for pennies on the dollar. Anyway, I'm done here.

I'll poke back in here in a few weeks to collect tears.

$1.25 EOY

lol get that off the exchange dawg

$5 EOY

Only if the market does not grow at all.

But all of the people in the know seem to be indicating massive capital inflows this year from institutional and retail investors.

I would rate $1.25 EOY in the same probability category as a wildly successful $20 EOY.

With a sound product, I think we can easily match OMGs 1.5 billion market cap which puts us in the $2.50 category.

Keep in mind OMG also has no tangible product and it doesn't appear to be on the horizon. Also keep in mind REQ is substantially more ambitious in scope. These are simple logical extrapolations.


REQ will be $100 EoY anyone saying $1 is doing low-key but smart FUD. Very smart.

that's fair, i keep it tied up in sell orders about 50% above market price in case i catch one of those random green candles caused by huge market buys. this can happen when a coin is low volume (which REQ is right now)

but you might be right, the risk may not be worth the potential reward at this point.

I guarantee the scalping will only shrink your stack with nothing to show for it. Guess how I know?

do tell user. are you hinting at a REQ price singularity?

I had 300K, day traded my way to 225K.

I swing trade bewteen REQ and LINK and only when the trade result in an increase of my stack. Use ~25% of my total stack.

Well then you should be on your way to millions being able to trade with such consistency.

indeed, REQ and LINK seem to pump when the other is dumping and vice versa. increased my stack from 20k to 100k just by moving between REQ and LINK repeatedly

>on your way to millions
As a matter of fact, I am.

t. 40k REQ, 16.3k LINK
This user knows.
>shut it down