Me again. I just 100x longed Bitcoin. What do you think about that?

Me again. I just 100x longed Bitcoin. What do you think about that?

If you listened to my previous threads, you would have made some serious money by now.
Called three perfect shorts and then within 2 hours of my call BTC dipping at least 400 points each time. The first time dipping 1k within 45 minutes of the thread.

Questions? Why am I long today? How to margin? AMA.

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Why long

Oh and you definitely get liquidated the other day when you shorted 7,8k

Any time i use bitmex i lose my entire bankroll, help a nigga out and ill trade safe i promise

Because we're about to see 103 within the day
Here are all of his posts
>What do you think about that? We're going to 4k.
he also seems to think we're going to 4k

Thanks, just longed 100k

TIL OP is a faggot

Also, for anyone who doesn't have an account yet
I never shorted 7.8
You should not be losing big money, in all honesty. If you're implementing stop loss correctly you should never see liquidation.
I still believe we dip a great deal but not right now, bare in mind as well, other people began using the image and posting in a similar style because I don't trip

Retard, we're not out of the woods yet.
You'd know this already if you didn't come here in December after watching some news guy tell you to buy, dumb fuck

Same image and same filename? Doubt it pajeet. Those are all you.
But I think we're going to 4k as well so you must have at least above a double digit iq.

Read through the threads and look at the differences closely
Opinion irrelevant
Go jack off to pokemon, leave the trading to men

Ive lost a total of like .65 btc, nothing huge but still unfortunate. Every time i say thats the last time i ever use 100x margin, then i go back get comfortable with lower margin then fuck it all up again with too high of margin

Well get good at using stop loss etc
It's true that risk management is how you win

What's your liquidation price?

Btw you got liquidated asumí g you're not larping

I can't seem to break past 5 bitcoins. It's like a psychological barrier. Every time I get close I don't close my trade and I end up losing it. I'm down to 3.9 now. What do you suggest I do?

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t. posted since 06 and always hated fagnime

Wtf you talking about im long from 94

From trading on mex? Or just in general?

this is getting autistic mr op

General. I didn't set up a stop loss and lost way too much and had to watch it all fucking day long while I was wagecucking like a nigger. I will never let that happen again.

See bottom reply

>I am a mastermind margin trader
>I have such sickcunt gainz
>please bro, use my ref link

>someone copied the filename as well

l m a o

Well it seems like you know what you have to do. Just make sure you're strict with it and don't fuck "i'll just see what happens here" bs

I don't see how anyone loses if they do? Do you? Or do you like exchanges raping you with fees? Every little helps

Unironically, yes.

>t. posted since 06 and always hated fagnime
>larping this hard
Show the trade history where you made 130k or whatever before I believe another word you say.

>global rule 11#: Advertising (all forms) is not welcome—this includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc

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I was posting in the thread when the dude fucked the catacomb skull
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>Show the trade history where you made 130k or whatever before I believe another word you say.
You gonna do this or not?

Since Bitmex is banned in America, should I short alts on Poloniex? Seems like I'd see similar gains.

kek op how much did you lose? YOu just got liqd

He never shows any proof because that would mean no one will ever use his ref link again. ITT he autistically tries to deny being that archived >muh 4k shorter even though there's overwhelming evidence to the contrary.


Retard i longed 94
I'm not even on bitmex right now thats how confident i am lmao


post wallet address you larping piece of shit you must be loaded

That actually means nothing. I was there too. Looks like you've always been a redditor at heart. Assuming you're not a larping fuck which seems pretty likely looking at this thread.

Post proof or you're a tedious child, tbqh



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Maybe you've thought this one through op

If one keeps trading small amounts the quantity of coin goes down while value goes up. I'm new and haven't gotten past coin base/gdax yet. Should I just hold or go the small gains?

Do you think crypto is the ultimate mmorpg?

>giving a shit what a ref link spamming pajeet thinks about margin trading

how do I short/long? new to this


Newb question here, when trading on Bitmex if I have a position open on it, it seems as though I can change my leverage at anytime. What's to stop me opening a long on 1x, waiting until the price goes up and switching to 100x before I close it? Why do people automatically start at 100x if they can go without the risk? I'm probably missing something huge here.

You'll be using the same amount of money if you switch from 1x to 100x. So if you were longing $1000 with 1x leversge and increased it to 100x, you'd still have a $1000 position, you'll just grt liquidated much faster

thanks! just bought 100k

Why the fuck would you x100 long right now?
It could easily go down to 9.5k fairly quickly so why not use lower leverage?


How can he get liquidated when he never shorted in the first place, guys a LARPing faggot.
>Says he's shorted
>Asked for evidence
>Refuses to provide and says to just "believe"
>Muh belief
We religion now bois, just gotta believe.



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Should I just close it? Take the win and be happy?

Wait to close till you see pump starting again. This shit is going down more imo.

How much you make?

Not much position is only 0.08 BTC, it's still open though was about to close at 9.5k but it broke that so fast I decided to wait some more

im gonna 100xshort btc with 1.4bitcoins

fuck it im tired of watching my stagnant/red portfolio for more than a month

Get wrecked!

at what price did u go long

Don't open a short now though it's to late, you should have opened at 9.9k now it's just pure gambling.

green ID already decided, will i be able to withdraw my sick gainz from bitmex without sending a selfie/prove ID or any of that bullshit?

and what price are u closing, do you really think we might see 12k?

I thought u were a bear.

explain the significance of the circled numbers pls I want to learn

Means it's overbought, quite heavily I might add.