>next gen tech
>not shilled on Veeky Forums
must be gud

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Seele is better u dumbfucker nig
>also doesn’t already have a ten billion marketcap

ADA was shilled on Veeky Forums

shh, im still accumulating


link thread


this crap was constantly shilled here

>next gen tech
>not shilled on Veeky Forums


why pajeet? This is the samurai's next gen. Do your homework, son.

the real one

>high throughput
they know the final form

It was shilled heavily back in December, has just been going sideways for the past while so there hasn't been much shilling or fudding.

The idea is really awesome and I trust the team.
If they succeed it would be finally fast-secure-decentralized thing.
As a Veeky Forumsnessmen I see easy x3-x10 middle term though.

> (OP)
>>next gen tech
>>not shilled on Veeky Forums
Shill me on this nigs.
Why's the price going down?

>not shilled on Veeky Forums
>must be new

Hit an ATH last month around $1.33. If the deliver on the tech promised it will eventually get to the $4 mark. Long term hold but it may pay off in the end. I recently bought another 1000 for the hell of it.

This is the long play. Think BTC 3.0 for ADA. Look into the devs.
>ETH 2.0
>OMG 2.5
First crypto needs to get fast, then cheap to maintain. I think this is how it might play out. Do some homework. Consider the costs of a 'proof of work' system, maintained by miners VS 'proof of stake' which high capital investors will favor.

I am new.

Because it was overpriced after ico.
Now it's x7 from ico and this is the bottom. Ico was before the bull run, so it's ok.

Ok, public testnet is q1, the team consists of researchers, actually one of them showed how monero is tracable and caused fixes in monero code.
They don't shill or make hype. Partnership with bluzelle was announced.
It is decentralized i.e. no dpos or masternodes etc.

Mainnet q3, I hope they will be in time and that's what I care the most (don't want it to become a new "cardano" being delayed and delayed).

You can read comparisions with eos/eth/rchain etc written by themselves (it's simple but with no lies).

So my plam is to hold until the summer and after that to decide whether I keep on believing in the project and hold or not. I really want them to succeed because of muh security and decentralization and no rich-become-richer shit. Idealistic maybe.
Btw they made their own language of smart contracts because it's too easy to screw up while coding in solidity. Well, at least it's a proof that they actually work on the project.

>Consider the costs of a 'proof of work' system, maintained by miners VS 'proof of stake' which high capital investors will favor.

Started reading up on it an it's a Byzantine fault tolerance consensus with proof of work for identifying nodes, so idk what you meant by that

Sounds solid, thanks user, I think I'll scoop up some

I've had too much rum to continue. Listen to reason. Do your own research.

u guys are going to get absolutely slaughtered

I have my buy order at 1,000 sats

Whales in the mix are holding more could than the entire buy side

Lots of holders from 3,000 sats

Your "institutional" investors are just comes names on a PDF

Your special technology is a rip off of a previous scheme outlined in another paper, they just took it to market with billions of coins first

I shilled this piece of shit a couple of days ago, apologizing now. I was legit excited but then I read the white paper and did some research. Absolute vaporware. I get the feeling that this dev team is pretty uncomfortable with the realization that tons of people are going to get dumped on. They are earnest devs with a rip off product with slight modification, like other shit coins.

The investors and whales who control the coin could dump this coin into single digits literally at any time. The people who bought this shit on huobi in the front couple of days can dump for 2x profit even at this price.

The first clue is sloppy whale 1 as the price was going down yesterday. He flashed his 2 million buy wall. That's the size of average whales here. Imagine his pain as this shit coin declines in value. At some point the cashout, which is what these dead cat bounces are, is going to take the price under 3,000 at which point there is nothing stopping it from going all the way to sub zero and taking up residence with the rest of the shit coins on page 4 of CMC

Solid fud

>our special technology is a rip off of a previous scheme outlined in another paper

what paper?

It's time to go all in. Expect a pump to $2 by next update

What to look out for in the near future
>Q1/Q2 Debit card and ATM launch in Japan
>Spreads later to SE Asia
>Mining method and pool release (Ouroboros)
>Zencash partnership activity

All in since .13 and comfy

Charles Hoskinson is a notorious scammer. He's Roger Ver with a more "intellectual" personality. He is behind the DAO hack and the main person pushing the Ethereum Classic fork. Keep pumping this slime's shitcoin while he laughs his way to the bank.

I read something about stealing from bitshares, can't remember where, not sure if that's related

>Ethereum Classic fork.
This is how you gave yourself away. Nice try at FUD though.

It's not FUD retard
This shitcoin was pushed by Hoskinson so can recoup the money he stole in the DAO. ETH could have died because of this greedy scumbag

Dump ADA asap

Listen bud, every soul on this site knows Cardano. You really think the rank 6 coin in the world is unknown? Yes, ADA is promising long term, this is known. They are however very very early into their life, and because of that there are many other projects that are better buys right now. Plus, ADA already has a 10bn market cap, meaning it won't go soaring off over night. Though it can certainly go up, don't expect a sudden 2x. It will be huge in due time, but stop acting like you've come across this hidden gem, it's been shilled here before, I've even shilled it myself long ago.

Whoever wrote that is larping as someone who is larping as someone who knows what they are talking about.

As a software engineer I can confirm this is true. Haskell is the epitome of autism. No serious project has ever been built on Haskell. It is a toy language

Fellow software engineer here. Can confirm. Then again, I have the same opinion of all functional programming languages. Lisp is equally fucking stupid if you ask me,

>As a software engineer
I'm also a software engineer and I can confirm that nothing in that text is true. I mean lets start with the first thing:

> Ethereum can only do 30 transactions a second. A coin is Haskell would be 0.3 transactions a second

transactions per second is limited by the consensus algorithm network speed not the fucking language implementation. Do you think you get less TPS when running a python ethereum node compared to the golang one? Fuck me.

I was gonna go through the rest of the shit because but the first two sentences of this thing were so dumb I couldn't continue.

Nice! Just bought 100k

It's pasta